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Headscratchers / Ultimate Custom Night

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  • Why is Phone Guy’s audio the call from night one in Five Nights at Freddy's, as opposed to new audio specific to custom night?
    • Scott didn't have enough time to record lines himself?
    • If we go with the "this is William's Hell/Michael's Purgatory" theory, then it makes sense for the animatronics to be taunting you, but Phone Guy is an actual person whose spirit is probably not wherever you are, so his audio is just a recording of what you remember instead of him talking to you directly.
    • While there is still no new audio, there are actually Phone Guy calls from all 3 games!
  • I was gonna post this under Fridge Logic or Fridge Humour but while Mr. Hippo's little speech is humorous on its own, and leans to the fourth wall and more of a message to the player, considering the context, what is the significance of his speech In-Universe ? I can't help but imagine that if these are demons tormenting William in Hell, I just find one going on a speech such as that to him to halirious to get out of my head, especially wen I wonder why it would make such a speech, what William and possibly other observing demons would make of it.
  • Why does Withered Chica speak, but the original Chica doesn't? You'd think it would be the other way around.
    • Pretty sure it's either for continuity reasons or as a throwback to the first game's atmosphere. In UCN, Foxy is the only one of the original Fazbear gang who gets the chance to speak, likely as a reference to him singing his little "dum dum dum" song in a human-sounding voice whereas the other animatronics, aside from their screams, simply uttered ghostly noises (Bonnie and Chica's groans, Freddy and Golden Freddy's laughters) or Black Speech.
      • It might also be a clever reference (whether it was intentional or not) to the fact that Withered Chica represents the first Chica model before she was re-constructed to look like she did in FNAF 1. She was the first victim, so it makes sense to have her first form say that line.
  • How come Toy Bonnie is the only member of the Toy gang to not have his own voice actor?


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