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Tear Jerker / Five Nights at Freddy's 4

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As this is a Tear Jerker page, spoilers will be left unmarked. You Have Been Warned!

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  • The mini-games give us glimpses into the life of the Child. So far, he has been locked in his room, scared by his brother wearing a Foxy mask, and left behind by his brother at Fredbear's Family Diner, a place his brother knows he hates. Poor kid definitely has a crappy life.
    • Even worse is that this kid might be the victim of the Bite of '87. His brother and brother's friends shoved his head into the Fredbear animatronic, which bit down and crushed his head.
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    • What everyone is forgetting is... on the day the Bite happens, it was the Child's birthday. He was badly injured on the day he should have been having a good time.
      • That alone is heartwrenching. Out of all the characters of the restaurant, he at least keeps his Fredbear plushie near. Even if the real deal scares him, it's perhaps the one aspect of the place that he can get close to. Unfortunately, Fredbear is the one who deals him a crippling injury he will suffer for the rest of his now drastically-shortened life.
    • The child's situation as a whole is one large tear jerker. He's alone in his own home, relentlessly hunted by the most demonic versions of the Fazbear gang to date. Unlike the security guards in the previous games, he has no cameras to keep track of them and no Phone Guy to give him advice. All he has is a flashlight. His brother uses his fear of the animatronics to relentlessly torment him. His parents are either unaware or apathetic to his plight and the kid has to go through this hell for six hours a night, for all five nights. Even if he manages to survive this horrendous ordeal, he'll most likely be left scarred for life and in desperate need of therapy.
      • The post-Night 5 cutscene proves the kid is the victim of The Bite of '87, thanks in part to his brother. The kid doesn't really need therapy, so much as he needs a new frontal lobe.
      • The final nail in the coffin: As soon as night 6 ends, a scene shows the child is in the spotlight of death, as each of his plush friends fade... and as the scene ends, he does, too...
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    • In this same vein, look at the poor boy while he's being dragged over to Fredbear. He's shaking harder than Purple Guy did after setting off the Spring-Bonnie suit, and unlike Purple Guy, this child has not been injured yet. If watching his sprite tremble and cry and beg the bullies to stop and let him go doesn't bring a few tears to your eyes, you have no soul.
    • But here's the worst tearjerker: who's to say the brother wanted to kill his brother? Imagine just trying to prank your little brother...and it goes horribly horribly wrong.
      • The teens are laughing to themselves when they place the kid into Fredbear's jaws — and then stop laughing when the poor boy stops moving.
      • Night 6: The grey text at the beginning is the same as the brother's in the previous night. What is he saying? "I'm sorry."
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    • The whole situation gives off serious Teens Are Monsters vibes. In the end, one of the scariest things in the whole series isn't the animatronics, or the child murderer, but the sheer despair and depths of cruelty that kids can do to each other.
      • Here's a way to make it worse: look to the left side of the screen when you look at the bed. Sometimes, an IV bag can be seen next to the bed. None of the animatronics are actually there. The Phone Guy said the kid survived... so he's been in the hospital, has come out, and is now at home with an IV bag... and is imagining the animatronics due to the PTSD that, due to recovering from his injury, he's not had treatment for yet. Yeah, there's nothing there that can actually kill him; he's just imagining there is due to his traumatic experience.
    • That alone is a serious tearjerker. This poor, innocent little boy is being hounded by hallucinations that may plague him forever with very little chance of recovery.
      • Possibly averted under the terms of the 6th Night Ending. Fredbear states that the animatronics are still the Child's friends and that he'll fix him in a tear jerker of the Heartwarming fashion.
      • But at the very end...listen briefly. Someone is flatlining... which makes it all the more heartbreaking as it implies that while the child did initially survive the bite, he eventually passed away, meaning that his brother and his friends will all have to live with the fact that they may have accidentally killed a child, let alone his own brother.
    • Besides the poor boy, if this is the Bite of '87, then it's easy to be sympathetic to the animatronics. Throughout the games, it was always assumed that the Bite was their fault. They were essentially forced into their nighttime shenanigans (starting the events of the first three games) for no real reason.
      • Especially when you consider that the sentient animatronics' only goal is to entertain and protect the children. Their hostility towards adults might be their way of making sure that such things never happen to a child again.
    • The situation gets even worse when you realise the layout of the home in the cutscenes is radically different from the actual game. A very odd inconsistency. It's not clear what this means until Sister Location — going off the security footage, the Child was possibly locked up in Circus Baby's Pizza World and wasn't at home the entire time. Small wonder the poor thing was having nightmares, considering CBPW is also a facility for creating animatronics!
  • Seeing that there's a town around the diner makes something hit home: over the course of one week, five children went missing and one more was horrifically maimed. Imagine if this happened in your neighborhood. Imagine if any of those children were yours.
  • Although the animatronics scare the Child, he describes his Freddy plushie collection as his only friends. That's sad enough, but one of his friends, Foxy, is missing his head. Three guesses whose fault that is. It seems nothing the Child cares about is safe.
  • When we finally get to see the party, there are no other kids. It's just the protagonist and his brother's gang. That's terrible enough, but something even worse happened. The five murdered kids, while laughing at the Child, promised to go to his party anyway. Which rubs in how much of an utter monster Purple Guy is: he took away the only chance the kid had at actually having fun at his party, and if the other kids were there, the Bite could have actually been prevented.
    • Worse still, those five kids were now possessing the Withered animatronics and Fredbear when the Bite happened. Whoever was now in Fredbear had to watch as a kid they might have considered a wimp, but still wanted to be nice to, was forced into their mouth and dealt a brutal injury. It goes a long way to explaining how ruthless Golden Freddy is in FNAF 1 and 2, breaking Mike's mind when spotted and possibly killing Jeremy like the others.
    • Also doubly worse is if the Purple Man is the Crying Child's father, as some have theorized. You can see the Purple Man as an Easter Egg, and how he spares the Crying Child from the gruesome fate of his victims. It might show that Even Evil Has Standards or Pragmatic Villainy, depending on if you consider the child as a Morality Pet or not. Due to the Purple Man's sadistic actions, he robbed his son of friends that wouldn't bully him and left him with a bunch of kids that caused a fatal accident. It would also explain the Parental Neglect present and why the older brother is such a Jerkass.
  • This photo on Unlike the hat, this is the end of the Fazbear franchise. We've all had a great run...okay, there's a question mark if you brighten it, but if it's for the DLC in Halloween, then it's the end of the series.
    • It's for FNAF World by this point, and for the Sister Location.
  • DA Games's new single, "Break My Mind", has dashes of this mixed in with Nightmare Fuel, especially when the song is sung from the child's point of view. You can't help but shed a tear for the little guy.
    Child: "I'm not allowed to cry, because they told me I would die. Oh, no...they're getting near." (knocking) "Help me..." *demonic laughter*
    • The very end of the song is a definite water-works.
    Child: "They're here!" (Nightmare Fredbear's jumpscare, cut to black)
  • The game's ending itself is sadder than the third one, but wanna make it even sadder? The real Tearjerker in this: None of this is real. None of it, including the aforementioned ending. Fredbear promising to fix the child? A pure figment of his imagination. He wasn't planning on fixing him. He probably didn't even know what had happened. The closest these things have had to emotions is artificial A.I. and the spirits of dead children. Unless either the A.I. itself reached out to him or one of the kids went into his dreams, it's likely that promise wasn't real. The child even flatlines at the end of the final minigame. Fredbear isn't real. Fredbear is nothing. Just a pure, unhaunted hunk of metal that was made to bite a young child and was used as a scapegoat for the teenagers. The poor kid didn't even get a promise from the real Fredbear... at least his dying dream was happy.
  • The last game had "Don't Go" as the title of its ending music. What's the name to the ending music this time? "Hard To Say Goodbye". Oh, Scott...
  • Crosses with Fridge Brilliance as well as heartwarming. But the statement in one of the clippings of Five Nights at Freddy's acts a lot more harsher in hindsight now that the series has reached its end as if Scott put the line there because he knew the series would come to an end eventually.
    Management: "These characters will live on. In the hearts of children, they will live on."
  • “Dream your Dream” by Tryhardninja is already tearjerking from its lyrics and melody while the accompanying Music video makes it more tear-worthy. The song depicts a detective who has spent who knows how long on the Fazbear case, only to get frustrated because he has no conclusion, only to wind up in Freddy Fazbear's Pizza through a nightmare as he falls asleep and near the end wakes up after his nightmare pulls him into the shadow's.
  • And now, we have another image on Scott's site. This time featuring all the animatronics (minus the Phantoms and Shadows) gathered around in a group photo with the words Thank You, with even the more grotesque ones looking more photogenic and endearing. It's as though they've all come out to say goodbye...
    • What makes this sadder is that this might be the last time we see Freddy and friends officially...until the DLC, the film, and the recently announced FNAF World come out.
      • And then the animatronics started to transform into smaller forms, as if they're coming to say hello instead of goodbye. And it seems to be updating every day.
      • It's also sad if you realize that the original horror animatronics that we know and love are slowly fading away to make way for their FNAF World forms, like it's saying that Five Nights at Freddy's as a horror series is officially done; a great era has ended.
      • After the Halloween update, Both FNAF World's site and Scottgames went completely dark. And then, this. Poor, poor Mangle...
      • This no longer depressing because a new FNaF game is in development and it's going back to the horror that the series is known for.
  • MandoPony's new song "Nothing Can Hurt Me". The entire song is one big tear jerker mixed with a Heartwarming Moment as it is sung from the Child's perspective after the Bite, but the most heartbreaking part of the song is that while the child brings his brother to task for all the cruelty he inflicted, at the end... He forgives him. That's right, even after everything his brother did to him, he still has enough love for his big brother to forgive him, asking his brother to remember him as he was before The Bite and even hoping their parents will forgive him.
    • If the song's power would need to be summed up in one sentence, it's this: "But one thing I'll never know/is why you treated me like you did?/I was your only brother, and I was just a kid..." Yes, he forgives his brother, or at the very least thinks living with the guilt is more than enough punishment, and says he hopes their parents will forgive him too, but that doesn't make the pain any less and he still doesn't know why it had to be the way it was.
    • The chorus to "Bad Dream" by Video Game Rap Battles ups the ante with the mother begging for the Child to wake up, even promising that the Child's older brother wouldn't hurt him ever again, while in the verses the boy is pretty much thinking his family thinks he shouldn't have been born and the Bite was to get rid of him and latter thinks of the Fazbear Family as his true family.
  • "A Brother's Sorrow". Even if he was one big, nasty Jerkass, the kid's older brother is truly repentful of how his mean joke went all wrong, and this song totally shows it. He sings the song to his little brother as he lays unconscious on the hospital bed, all while trying his best to hold back tears and promising to be a better brother for him while begging the child to wake up.
  • You know how after Nightmare Fredbear shows up that he starts using a very unnerving rendition of Freddy's laugh from the first Five Nights at Freddy's? Note that this laugh sounds like Fredbear is crying and considering how he was forced to bite a child who loved him, this turns from Nightmare Fuel to tear jerker real fast. This becomes even worse when you consider that the Fredbear plushy actually acts like it's sentient and tries to help the child deal with his animatronic counterpart....
  • This fanmade representation of how the fanbase helped Scott and motivated him to make games again by Reddit user /u/Ocouluss. Just...
  • The fact that the series is over now makes this line from Five Nights at Freddy's 3 super-depressing in hindsight.
    "Thank you, and remember to smile; You are the face of Freddy Fazbear's Pizza!"
  • The fate of the animatronics. They were built to entertain children, but instead ended up becoming a nightmare that would go on for 40+ years before Fazbear's Fright burnt down.
  • There's a popular theory that involves the Purple Man being the Child's father. And if it is true, and regardless of whether or not the kid died from whatever bite this is... he must've been completely torn apart by it, and would explain his murders rather well. And if the "animatronics attacking" post from the Fridge and WMG pages is true, then that must've hurt the poor man even more. No wonder why he was always AxCrazy.
    • If the children he murdered were (somehow) the bullies that did this to his son (though more likely the five children that never showed up to the party), his death in FNAF 3 suddenly becomes far less heartwarming. He only wanted justice for his child, but got killed for it. Not only that, but the bullies can move on to the afterlife, and you are controlling one of them. You Bastard! at its best.
  • Goodbye” by Try Hard Ninja can be this as well as awesome; it feels a little punching since the story has been officially confirmed to be finished.
  • Dear Brother”, the final FNAF Song by DA Games for the final game in the FNAF story where the two brothers sing to each other as the child ascends to heaven all the while the brother begs for him not to go. It doubles as a Heartwarming Moment, especially if you have a sibling yourself.
  • “Painted Faces” by Trickywi will most likely cause you to shed some tears due to the effectiveness of the melody, lyrics, and the singer's voice.

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