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Heartwarming / No More Heroes

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  • After the fight with Holly Summers, Travis insists on asking for her name, and he buries her body. Seeing Travis begin to drop his arrogant attitude is one of the first turning points in the game.
    • It's made even sweeter when he says these two lines:
    Travis: (hugging Holly's headless body) Forgive me Number Six...I never meant to shame you.
    Travis: (burying Holly's body) Forgive me Holly, I was too late in saying this, but I love your soul... Rest in Peace.
  • Travis reconciliation with Jeane, right before she allows him to kill her.
  • When Travis is in his apartment, there's the option to play with Cute Kitten Jeane. This has no impact on the story, but seeing Travis petting, feeding, and playing with Jeane shows that despite his JerkAss attitude and love of fighting, he genuinely loves his little kitty.

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