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     Evanescent Existence 
  • When Yabusame finds out that Tsurubami was impersonating Tsubakura during all of EE, they are pissed off about it and even says that This Is Unforgivable!. It says a lot about how Yabusame really is a good person even towards their jerkass best friend.

     Earthen Miraculous Sword 
  • Kuroji showing a genuine Big Sister Instinct towards Aoji and Hooaka in the EMS prologue. They even invite them to work for them when they get enough funds to build a school.
    Kuroji: "I'm going to establish a schoolhouse, and we'll be rich!"
  • Shou fighting against the heroes/ines, knowing that they have no chance. Yes, they are humiliated and even get salt sprinkled on them, but the reason was to avenge their best friend Jun, who was defeated one stage ago.
    Shou: So stop already, I'll get revenge for Jun!

     Reactivate Majestical Imperial 
  • Kuroji showing genuine concern for Saragimaru when the latter is feeling cold. They advise them to continue fighting to warm up their body.
  • When they find the newborn (and asleep) Shion, Saragimaru asks Kuroji if they should attack them. Kuroji establishes that they might be a Jerkass and The Barnum but they Wouldn't Hurt a Child. Saragimaru wouldn't either, they were just messing with them.
    Saragimaru: Why don't we do a sneak attack while they continue to sleep, sire?
    Kuroji: Hey hey, doing that is such a low thing to do...
    Saragimaru: That's good to hear.
  • Tsubakura allowing Shion to stay with them, despite their sociopathic Jerkass tendencies.

     Brilliant Pagoda or Haze Castle 
  • Tsubakura getting angry at Mitsumo for using an innocent child as its vessel. The danmaku fight is an attempt to separate poor Terumi from the Eldritch Abomination. It fails, but it shows that Tsubakura can care for others. Also, they were the one who gave Souko the protection charm (despite their attempts to deny it in front of Shion and Yabusame).
  • When Fumikado and their lackeys meet Saragimaru, the trio is about to attack them for being Kuroji's assistant. Saragimaru makes clear that they are Kuroji's unwilling servant and actually hate them. Fumikado offers the orochi to join their team and get revenge on/kill Kuroji. But Saragimaru declines, insisting that even though Kuroji is a despicable scoundrel, they don't deserve to die. Of course, they get attacked for their trouble, but it's oddly heartwarming that even though Saragimaru detests Kuroji, they have no ill will towards them.
  • Fumikado and Chouki reconciling at the end of the Haze Castle route. After being defeated, Fumikado acts all haughty and orders Chouki that they don't want to see their face again. But in the end, Fumikado tells Chouki that even though the latter tried to lure and kill them, in the end they lost because they weren't trying, revealing that Chouki still cares about Fumikado. Of course, Chouki doesn't deny this and calls them "Fumikado-sama" once again.
  • Mitori and Kunimitsu being happy upon seeing Iyozane. It's ambiguous, until the end of the Brilliant Pagoda route reveals that Mitori killed Iyozane in the past via poisoning. Of course Mitori and Kunimitsu didn't know that Iyozane was brought back to life later. No wonder they're happy to see Iyo survived.
  • Iyozane and Mitori reconciling at the end of the Brilliant Pagoda route. Of course, due to being from different sides, in the end they part ways and Iyozane stays with Fumikado. Fumikado bows that they'll become the new emperor someday, but Mitori is too happy about seeing Iyozane again to care.
  • Fumikado, Iyozane and Tsugumi being established as True Companions at the end of the Brilliant Pagoda and/or the Haze Castle route.
  • Tenkai's Undying Loyalty towards Tsurubami. A far cry from the Smug Snake we saw in Reactivate Majestical Imperial.
  • When Fumikado, Iyozane and Tsugumi meet the fake Tsurubami (actually Suzumi in disguise), they realize that if Tsurubami is back, it's likely Yabusame and Tsubakura are going to be fired. Fumikado even happily offers to take Yabusame and Tsubakura in to be their lackeys.
    Tsugumi: Does this mean that ya don't need them current priests any more?
    Tsurubami: Yep, it does. They're good and free now.
    Tsugumi: Free? Can they really be free when they can't go back t' the Outside World any more?
    Iyozane: I feel kind of bad for them.
    Fumikado: How about I hire them, then!
    Iyozane: I don't think they'll say yes....
    Fumikado: Why?!
    • What makes this heart-warming is that Fumikado was willing to give them a chance, despite having fought in the past. Even Garaiya said that Fumikado used to be more ruthless with their allies back when they were human, a far cry from the Fumikado from the present, who treats Iyozane and Tsugumi with kindness.
    • It's implied Chouki's death changed Fumikado's Bad Boss tendencies...

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