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Since it was originally inspired by Touhou series, Len'en lives up to its predecessor with some awesome music as well.

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    Evanescent Existence 

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     Brilliant Pagoda or Haze Castle 
  • The different arrangements for characters from previous games. JynX went all out and not only made new themes but also remade nearly every single theme from all three previous Len'en games!
  • Kaisen's theme, Eccentrically Drunken Dance ~ This Drunkard!, sounds just as carefree and fun as its name suggests.
  • Kaoru's theme, Fatal Brilliance ~ Toxic gem, might sound like a certain other theme (even the author has pointed out the similar melody), but it's still a great catchy theme that won't leave your head any time soon. It's also a pretty cheerful one for somebody that tries to suffocate you to death.
  • Garaiya's theme, Meeting A Hero!!, which is an upbeat, silly song that is a welcome contrast to the other bigger, grander themes.
  • Chouki's theme, Ruler of the Deceased Moon. Being mostly loud and imposing, it really fits for an "angry" song.
  • Devanagara's theme, The Utopia of Steel and Oil, starts out somber and sounds as if people are at work while having the feel of a living city, while you're flying through a city that looks like a mix of modern technology and Japanese architecture. It's also quickly followed by...
  • Sanra's theme, simply titled SILVER, is amazing and a bit different compared to the rest of the soundtrack. It really gives a sense that you're matched against a deadly sniper that never ever misses. What makes this song even better is that it often synchronizes with the boss battle itself.
  • The Senri Shrine theme around stage 4, Burnt Black Wings of Songbirds. Frantic yet melancholic and foreboding, it feels as if something forgotten is nagging at you in the depths of your mind...
  • Mitori's theme, Arch Heaven ~ Spirit of Nagara, which also happens to be almost 5 minutes long before looping.
  • All of the extra stage themes.
    • The Road That Must Be Walked is somehow somber, nostalgic, relaxing and up-lifting at the same time. Each time you try the extra stage, this theme will be one heck of a rollercoaster.
    • Eternal Imitation Dance ~ Spell Collector, Haiji's theme, might give a sense of fakery, but it gives us the most dance-like theme in all of Len'en, with some parts of "Eternal Dance Engine" mixed in.
    • The Road-Pounding Steel ~ Cyclops Tech, Yago's theme, fits the blacksmith deity to a tee. Outside of having sounds of pounding steel in the background, the actual melody is fantastic and really memorable. Really worth checking the fan arranges.
    • Lost Jackpot, Xeno a's theme, is a catchy casino sounding track, which also manages to sound climactic at the same time, with pseudo-chiptune instruments at the beginning.
  • MO-NA-D-2 ~ Memory Forgery, Suzumi's theme, carries an underlying vibe of being under an unknown threat; enough to make you shiver. Their EX+a theme, MO-NA-D-1 ~ Memory Pursuit, ramps this Up to Eleven. Doubled with a stressful second battle, this theme is terrifying.


There are also plenty of prolific composers and several fantastic fan-made pieces!



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