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Since Len’en is pretty much an Expy of Touhou, which has a large fandom that generally operates under the Everyone Is Gay format, Len’en itself has similar notions.

For the record, since all the characters have an Ambiguous Gender, take all of the Ho Yay speculation with a grain of salt.


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  • Tsubakura and Yabusame are Heterosexual Life-Partners at the very least. As shown when they’re not resolving missions, they're practically inseparable, eating together and pranking each other and investigating together.
  • In Evanescent Existence, Yabusame basically travels to an unknown dimension to search for the spirited-away Tsubakura.
  • Yabusame was also rather angry after finding out that Tsurubami was impersonating Tsubakura. Kind of weird, considering their whimsical personality.

Tsubakura gets a lot of love in-story. They're popular despite their lack of active socializing.
  • Shion is pretty much obsessed with Tsubakura; became interested in consuming their soul and later was adopted by the shrine, where Shion is more than happy to be around them.
  • Kuroji is Tsubakura's Unknown Rival. They have even stated that they will be The Only One Allowed to Defeat You.
  • Kurohebi is dismissive and cold towards everyone, but is very respectful towards Tsubakura. Upon realizing that Tsubakura has adopted Shion and officially "dumped them", they become upset and try to kill Shion.
    Kurohebi: "It seems you've adopted yet another child, Tsubakura-san..."
    • It's later revealed Kurohebi is a creation of Tsubakura and Suzumi. Suzumi even calls Kurohebi "my child" and Tsubakura as "the father". Make of that what you will.
  • Suzumi Kuzu is very sadistic and has tried to kill Tsubakura several times in the past. They only entered Mugenri with the intention to make Tsubakura's life a living hell For the Evulz.
    Tsubakura: "They're not strong, but incredibly cunning."
    Suzumi: "The greatest prodigy in history has praised me♪"
    Tsubakura: (Beat)
  • Back in "Earthen Miraculous Sword", we get this rather cracky exchange in Tsubakura's extra stage:
    Saragimaru: If I may start from the conclusion, you won't be returning home tonight.
    Tsubakura: Mmmm... mmkay? Are you trying to flirt with me or something?

  • Yaorochi is known for being equally irreverent, haughty and aloof with everyone they know, human, youkai, or their own siblings. The only exception to this rule is the little haniwa Sukune, who continues to be at their side, after being an Unwitting Pawn and Spanner in the Works in Earthen Miraculous Sword.
  • And apparently they live together too.

Tsurubami and Tenkai were the original heroes of Mugenri. Tenkai is determined to put Mugenri in order while Tsurubami is away.
  • At first Tsurubami was not happy about Yabusame becoming their Spanner in the Works in Evanescent Existence. After witnessing their power, Tsurubami calls Yabusame a "natural flying wonder" and accepts them to be one of Mugenri's saviors together with Tsubakura. Later in Reactivate Majestical Imperial we found out about Tenkai, who was Tsurubami's partner and had powers similar to Yabusame.....
  • Tenkai is not happy that Tsurubami choose to spirit away strangers instead of leaving the work to Tenkai themself.
  • The exchange with Kuroji and Saragimaru in Reactivate Majestical Imperial shows that Tenkai holds Tsurubami in high regard.
    Tenkai: "So you've met Tsurubami in person? Were they doing all right?"
    Kuroji: "Yep. Until I beat them up, that is."
    Tenkai: "C'mon, don't lie. There's no way Tsurubami would lose... Not to the likes of you, at least."
  • In Brilliant Pagoda or Haze Castle, every time Tenkai talks about Tsurubami, it sounds like they're reminiscing about an ex-lover.
    • Every time a powerful faction asks Tenkai to join their cause, Tenkai refuses and says that they are loyal to Tsurubami and no one else.
    (to Mitori): "But now that Tsurubami is gone....I don't want to work for anyone else."
    • In the Haze and Brilliant endings, Tenkai muses about how much they miss Tsurubami and laments how despite being their closest friend, Tsurubami was always Lonely at the Top. Doubles as Tear Jerker.
    • After finding out that Suzumi was the Big Bad and that they impersonated Tsurubami, Tenkai is enraged and tries to kill Suzumi, mirroring that time in Evanescent Existence when Yabusame was angry at Tsurubami for impersonating Tsubakura.
    Tenkai: "You.... forced me to fight with Tsurubami...."
    Suzumi: "How's that? How's that!? Did I make you mad? Or feel at ease?"
    Tenkai: ".....For now, I'll kill you with all I have."

Saragimaru exhibits a devotion to their older sibling Yaorochi, who pretty much ignores their existence. They don’t care about that and devotes themself to protect their sibling from the shadows. They were even willing to let the dangerous Tasouken be restored simply because Yaorochi wanted it to.
  • In the Extra Stage of Earthen Miraculous Sword, Saragimaru is so angry at the heroes for ruining the Tasouken ritual (and thus Yaorochi's happiness) that despite their low stamina and power, they try to ambush and kill the heroes, included with a temporary Tranquil Fury.
    "I'm sorry, Yaorochi-sama... I couldn't safeguard your happiness..."
  • By the time of Reactivate Majestical Imperial, Saragimaru has given up hope that Yaorochi will ever acknowledge them, but is content to be Yaorochi's Mysterious Protector.
  • In Brilliant Pagoda or Haze Castle, Saragimaru escapes from the Shitodo house in order to protect Yaorochi from the constant offers from both war sides.

Kuroji is seen by everyone as The Friend Nobody Likes due to being The Barnum. They are condescending and rude to everyone they come across, but has a spot for their siblings and Saragimaru. Of course, Saragimaru, due to being Yaorochi-sexual, does not share the sentiment.
  • Kuroji was already interested in Saragimaru during their first meeting in Earthen Miraculous Sword, happy to meet a youkai with decency and common sense.
  • In the Reactivate Majestical Imperial prologue, after blackmailing Saragimaru and force them into cooperation. There's also holding hands involved (much to Saragimaru's chagrin).
    Kuroji: "Without a doubt, we understand each other perfectly, wouldn't you say?"
  • Kuroji has stated several times that Saragimaru reminds them of Aoji.
  • When they meet Tenkai Zuifeng for the first time, Kuroji says "I'm a little jealous", after finding out that Saragimaru knows Tenkai.
  • In Brilliant Pagoda or Haze Castle, Kuroji is angry that Saragimaru tried to run away from them in order to protect Yaorochi from the shadows again.
    Kuroji: "Going off by yourself all of the sudden must have made you lonely."
    Saragimaru: "S-shut up! I won't be caught by your demonic clutches anymore!"
  • After defeating Saragimaru in the Neutral Route, Kuroji says that after the incident is over, they'll discipline the orochi "a little bit" and is very delighted and eager at the thought.

  • Shou is known for being a petulant, selfish brat of a slug youkai, who uses their powers to manipulate rain youkais into making rain. That’s the reason why they cling to rain youkai Jun in the first place. However, after Jun is defeated and humiliated in Earthen Miraculous Sword, Shou is very pissed off and goes to avenge them, even though they has no choice against the heroes.
    "I'll avenge Jun!"
  • Kaisen and Kujiru's Undying Loyalty to Garaiya.
  • Fumikado has inspired Tsugumi and Iyozane enough to form a Quirky Miniboss Squad at the very least. Even though their plan to resurrect Masakado had failed, and they often come of as rather self-centered and condescending, they both continue to stand beside Fumikado.
    • Iyozane and Tsugumi saying I Choose to Stay at the end of Brilliant Pagoda or Haze Castle.
  • Fumikado and Chouki were childhood friends, the latter being raised to be their servant. Chouki gave their life in order to help Fumikado with their plans to resurrect the True Emperor. However, it was a Senseless Sacrifice (being dead and unable to inhale/exhale air, Chouki couldn't use Saeda flute, necessary for the ritual) and Fumikado decided to dismiss Chouki, having sacrificed too much for their sake. Unfortunately, Chouki didn't see it that way and felt abandoned and betrayed, thus becoming an evil spirit determined to enact revenge on their former master.
    • When they meet again, Fumikado is devastated to see Chouki had become a vengeful spirit who wants to kill them.
    Fumikado: "Chouki! I don't particularly mind being killed by you, but it's my obligation to stop you!"
  • In Brilliant Pagoda or Haze Castle, we have Yabusame calling Yaorochi "beautiful".
    Tsubakura: "All I know 'bout snakes is they get weirdly handsome when they turn into humans."
    Yabusame: "Yaorochi-san is good-looking too~! ♪"
    Yaorochi: "I'm not going to fall for your obvious flattery..."
    Shion: "They're actually super happy inside."
    Tsubakura: "What a simpleton..."
  • Also, in the Scoundrel Brilliant Route from Brilliant Pagoda or Haze Castle, Aoji becomes charmed by Mitori and immediately starts praising them and calling them "corteous and beautiful". Even Kuroji and Hooaka are creeped out by it. They're rather disappointed when they found out that Mitori's personality is similar to Kuroji.
    Aoji: "You're just like Kuro. You seem beautiful and polite at first glance, but on the inside you're vicious...."
    • In the Brilliant Ending for the Scoundrel Route, Aoji is too eager to become part of the royal clan....

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