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Nightmare Fuel / Len'en

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Aren't they an adorable Monster Girl (or boy)? Well, the mirror is the real monster and the child is just a (presummably dead) Soul Jar

Mugenri is far from being a hospitable place. The aforementioned amounts of bullets thrown at you, the possibility of death, the potential of some of these monsters and amoral sociopathic humans are just some of the many horrors that await you in the rural world that is Mugenri...

  • The very being of the Harujion, a flower used for resurrecting the dead that feeds on the souls of evil people.
    • And Shion, who was born from said flower and loves eating souls, and decrease the lifespan of people by doing so.
  • Yaorochi may be mostly uninterested in the affairs of others, though Word of God says that being able to wield Tasouken grants them the option to rule the world if they want to. Coupled with their Blood Knight temperament, anyone who gets on their bad side is usually guaranteed to meet a very, very grim end...
  • Just how destructive is EX-Lumen? In ''Earthen Miraculous Sword',' they enter a rampage after absorbing moonlight (accidentally) and uses their Wave Motion Gun against the heroes/ines. The heroes/ines evade it and go to fight against Saragimaru, but the ray of light pierces a huge track of land and almost destroys the Mugenri Barrier!
  • Mitsumo, full stop. A mirror youkai that shows the greatest fears of their opponents and eats humans. Not to mention that they possess people in order to communicate and move. Poor little Terumi.
    • Terumi's condition by the time of Brilliant Pagoda or Haze Castle. It's implied that they're already dead, presumably from a combination of exhaustion, dehydration and starvation. However, Mitsumo continues to animate their corpse in order to talk and move around. Shion says they smell like rotten meat, which means that Terumi's body already started to decompose.
    • Also Mitsumo has no relation to the plot of the game. They just attack because their host body is not useful to them anymore and is hunting for a new human to use as a Soul Jar.
  • How far will Kuroji go in their schemes just because they want to be special and get financial income for their siblings? Even Saragimaru (an ancient Orochi who's Really 700 Years Old) fears that one day they'll cross the Moral Event Horizon.
  • EX-Sese may be a contender. Despite their Token Mini-Moe appearance, they are still a Gasha-Dokuro, largely considered to be an incredibly powerful, fearsome creature. Their theme song doesn't help much either, being in a minor key and sounding very somber. There's no telling how much mayhem they could cause on their own if they grow more powerful. Thankfully, Word of God says they're still quite underdeveloped.
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  • Mitori's backstory. Mistreated by the royal family, they found out they were an illegitimate child. This drove Mitori to kill the emperor and get the throne in a Klingon Promotion. And their first order upon getting the throne are? To annihilate all two-faced factions in Mugenri (due to Mitori's hatred for hypocrisy). Also, they poisoned Iyozane, one of the few family members who treated them with kindness. Who knows what might happen afterwards to the Capital City, now that this disturbed yet well-intentioned Bastard Bastard is in control? Fortunately, Mitori realizes the error in their ways and starts becoming more civil and friendly to the smallfolk and the Senri Shrine.
  • Also, regarding Mitori. They mention that it was an informant (likely Suzumi) the one who told Mitori to attack the Senri Shrine. Who knows what might have happened if Kunimitsu had reached the Senri Shrine before Tsubakura and Yabusame visited the Capital?
  • Chouki's Nightmare Face. It's also used when they declare a couple of their spell cards, so it can catch people off-guard.
  • Suzumi Kuzu, full freaking stop. Already unnerving in their BPoHC demo encounter, they turn out to be the one who spread the rumors (thus leading the Imperials and Dragonflies to go to war against each other), manipulating everyone, fiddling with their minds from the beginning, and fully intending to kill anyone who gets in their way (they almost kill poor Hooaka too). They even go as far as to impersonate Tsurubami in the EX+a stage...and this is apparently all for the sake of tormenting poor Tsubakura...Their 2nd theme as EX+a Boss #2 outright tones up the horror along with putting the hell into Bullet Hell. And the real kicker? At the end of the boss fight, they flee a la fucking SLENDERMAN, with a flash of static, and get away without paying for what they've done! And what's even creepier? Zoom in here. See the Shadow? Suzumi has split personalities, and they can trade control of the body between themselves! They even gained Time Travel as a part of their powers, and they liberally use this to escape any trouble that comes their way and kill their alternate selves and absorb them! To end it all, Suzumi is basically a walking Nightmare Fuel Station Attendant.

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