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Headscratchers / Len'en

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  • How come Yabusame doesn't use their powers to just leave with Tsubakura? Word of God says that Yabusame's powers have hidden potential, so that must mean that they must be capable of at least leaving Mugenri at any moment and bring Tsubakura with them. Even with the Two-Dimmensional Cloth preventing them from flying away they can just take it off.

  • Considering that the Outside World is Like Reality Unless Noted, why are all the outside humans without any kind of phone on them as they enter Mugenri on Evanescent Existence? Seeing how Tsubakura is being hunted by known Soft-Spoken Sadist Suzumi ,having a phone on you while being outside (Noticing that all characters in EE are wearing shoes, meaning they must have been outside their houses when they were spirited away) seems handy, as before EE, Suzumi didnt have powers.

  • Why are all of the outside humans using dated clothes considering the Outside World is just our world, technology advances and all?

  • Seeing how Suzumi was out to kill the player on the Ex+a scenario, why was anyone involved using danmaku? Seeing how it's apparently non-lethal, whats the point of using it in such a moment of life or death?

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