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As a Moments subpage, all spoilers are unmarked as per policy. You Have Been Warned.

  • The normal ending, where Nooj, Gippal and Baralai announce in Luca Stadium their decision to lead Spira together as a unified group. Instead of making an appearance, Yuna decides it's time for her to return home. The very last scene is of YRP riding on the deck of the Celsius up into the sky, à la Final Fantasy VI.
    Yuna: [VO] This is my story. It'll be a good one.
    • The Golden Ending where Tidus is revived and appears on the shores of Besaid, right where his pilgrimage first began. The Celsius lands, Yuna jumps out the hatch, sprints over to Tidus, and they embrace.
      Tidus: Whoa! You know, you've changed!
      Yuna: Well, you've missed a few things!
      Tidus: I want to hear everything!
      Yuna: [VO] Well, it all began when I saw this sphere of you...
      • The sheer relief in Yuna's voice when she realizes that Tidus has returned for good.
      Yuna: You're back.
      Tidus: I am back. (hugging her) I'm home!
      Yuna: Welcome home. (hugging him back) Yes, home.
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    • The 100% Completion ending contains an extra ending scene between Tidus and Yuna in the Zanarkand Ruins, with Yuna standing in the exact spot Tidus stood two years beforehand, bringing the story full circle.
    • Check out the ending screen. Sharp-eyed players will notice a seagull on the title card ("THE END"). If you get the good ending, the card now has two gulls flying together.
    • The ending you get if you could attain the golden ending, but instead chose to let Tidus remain a memory. You see two monkeys together, overlooking the Zanarkand ruins. Yuna managed to preserve the ruins where so many people died to bring Spira some hope. At the same time, she's moved on, and she'll be okay without Tidus.
  • Shuyin and Lenne's spirits finally reuniting.
  • Unlike Final Fantasy XIII-2 and the VII Compilation, X-2's Spira has had a permanent change for the better. It is good to see that Spira is moving on from Sin and re-discovering its culture.
  • In the middle of the Gullwings negotioning fees for helping people in Chapter 3, Djose Temple falls under attack. And although the Machine Faction claim they have it under control, it's getting worse, and the others are all reluctant to help. Rikku, knowing Gippal is probably in danger, snaps, "I'll pay you myself!" and demands that Brother fly them to Djose.
    • Rikku identifying with Shuyin because she understands what it's like to do anything in order to try and save a loved one. Yuna tells Rikku she will always be grateful to her cousin for what she did two years ago.
  • In Besaid during Chapter 5, Yuna receives a sphere from Chappu filmed on the day he left to join the Crusaders. Later on, Wakka names his and Lulu's baby Vidina, which is Al Bhed for "future." It shows Wakka is now more confident in his ability to be a father, and just how far he has come since the bad old days of prejudice toward the Al Bhed.
    • After Wakka names the baby, the Running Gag of him taking forever to come up with a name comes to an end.
      Wakka: Hey. Sorry it took me so long to decide on a name, Lu.
      Lulu: It’s all right. I knew it would be worth the wait. I had faith.
      Wakka: You? Had faith in me?
      Lulu: Wakka, we’re in this together. Whether you see it or not, I really do rely on you.
      Wakka: Guess I’d better not drop the ball, ya?
      Lulu: You won’t.
  • Paine's Sphere where she, Gippal, Nooj, and Baralai chat about what they'll do once their stint in the Crimson Squad is over. Present-day Paine is indeed doing what she said she would for them.
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  • The band's sweet, low-key version of "Eternity" which they play in Chapter 5 once you return to Guadosalam.
  • The whole point of the game: Yuna trying to find Tidus, spurred by hopes that he is still alive somewhere. Doubles as a tearjerker.
    • Yuna as a Warrior moves exactly like Tidus. She even uses Brotherhood as her melee weapon.
    • After dealing with the fiend problem in Besaid Temple by defeating Dark Valefor, Yuna declares she has to protect the temple since it's where she became a summoner, and where she and Tidus first met. May double as a tearjerker.
  • The sculptor on Mount Gagazet carves a statue of Yuna to honor her for what she did for Spira and the Ronso. It has a horn on its head, just the way Yenke promised it would in X, before he and Biran died protecting the mountain from Seymour.
  • Yuna's performance of "1000 Words" at the Thunder Plains, including showing the flashback of Lenne and Shuyin being gunned down. After the concert's over, Yuna learns that all the people who witnessed it have come to realize how stupid they've been with their squabbling, and are ready to make peace with each other.
    • The English version is slightly different, due to Lenne being voiced by two different women i.e. one for singing and the other for speaking. Instead of Lenne outright possessing Yuna to sing (like Shuyin would), Yuna and Lenne perform a duet. Thus showing a subtle difference between Lenne and Shuyin: Lenne isn't using Yuna, they harmonize.
  • When Yuna learns that Nooj's plan to stop Shuyin involves yet more people sacrificing their lives, she states with heartfelt emotions... that his plan SUCKS, and proceeds to wing it with a new one.
  • In a nod to the classic FF games (particularly III, IV and V), while fighting Shuyin and Vegnagun in the Farplane, the souls of Auron, Jecht and Braska cheer on and offer advice to YRP! Even in death, those three are still guarding Yuna and Spira.
  • Dona and Barthello finally being reunited when the barricades come down. If you spied on Dona rehearsing her 'apology' with the commsphere, she clears her throat and starts reciting her pompous speech, but Barthello takes the wind out of her sails by groveling and promising to never leave her again. Yuna comments on how sweet he is, and Dona snaps at her to be quiet. Oh, Dona, never change. The best part is when Dona has to turn her back to Barthello to hide how happy she is. ("You'll be making this up to me for the rest of your life!")
  • Many of the Fiend Tales. Especially the ones where the fiends realize that their abilities are uniquely suited to help them finish their Unfinished Business. Other tales include:
    • The Behemoth balloon salesman. His fellow Fiends are afraid of him so he can't sell his wares to them. However, the Kinderguardians appear, and don't care that it's a giant Fiend who's selling balloons, they really want to buy them. The other Fiends see this, realize the Behemoth salesman is genuinely trying to make a living, and they decide to buy some as well. The Behemoth was thrilled.
    • The Cactuar who really wants to be a blitzball player, just like the guy with the huge sword he met who gave him some pointers. The Cactuar is rather clumsy and starts to despair that he will never become a great player or never meet his idol again. Only for it to turn out that the player is none other than Jecht, who is watching over him in spirit and even signs his blitzball! Giving the little Cactuar enough encouragement to keep practicing.
    • The Chocobo, who was once an Ill Girl who dreamed of running and seeing all of Spira. Now as a chocobo she can achieve her dreams and is full of more energy than she ever was. Her parents watch from the distance, saddened by her passing, but believe she is doing fine, all while watching the chocobo run across the Calm Lands.
  • In Last Mission:
    • The musical theme, "Wind Crest -The Three Trials-". Can double as a tearjerker.
    • Seeing Yuna, Rikku, and Paine reunite in Luca Stadium after spending three months apart.
    • Yuna talking about her peaceful life on Besaid with the revived Tidus.
    • The ending where YRP reach the top of Iutycyr Tower and realize they have changed during their time apart. They decide to go their separate ways again; and even if they do grow apart, whether or not they ever see each other again, they will always cherish the memories of their time together. Then, unbeknownst to them, the machina at the tower's peak they believe to be broken slowly springs to life behind them as their bond of friendship is renewed. Made more heartwarming with the piano version of "1000 Words" playing in the background.
    • "Kimi e", the Japanese vocal version of "Yuna's Ballad" which plays at the end of Last Mission signifies a trip down memory lane of the journey that is Final Fantasy X and X-2.


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