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Heartwarming / Final Fantasy XI

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  • A meta version of sorts, but when the Tokyo earthquake hit, Square-Enix decided to power down the Final Fantasy XI and XIV servers to save power for emergency services, and cancelled billing charges for FFXI players for a month to cover for the downtime.
  • The ending to A Crystalline Prophecy. It was hard enough to keep it together when Aldo and Mathilde reached out to Lil' Aldo but then "Final Fantasy" started to play and oh god.
  • The ending to Rhapsodies of Vana'diel, the final main scenario of the game. With the Cloud of Darkness defeated, Vanadiel has returned to its proper course in the timeline. However, Iroha, having completed her mission, must return to her time. Despite her departure, the Hero of Vanadiel will meet his/her pupil once again.
    • Also in the ending, Iroha gives her thanks before she leaves: "We are all humbled by your service these past fourteen years"
      • Hearing this, you finally understand the meaning and the scene. Iroha is not just thanking the adventurer, the hero, and her mentor. She, as a representative of the developers of Final Fantasy XI, is actually thanking "The Player" for playing Final Fantasy XI for all these years. Now that's a beautiful way to end Final Fantasy XI and also a heartwarming way that the developers expressing their gratitude to all their FFXI players.
      • Let's not forget that near the end of the credits, the Special Thanks part, the last person listed was you:
    <Your Name>,
    Savior of Vana'diel
    Thank you for your many years of dedication to the world of Vana'diel
    • The ending song, Heartwarming indeed, especially the chorus at the second part of the song, as they were all sung by the players of Final Fantasy XI.
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  • After butting heads since they were introduced in the original story lines, part way through Chains of Promathia, Wolfgang and Dr Monberaux finally make amends by reminiscing about their childhood games
    But I request that you leave the "other" treasure where it rests. Allow the memories of two young boys to live on, even if it is just for a little while longer

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