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Funny / Final Fantasy XI

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  • Shantotto. Just about every scene with her in it.
  • When Naja Salaheem's little spiky-friend encounters Abquhbah, Hilarity Ensues.
  • During Wings of the Goddess final scene, Mayakov gives us this pearl :
    Mayakov : <Thigh>... I can thcarthe wait for the day I walk down the aithle, garbed like tho...
    Tanja : Wh-what!?
    Mayakov : What'th with the thocked exthprethion? I meant the tuxthedo, thilly!''
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  • King of Hearts laying the smackdown on Mnejing upon his arrival in Aht Urhgan, in a rare moment when an NPC Cardian is shown to be a competent and fearsome combatant. He even levels up from it, complete with graphic and fanfare, in the middle of the cutscene.
  • After competing in the Yagudo tournament:
    Kaa Toru The Just : I now be closing the Balga Contest. Now flock off, kyah!

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