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As a Moments subpage, all spoilers are unmarked as per policy. You Have Been Warned.

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  • Yuna's poor attempts to disguise her voice while handing out balloons in the moogle costume.
  • Gippal and Yuna's first meeting, where he totally invades her space.
    Gippal: Never been this close to a celebrity before...
    Yuna: [uncomfortable] That's nice.
    Gippal: I could get used to this.
    Yuna: Let's not.
  • When Yuna sees a recording of "Tidus" trying to save someone named "Lenne." To say she does not take it well is an understatement. And it is hilarious.
  • Outside Djose Temple, Yuna snaps at Rikku and Paine when they mention she's getting old.
  • Yuna's embarrassment when Baralai lets slip that the two of them were arranged to be married.
  • Two, both related to Yuna's martyr complex. First there's the part where Yuna just can't say no to helping out, and Shinra's response is: "Hero. Summoner. Doormat." Then there's the part where Tobli is about to get Yuna to agree to sell tickets for him, and Paine figures out before she does that she's about to be roped into something she'll regret.
    Paine: Yuna. Run.
    • Episode Complete in Bevelle ends with Maroda calling out Isaaru on his Chronic Hero Syndrome. Rikku and Paine mention that they know a certain someone with a similar flaw, but Yuna doesn't get the hint. Then Rikku and Paine quickly leave Yuna behind.
  • LeBlanc's bone-cracking massage. It's right up there with Mimete's infamous Twister scene from Sailor Moon. Especially if you get the right area. (LeBlanc hilariously blows kisses just as she does in cutscenes with Nooj.) Imagine this line from Yuna, taken out of context: "She fell asleep! I'm that good?" One of LeBlanc's "bad spot" lines is a classic: "Where are you groping?!"
    • What's really funny is that immediately after that, Logos and Ormi come into the room and say that one massage and Leblanc is out like a light. "The boss fell asleep again?!" What a come-down for Yuna!
  • When Nooj reveals that to rescue Baralai he plans to commit suicide and take Shuyin with him, Yuna delivers her now-famous, "I don't like your plan. It sucks." The camera dramatically cuts to everyone else present recoiling from her foul language.


  • This line spoken in Al Bhed:
    Rikku to Paine: Oui pimmo! (You bully!)
  • The entirety of the hot spring scene. Rikku approaches Yuna, takes a peek and says "I know who's got it going on." She then tries to check Paine out as well, only for the two of them to gang up on her. Brother interrupts them by asking what's going on. When Yuna responds that they're "just taking a little dip", Brother sounds awed, announces a "code pink" and says he'll be right there. We then hear a bonk sound and Buddy's voice says, "Don't worry, I knocked him out."
  • The revelation which comes from the following exchange on the Celsius bridge:
    Rikku: Awww... Where's the fun in being plain old regular sphere hunters?
    Brother: Yeah! What she said!
    Paine: Oh no...
    Yuna: What?
    Shinra: Whenever Rikku and Brother agree... bad stuff happens.
    Yuna: That... can't be good. [pan to Brother and Rikku hopping around excitedly like complete goons]
    Yuna: Oh, poopie.
    Rikku: Yunie, don't talk like that!
    Yuna: I'm just copying you!
  • In Djose Temple, after beating the Experiment for the first time, Paine tells Yuna to say something to the Al Bhed in the room with them if she has not collected all of the Al Bhed Primers. Oblivious to what's being said, Yuna winds up saying something ruder than what she meant to, after which Rikku again reprimands Yuna for her use of foul language, with Paine shown snickering in the background.
    Yuna: We really trashed it.
    Paine: Tell him this: [whispers to Yuna]
    Yuna: Dyga ouin deh lyh yht cruja ed! (Take your tin can and shove it!)
    Al Bhed: E mega ouin yddedita. Kiacc E ryja du piemt y cdnuhkan machina. (I like your attitude. Guess I have to build a stronger machina.)
    Yuna: Hey, he understood me!
    Rikku: Fydlr ouin myhkiyka! (Watch your language!)
    • Just before they get the Floral Fallal dressphere, Paine implies that Rikku is a bad influence on Yuna, but Rikku is totally oblivious.
    Paine: Someone's turning Yuna into a bad girl.
    Rikku: Who?!
  • After YRP beats the Experiment at its max level, Paine reveals Gippal got her interested in learning to speak Al Bhed. To which Rikku complains that Gippal has always been a player.
  • Rikku's special attacks in her Festivalist Dressphere. She makes the little goldfish in her bags grow then sics at the enemy. One of her battle quotes is even "Fly, my pretties!"

  • Just before the hot spring sequence, the girls are wondering whether or not to use the spring. Rikku says it's "on sacred ground." Paine's response? "No one's looking."
  • In Kilika when everyone is making a fuss over the "awesome sphere", Yuna and Rikku are both giddy with excitement until Paine brings them back down to earth. However, after they claim the sphere, YRP go on their merry way as Paine gloats at the onlookers. ("Tough luck.") Afterwards, Rikku says the people in Kilika "totally wet their pants."
  • After obtaining Crimson Sphere 7 from Nooj outside the Den of Woe, Rikku nags Paine about knowing Nooj. Paine makes Yuna back off by claiming the latter will lose friends if she asks too many questions, but Rikku keeps nagging. Paine, using Rikku's childlike logic, deducts "4 respect points" from Rikku, leaving "47 points" left. When Rikku admits she's still curious about Paine's past, Paine takes another point from Rikku.
    • After the Experiment fight, Paine says even though she feels more comfortable around Yuna and Rikku now, she was annoyed with Yuna at first for never shutting up and really wanted to "lay down some serious hurt". Yuna pretends to be shocked by this and turns away from Paine. Rikku joins her but then they smile and hightail it out of there, as Paine accuses the cousins of being melodramatic and storms after them.
  • Paine to Brother: Yht fru ycgat oui, yenrayt? (And who asked you, airhead?)

    Battle quotes 
  • The following, failed attempts at pre-battle one-liners:
    Rikku: Doctor P is in the house!
    Paine: Stop that.

    Yuna: Gimme a Y!
    Rikku: Gimme an R!
    Paine: Give me a break.

    Rikku: I'm gonna kick you in the spleen!
    Paine: Spleen?

    Yuna: Duck soup!
    Paine: Duck what?

    Paine: Come get some!
    Yuna: Paine gets all the good lines.
  • Before the fight with the Zanarkand Ruins boss in Chapter 1:
    Rikku: Think we need a password?
    Paine: How about "kick its ass"?

  • The little boy in Luca who hops up and down excitedly in front of a ronso amazon. The Ronso Fangs have high attack and endurance, but their social skills are clearly at level 1: she has no idea how to respond to this child.
  • Some of the "Episode Concluded" sequences can be pretty funny, if you don't care about ratings. "Episode Concluded" is a "bad" status that the player can qualify for in certain sections if they failed to meet the requirements for "Episode Complete". For example, if you talk to Rikku and Paine after Yuna sees the moogle in Luca, they will suggest that she's snapped and suggest returning to the airship. Doing so triggers "Episode Concluded." Also, in the "Episode Complete" version of the Moonflow sequence, the girls are given the option to perform on-stage, but if you've skipped both the "Save the Hypello" and "Ticket Shelling" missions, then Tobli will end up going on-stage.
  • While X has Trauma Inns that are redundant due to Save Points healing all HP, MP, and negative statuses, X-2 outright removes the inns-as-recovery mechanic. If you go to Guadosalam's inn and tell the innkeeper that you want to rest, she'll simply tell you there's a chair behind you.
  • The entire monkey Matchmaker Quest is hilarious. Special mention goes to what is said after you pair them up.
    "Luna is going ape."
    "Skye is in seventh monkey heaven."
  • While the reward isn't as great, pinning the Prophet as the culprit in the Mi'ihen Mystery mission gets you the funniest sequence by far. "Zoinks!!"
    • Players with sharp ears will recognize him earlier in the game: he's one of Yuna's gushing fanboys in the balloon level.
  • Highlighting Bevelle on the world map before the plot tells you to go there.
    Can we go somewhere else? Please?
  • He's not everybody's cup of tea, but some of Brother's line deliveries are gold.
    • Buddy alerts everyone that two of their rivals have been removed from the equation:
      Buddy: Meyvn Nooj of the Youth League... and Baralai, Praetor of New Yevon... gone. They've disappeared!
      Brother: [utterly disinterested] Fascinating.
    • "As leader, I order... Yuna to decide!” Leadership that not even Churchill could match.
    • Prior to the massage scene, the party is attempting to sneak into "Chateau LeBlanc," when suddenly...
      Brother: [loudly, over walkie-talkie] This is Brother! How's it going?
      Rikku: Be quiet! This is a covert operation. Over and out.
      Brother: Rikku! How dare you speak to your leader like that!
      Rikku: Ooh! Shut up, already!
    • Buddy's origin story about how the Gullwings got their name: Frozen and starving, he and Brother were about to die when a lone seagull led them to find the Celsius. Afterwards, they ate the bird.
    • In an optional airship scene, Cid demands that Yuna start acting more "ladylike", and his entire family revolts. Rikku chides him for being tactless, but Brother straight-up tells Cid that he's a dinosaur who should "sit back and leave the modern times to us!"
    • When Brother is fighting in the Fiend Arena, he never stops dancing. Also, he attacks with his butt most of the time.
  • The hypello are as unflappable as ever.
    • One of the hot spring scenes in Chapter 4 shows Barkeep giving Buddy a massage?!
    • In another moment during Chapter 3, one of those needed to be rescued in Mi'ihen from rogue machina is a hypello. The victims you rescue run for their lives, but the hypello simply strolls away like nothing happened.
  • In Gippal's Sphere, Auron has a cameo and makes the observation, "Only a jackass can change the world." No doubt a veiled reference to Tidus/Jecht.
  • The amusing sound Shinra's suit makes when he's walking around, notably when he's planting CommSpheres around Spira.
  • The various comical ways Shinra's CommSpheres go down in Chapter 5, from being eaten by a dog to being pecked by a chocobo to being punched out by Barthello.
    • In the previous chapter, if you watch the Besaid CommSphere enough times, you get to see the Aurochs practicing blitzball. One of them attempts a sphere shot several times, without success, before kicking the ball into the CommSphere.
      Shinra: They really suck.
    • Also in Chapter 4, we find out that Shinra has invented something called the "Chocoporter." Examining the Thunder Plains CommSphere allows you to capture a few chocobos this way... but the Chocoporter shorts out afterwards. And yes, the chocobos can be found on the airship, and serve basically no purpose.
    • Dona and her former Guardian-boyfriend split up due to their political differences: She supported the Youth League, he's with New Yevon. Check the Kilika sphere enough times and Dona will attach it to a balloon, which she mails to Barthello. On receiving it, he breaks the sphere by yelling Dona's name.
  • If you recruit "Almighty Shinra" after defeating it, it comes programmed with a few quips. It still acts as smug as Shinra does, and even hums the "Gullwings Go" theme upon a victory.
  • The scene where Beclem kicks a blitzball at Keepa. When hit by the blitzball, Keepa flies backwards into a nearby wall. Also overlaps with awesome.
  • One of the Bonus Bosses is called King VERMIN!
    • The Scan description for it states "It's fire attacks are a dead giveaway that it's in charge, foo'."
  • The Besaid Aurochs taking turns "interviewing" (in other words, further embarrassing) Wakka. Since it is shown through the Commsphere, it looked exactly like a newscast.
  • In Chapter 5, after the Youth League members are allowed back into Kilika Temple, Bartello asks the party where Dona is since she wasn't with the group. Yuna and the others can only shrug and assume Dona truly wants nothing to do with him. The Game Over music piece is played as Bartello laments that he'll never see Dona again. When he sees a balloon rise up into the sky, Bartello screams Dona's name and jumps off the staircase, crashing into the tree canopies below.
  • Wakka has a new fear now that he's a father.
    "Sin is nothing compared to diaper changing."
    • Wakka shouting Get a Room! when Yuna and Tidus are reunited.
  • Fiend Arena: The Gullwings can actually stunlock Chac with a chocobo.

    Fiend Tales 

  • The story for Nashorn talks about how he waited in line for hours to touch "it" and when got to "it", he was sucked in by a bright light and found himself in another location. At the end of his tale, his fiend children want him to play with them, but he can't be bothered. Later, the kids find a teleport sphere (save point) and are in awe at how shiny it is. Nashorn quickly realizes that "it" was the same thing that took him away and he dives after it to prevent his kids suffering from the same fate, only to teleport yet again. The kids then wonder where their father had teleported to this time.
  • The Bolt Drake's tale involves him kidnapping a bunch of kids, only to keep getting pricked by them over and over again until he decides to return them to their parents and vows to go after a calmer kid next time. It turns out that the "kids" were Lulu's dolls, which are known for their Scratch Damage in Final Fantasy X when Lulu used them in battle.
  • Boris is known for Crying Wolf. At the end of his tale, he cries for help, only for Shinra to ignore him. Turns out Boris really was in trouble since he was attacked by a Behemoth. Shinra comes back and defeats it.
  • The Tonberry's tale tells how his kind live very short lifespans. The end of the tale reveals why that is: Tonberries have a nasty habit of stabbing each other, and their patented knives are a One-Hit Kill. Eventually, all the Tonberries wind up killing each other while the much-larger Mega Tonberry tells them to knock it off.
  • The one with the Couerl involves it trying to figure out where to find the Gullwings' treasure, and this suddenly changes to wondering where Gullwings change, and imagining the three of them in their lingerie. Seeing YRP surrounding him, Coeurl wonders if they overheard him, they couldn't possibly have read his thoughts. Shinra pipes up explaining at Coeurl that his invention can translate the fiend's thoughts, and it did. Couerl panics, knowing the inevitable outcome.
  • Fly Eye uses his new Fiend form to spy on people bathing in the Gagazet hotsprings. Someone spots him and swims towards Fly Eye, and, much to his horror, reveals herself to be an old lady (as are the rest of her friends in the hotsprings). Last we see of Fly Eye, he's sinking into the pool after getting uppercutted.
  • Hrimthurs is on the hunt for "superpants." When he "finds" it, Hrimthurs learns an apparent Aesop, and decides to Go Commando. Shinra immediately butts in the video feed, saying that what's happening is "NSFW".


    Last Mission 

  • The awkward moment on the Celsius as YRP begin their newest mission.
  • Rikku's exhaustive rundown of everything her family/cohorts have been up to.
  • YRP reminiscing about crashing the imposter Yuna's concert while the real Yuna flailed around in a giant moogle suit as a disguise.


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