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As a Moments subpage, all spoilers are unmarked as per policy. You Have Been Warned.

  • The opening “real Emotion” concert. As an homage of sorts to Girl Power properties like Charlie’s Angels, it rocks and it’s an immediate glimpse of how much Spira and it’s people have changed compared to Final Fantasy X.
  • Whenever YRP do their Angels Pose.
  • Yuna’s bluntest line ever, given when Nooj describes to her how he'll get re-possessed by Shuyin, allowing her and the others to kill the unsent:
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  • Auron gets yet another epic one-liner in a treasure sphere (Gippal's Sphere/"Jackasses", if you were wondering): "Only a jackass can change the world."
  • The Gullwings raiding Kilika Temple at the end of Chapter 1. Yuna fully reveals her new personality and decides to steal the sphere, with a triumphant feel. After fighting her way through the crowded forests to the temple, they have to fight a giant, impossibly-tough looking boss. This is the real Moment of Awesome, when they take the Awesome Sphere. Everybody there is genuinely shocked as they escape back to the airship while basically giving them the middle finger.
  • Yuna’s drastic personality change may be off putting to some, but seeing her newfound confidence and exuberance is a joy. Her journey throughout X-2 is not only about finding Tidus, it’s about Yuna finding a strong and confident woman within herself as she tries to find her new place in Spira.
  • The concert in Chapter 4, with "1000 Words".
    • How awesome is this song? It caps off with Yuna making the sun shine on the Thunder Plains, a place that never sees sunlight.
  • Kimahri taking out Garik, proving he is a true Elder, and in the process earning his loyalty.
  • Get an Episode Complete for Besaid in Chapter 5, and Wakka names his newborn child "Vidina", which is Al Bhed for "Future". This is a person who was previously an unquestioningly devout believer of Yevon who had a huge bone to pick with the technologically advanced Al Bhed simply because Yevon preached that Technology Is Evil until Rikku asked him why he hated her for being Al Bhed, but not the half-Al Bhed Yuna. Talk about some serious Character Development.
  • Getting the Ronso to change their mind about wiping the Guado off the map and to realize that true strength lies in avoiding conflict in the first place.
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  • Equipping Paine with her unique dressphere. All she has to say is one word:
    Paine: Kneel!
  • YRP blowing up a huge ancient superweapon. How big? It’s a sequential boss battle in and of itself, not counting the Final Boss at the end.
  • For those who actually played the prequel until the very end, the entirety of X-2 is this. Because, unlike XIII-2 and the sequels to VII, X-2's Spira had a permanent change for the better, in no small part due to Yuna and company's hard work in the previous story. Sin is gone, and people no longer need to live in constant fear, nor have to resign themselves to a religion that turned out to be false and oppressive, and now can focus on further developing society and enjoying life.
  • Completing the Bonus Dungeon Via Infinito, which flat out requires you to be level 99 to do so. With all the super tough bosses - some of which flat out ignore abilities that should protect you from status effects - getting to the end and taking down the final boss is a massive achievement.
  • Along with the above, getting 100% Completion. To say it is difficult is an understatement, especially in the International/HD versions which take the amount of things you need to complete up higher. Better yet, do this in one playthrough. Without a dedicated walkthrough and save scumming, it's nigh impossible...but it's still possible. There's something very satisfying about getting 100% with how difficult it is.

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