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As a Moments subpage, all spoilers are unmarked as per policy. You Have Been Warned.

  • Tidus' reaction to something he finally recognizes in Spira: Blitzball! He's just been pelted in the head by the Aurochs' wayward blitzball, and he yet he has the brightest smile on his face as he exclaims "Blitzball!"
    • Should Tidus master "The Sublimely-Magnificent Jecht Shot Mk. III," the other Aurochs ask him about it. He says, "Doesn't have a name. Anyone can do it if they try," and his teammates immediately proceed to start practicing it. Keep in mind that Jecht himself discouraged Tidus to even attempt this move, insisting that only Jecht could do it because he was the best.
    • A surrogate brother and sister relationship develops between Rikku and Tidus throughout the game, and by Mt. Gagazet it's clear that they are incredibly close. If you ride with Rikku to Macalania Temple, she realizes he doesn't know the truth about the Final Aeon and gives him a little hug. Tidus is perplexed, but finds it nice nonetheless.
    • The laughter scene starts out funny but becomes sweet once you see Yuna join in with Tidus' ridiculously fake laughing.
      • The cutscene "The Spring", in which Yuna and Tidus share their first kiss. Let's just say it's not for nothing that the love story between Tidus and Yuna was, and still is, considered one of the better love stories featured in any game. (Certainly up there with Locke/Celes and Zidane/Garnet, and putting the much-touted Squall/Rinoa to shame.) Yep, it's that touching and sweet.
      • At the end, after you defeat Yu Yevon, Tidus (who is rendered intangible) tries to hug Yuna from behind. It's very sad and heartwarming at the same time because even though he is vanishing, he still cares enough for Yuna to try and comfort her before he disappears.
  • The story Kimahri tells about Yuna's first visit to the Moonflow, when the party is waiting to get on the shoopuf. Doubles as a Crowning Moment of Funny.
    Kimahri: Shoopuf shook. Yuna fall in water. Shoopuf scoop up Yuna with long nose. Yuna jump in three more times for fun. [Beat] Kimahri worry.
    Yuna: [apologetic, but giggling] Whoops.
    Kimahri: Yuna had fun. Kimahri happy.
    • Auron's story about Jecht getting drunk and attacking a shoopuf becomes one when you remember the earlier scene where young!Tidus pleaded with Jecht to give up drinking. To elaborate: Jecht got hammered while Braska & co. were stuck at the Moonflow, mistook a shoopuf for a fiend and tried to kill it with his sword. Braska's party had to offer up all their money as an apology. After that, Jecht swore off alcohol forever.
  • Yuna's comment to Dona re: her numerous guardians and how much she treasures them. Particularly given how much she reveres her father.
    Yuna: I only have as many guardians as there are people I can trust. I trust them all with my life! To have so many guardians is a joy, and an honor! Even more so than being my father's daughter.
    • The cutscene preceding the first boss battle with Seymour is both this and a Moment of Awesome for Yuna:
      Seymour: Ah, of course. "Protect the summoner even at the cost of one's life." The code of the guardian. How admirable. Well, if you're offering your lives, I will have to take them.
      Yuna: Maester Seymour. I trust my guardians with my life. But they are also my friends. I will not stand by and watch them be hurt. [pulls out her staff] I will fight you, too!
    • Even after discovering the corruption and falsehoods of her religion, knowing that summoning the Final Aeon will result in her senseless death, and despite Tidus' suggestion that they retire and make a life together, Yuna still continues on with her pilgrimage. When asked by former Maester Kelk Ronso before giving her passage through Mt. Gagazet why she stills fights...
      Yuna: I fight for Spira!
    • "My father... I loved him. So I... I will live with my sorrow, I will live my own life! I will defeat sorrow in his place. I will stand my ground and be strong. I don't know when it'll be, but someday, I will conquer it. And I'll do it without... false hope."
    • Yuna's Sphere, which Tidus finds, is meant to be her will and testament before summoning the final aeon. In it she thanks Auron for telling Kimahri to stay with her, Wakka and Lulu for acting as sibling figures, and the "star player of the Zanarkand Abes", in whom she sensed something wonderful.
      • Special mention for when she talks about meeting Kimahri as a child:
        "You said you were looking for [imitates Kimahri's baritone] 'the daughter of Braska', remember? At first, I was so scared. Until I realized what a gentle person you are. You weren't used to talking to children. When I told you that I was Braska's daughter... you said you would take me as far from Bevelle as you could. That it was the wish of a man facing death. I think... I cried then. Because that... that was when I knew my father was dead... and I would never see him again. You just held me, without saying a word. I cried after we got to Besaid, too. When you tried to go after leaving me in the care of the temple... I held onto you, crying, 'Don't go, don't go!' And you listened, Kimahri. You stayed. Kimahri, thank you. Thank you so much. And I've always liked your broken horn."
      • She doesn't mention Rikku because she recorded it near the Travel Agency of Mi'ihen Highroad, but she gives a great hug and thanks to her Al Bhed cousin at the end of Mount Gagazet.
      • After finding a solution to defeat Sin without the Final Aeon, Tidus throws the sphere over the bow of the airship, as he knows she won't need to die for nothing.
        Tidus: You don't need this anymore, right? [Yuna is shocked as Tidus pulls it from his pocket] Right? [He throws it away. Both nod at each other.]
    • After defeating Bonus Boss Dark Valefor in the PAL/HD editions, some of Besaid's townfolk will stand and heckle the evil summoner with some of the same lines they used earlier in the story (the old woman's, "Stay away from the summoner!" and the girl's, "You're a bad man!"), which causes him run away cowardly. No matter what Yevon thinks of Yuna, she's still welcome in her hometown.
      • A minor case with an NPC character from Besaid: There's an older man who toils in a hut creating and weaving fabrics, and is extremely hard-working; it seems that he never leaves the loom to stop doing his job regardless of what's going in on the island or in the world, even when Sin is battling the airship and the prospect of an Eternal Calm is looming. However, it is stated that he did leave the job once during a workday: He went to see Yuna off when she first left Besaid to start her pilgrimage.
    • Yuna's address to the crowd before the end credits:
      Yuna: Just... one more thing. The people and the friends that we have lost... or the dreams that have faded... never forget them.
  • At Home, when Tidus learns about the fate of all summoners who defeat Sin, he starts crying and lashing out at Valefor, but she just spreads her wings protectively around him, as if to hug him. It helps if you know that they, through Bahamut (the hooded kid) engineered his arrival in Spira, so they know who he is.
    • Cid and the other Al Bhed decide to blow up their Home to wipe out all the fiends inside. With great grief and sadness, they start singing the Hymn of the Fayth before destroying it. But Cid, his voice still cracking, states:
      Cid: What is good about machina, is that they can be built anew!
    • Wakka tries to console Rikku, who, until recently, he had been insulting, after the destruction of Home. Though it was through some thoughtless comparisons...
  • On the Bevelle Highbridge, Seymour has you cornered, so Kimahri holds him off so that everybody else can escape. After hurrying away for a bit, Yuna refuses to leave him behind, giving us this dialogue.
    Yuna: I won't leave Kimahri behind!
    Auron: He's a guardian. Protecting you is everything.
    Yuna: Auron!
    Tidus: That's right! We're all guardians! Yeah, and you know what that means? Yuna... Anywhere you go, I'll follow!
    Yuna: Anywhere I go?
    Tidus: Yeah, anywhere!
    Yuna: Well, then!
    Tidus & Yuna: Let's go!
    • Then everybody else follows and bands together to fight. Auron, who is the last to join the group, can't stop himself from smirking in admiration at their resolve.
  • Kimahri has had a running feud with Biran and Yenke throughout his life. Before being allowed to pass through Gagazet uninterrupted, Biran and Yenke demand that Kimahri best them in physical combat. Immediately after he wins, they praise his strength and proudly announce to Mt. Gagazet that Kimahri has surpassed them in strength, and they honor his name.
    • Talking to Kimahri at certain points prompts him to say some heartfelt lines:
      1. Rikku admires Lulu's maturity and says that she hopes to be like Lulu when she grows up. Kimahri simply states, "Rikku should stay Rikku." Rikku takes it the wrong way, but it's sweet that Kimahri has already grown attached to Rikku during their short time together.
      2. Before going to Bevelle a second time:
        Kimahri: Yuna, no apologies. Apology is running. Yuna never run away.
      3. Before fighting Sin near the end of the game:
        Kimahri: [to Tidus] You keep walking path forward. Kimahri watch the rear. Because of you, Yuna still smiles. Thank you.
      4. After entering the final dungeon and then returning to the airship:
        Kimahri: There is no need for fear. Kimahri will go with you.
    • Yuna's Sphere (see above) casts a bit more light on one of the game's more unspoken character interactions, that of Kimahri and Auron. Although Yuna couldn't have known this, it becomes apparent that the dying man Kimahri made the oath to was Auron, not her father. After being mortally wounded from challenging Lady Yunalesca alone, Auron crawled all the way down Mount Gagazet before he died. The last people he ever saw in life were Rin and Kimahri. He asked Kimahri, a complete stranger, to watch over Yuna, presumably so that Auron could fulfill his other promise to Jecht and watch over Tidus in Zanarkand. Kimahri accepted, despite not knowing the man and Auron not having the celebrity that Braska had. Without Kimahri's gesture, Auron couldn't have fulfilled either promise in full. This puts their last interaction in a new light, as well. Kimahri knew the whole time that Auron was an Unsent, but stayed silent because they had a mission and people to protect.
      • Before Auron gets sent by Yuna, he gives Kimahri, the character he's interacted with the least, a friendly nudge before going to the Farplane. (The fact that his badass theme is playing helps.) It becomes more potent if you remember that, ten years ago, a dying Auron told Kimhari to take Yuna to Besaid, so he's pretty much thanking him for fulfilling his promise. Truly, much of their interaction remained unspoken. Kimahri was one of the last people to see Auron alive, knew he was an Unsent, and fulfilled the promise to Braska when Auron delegated it to him. The connection between the two was understood and mutually, maturely, respected.
  • At Mt. Gagazet, the Ronso promise to bar Yevon's path and give Yuna as much time as she needs to reach Zanarkand. They then say they will erect a statue in her honour. One Ronso then adds "with great horn on head", and Yuna is adorably pleased by this. It's also a nice little Mythology Gag since in the previous game in the series, summoners did have horns.
    • And the statue, complete with horn, is built in the sequel if you handle things with the Ronso and Guado right.
    • Before climbing Mt. Gagazet, the Ronso have one last thing to do to honor Yuna and her guardians: sing the Hymn of the Fayth.
  • A couple from the airship near the end of the game: First, when you talk to Wakka, he personally apologizes to the Al Bhed leader about Wakka's prior treatment of Cid's people. It's heartwarming, but it also proves how far he's come. Second, before you leave to go fight Sin, Brother stops Tidus as he's leaving the bridge to say one last thing. "Rikku... you... guard." That's right, he learned a common language so he could ask someone to protect his sister.
  • The only summoner to call a Dark Aeon and emerge alive and unscathed is Dark Yojimbo's. After a grueling marathon battle of 5 fights against Dark Yojimbo, the summoner admits defeat, prays for the party, and is allowed to go on his way.
    • An easily-missed example coming from an NPC: If you return to the Mi'ihen Highroad after acquiring the airship, you can run into a Yevon monk who says he felt it was time to travel the lands and spread the teachings to those he meets. Talking to him again has him add that he plans to learn the Al Bhed language, in the hopes of opening a dialogue with them. After seeing the generally awful treatment most Yevonites (let alone the clergy) give the Al Bhed throughout the game, it's great seeing one of them being willing to extend an olive branch.
  • Lulu's comment to Tidus towards the end of the game, particularly after all the snarky comments she gave him initially.
    Lulu: You've proven yourself as a guardian, maybe even as the best.
    • Lulu's relationship with Tidus becomes this over the course of the game. She slowly warms up to him, and starts naturally explaining things to him before he asks, even expressing concern for him as early as Operation Mi'ihen.
      Lulu: You were in contact with Sin again. The toxin — (gently) are you okay?
    • When the party sans Yuna is stranded in the Bikanel desert, Tidus starts out alone. However, Auron soon joins Tidus mid-battle to help him out, and Lulu follows shortly afterwards, asking if Tidus is okay.
    • An early one before Lulu's defrosting in Macalania. The Aurochs decide have a foot race up the temple steps, with Yuna happily joining in. If you talk to Lulu after this, she'll be laughing, too.
    • One particular line from Lulu can be heard on the airship before the fight against Sin. She tells Tidus to promise that he'll stay with Yuna when everything is over. On one hand, is a nice and sharp contrast to her distrust of him at the beginning on the game. But on the other, considering what happens after defeating Sin for good...
    • There's also Lulu bidding farewell to Chappu.
      "You always said I looked grumpy. But those were the happiest days of my life."
  • After being warned about the Chocobo Eater on Mi'ihen Highroad, Tidus suggests they go defeat it because it's "the right thing to do." Auron chuckles at the good memories it brings, stating that Jecht would always say the same thing, which always meant trouble for him and Braska.
    • Finding Jecht's Sphere in Macalania Woods. It shows snippets of Auron, Braska and Jecht's journey across Spira. Auron mentions that Jecht wanted to take lots of pictures, to show Tidus when he got home to Zanarkand. The Sphere ends with Jecht addressing Tidus.
      Jecht: Hey. If you’re sitting there, watching this... it means you’re stuck in Spira, like me. You might not know when you’ll get back home, but you better not be crying! Although, I guess I’d understand. But you know what? There’s a time when you have to stop crying and move on. You’ll be fine. Remember, you’re my son. And… Well, uh… Never mind, I’m no good at these things.
      • Afterwards, Auron stops Tidus to tell him that Jecht really did love him. Tidus brushes it off, but does add a "Thanks," to Auron's retreating back.
  • Auron telling Tidus the truth about himself, and revealing why he continued to look after Tidus as a promise to Jecht. What really sold it was Jecht giving Auron a hug while calling him "a stiff"—yet that's what he liked about him!
  • A minor one at game's end, when Jecht has been defeated and starts to collapse, the camera focuses on Auron, who flinches as if to run forward. Tidus bolts past him and catches Jecht to hold him as he dies. If it wasn't obvious from the optional spheres, this little touch cements it: Part of what drove Auron was the desire to save his friend from the torture of being Sin.
    • An understated one from this same scene: When Lulu points out that Yu Yevon is seemingly attempting to re-possess Jecht, Tidus lunges at it in an attempt to protect his old man and bellows, "You stay away!!" It's a far cry from the kid who claimed to hate Jecht.
  • The 90+ hours of plot, Sphere Grid-grinding, monster hunting, chocobo racing, and blitzball are all justified by that one high-five. In addition to Jecht, Auron and Braska are there as well. Not only is it sweet since Tidus' efforts spared Yuna from having to senselessly sacrifice herself, this also means that Jecht, Auron, and Braska are finally all together again.