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Heartwarming / Titanic: Adventure Out of Time

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  • The Golden Ending — with all four MacGuffins safe away from the hands of the villains, Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria is not assassinated and World War I never occurs, the recovering of the painting makes its artist, Adolf Hitler, become famous and he becomes a successful painter instead of a Nazi dictator, averting World War II, and Czar Nicholas II of Russia finds out about the brewing revolution and its leaders, Josef Stalin, Vladimir Lenin, and Leon Trotsky, are brought to justice, and communism never comes to power. With his closing words that Carlson is retiring in a peaceful, safe world after a long, happy career in the Secret Intelligence Service, you will feel like a hero.
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  • Meeting with Georgia. Despite their history, she and Carlson are still carrying a torch for each other. It's heartwarming to hear that Carlson is the most trustworthy man she has ever met.
  • Returning Shailagh's baby to her.

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