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  • "I will not lose another pilot."
  • Respawn Entertainment wanted Titanfall 2 to really showcase the bond players will make with Jack Cooper and BT-7274. At some point in the game, Jack gives a thumbs up to BT for catching him from falling over a chasm. The Titan is slightly confused at Jack's gesture and looks at its own free hand, figuring out how to do it too and respond in kind. Meanwhile, Jack's dialogue options will also veer into this, playing up on Respawn wanting to tell a "Buddy Cop" tale.
    Jack: "It's good to see you, buddy."
    BT: "It is good to see you too, Pilot."
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  • When Cooper and BT finally reconnect with the Militia, Sarah tries to arrange for BT to be assigned a certified Pilot, but BT simply puts Cooper back into his cockpit and basically states that he likes Cooper more. Sarah actually respects his opinion.
  • Following the penultimate level in the campaign, BT's chassis is damaged beyond repair, and Jack takes the AI's core with him as they escape the crumbling IMC facility at the start of the final level. When the Militia provides Cooper with their last Vanguard-class Titan, Jack inserts BT's core into the chassis. Upon activation, what's the first thing the Titan says to Cooper?
  • At the end of the campaign, Cooper and BT are faced with a difficult decision to end the IMC's Evil Plan plan and save millions of lives. Players have the option of choosing to have Cooper say he'll stay by BT's side until the very end; the latter acknowledges this. However, BT reminds Jack of "Protocol 3: Protect the Pilot", forcefully takes him out of the cockpit, and throws him to safety from the blast BT will use to destroy the Ark and stop the Fold Weapon.
    BT: "Trust me."
    • After Cooper makes his landing in the shattered inside of the Fold reaction, Sarah immediately calls him up because she's worried about BT. It says a lot about what she and the militia think about their Titan A.I.s
      • And of course, we have to mention Sarah and Barker personally flying into the middle of the Ark's detonation to save Cooper's ass.
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  • During B.T's escape attempt after being captured by the Apex Predators, the two IMC guards that were standing in the background are still alive. One is injured and has been knocked to the ground, his pal is still standing and takes some pot shots at B.T before going back to help his buddy get on his feet. They attempt to escape but regrettably are both killed by B.T's rocket barrage. This alone is the single most heroic and selfless action of any of the campaigns IMC characters.
  • The animations that plays at the end of each Coliseum match in multiplayer. Most of the time the winner will humiliate the loser. Some animations however show gestures of friendliness, such as having both party bow to each other in respect, the winner helping the loser up or even the loser congratulates the winner!
  • A minor heartwarming moment from "Into the Abyss": if you pick the appropriate dialogue option, BT will tell Cooper (and by extension the player) that staying positive in difficult situations is worthwhile. So even a Robot Soldier like BT, with his limited understanding of human emotion, tries to encourage his allies to be good people.
    Cooper: We're going to make it out of this, BT. Hang in there, I'm on my way.
    BT: Your confidence that we will reconnect is encouraging. This ability to stay positive is the mark of a good Pilot.
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  • Jack is very reluctant to get another Titan. Because nobody can ever replace his fallen friend.

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