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Heartwarming / Starbound

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  • Upon inspecting their own flag, a Glitch PC will say:
    Glitch PC: Pride. The flag of the Glitch. Outcast or not, we all turn to this flag.
  • The Florans' hats is that of a savage, tribal culture. Upon inspecting a tombstone, however, the Floran PC will remark that mark the dead with the growth of flowers.
  • Playing music with your friends. Most people will start off with On The Beach, since that song is installed by default and requires only three parts. It's simple, but there's something that just feels so special about a small handful of the remaining Protectorate members playing the Recurring Riff as they sail through space to parts unknown.
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  • The thank you card you receive after finishing the storyline. It contains thanks from your friends you met during your quest as well as from Chucklefish.
  • The Protectorate Flower can be picked up at the start of the game, and its description is in honor of the fallen.
    Description: Nothing is ever really lost to us as long as we remember it.
  • In a sense, the 1.0 release of Starbound has changed the reactions of NPCs to Player Characters of other races to be more positive despite how much Fantastic Racism there used to be. For instance, Florans will react curiously when it comes to Hylotl and Hylotl will admit that they'll try to remain civil despite the two races' history. This is likely due to the existence of the Protectorate.

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