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Heartwarming / Dragon Quest XI

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  • Meeting Chalky in the vision of Cobblestone past. While the whole scenario is a tearjerker, Chalky instantly recognizes you as the baby he found, is incredibly kind and simply says he is so glad he got to see you as a grown man after all, despite the fact that he dies long before the game's events. His parting words as the illusion fades are just him telling you to meet the world with kindness and adding a friendly little "Bye, now."
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  • When disguised as Prince Faris you can talk to the commoners and they are honored to hear you talk to them.
  • A book in the Gallopolis Circus reveals that the Sultan had asked the circus to permanently stay in town after their last visit, but they decided to reject that and continue traveling. When they returned to Gallopolis, the Sultan had an enormous big top tent built for their return. They were so moved by this they settled into the city permanently.
  • After the events in Octagonia, Vince challenges the hero to a 1-on-1 match in the arena to reveal his true (lack of) skill without his Psycho Serum. Even after suffering a major defeat, the spectators continue to shower him with support and adoration as he walks out of the arena. Manly Tears are shed.
  • Rab and Jade revealing that they're the Hero's maternal grandfather and older sister figure respectively, meaning that after losing everyone from Cobblestone he still has some family left.
  • It's an invisible quest that does not appear in the quest list; but in L'Academie De Notre Maitre des Medailles; a member of the faculty will ask you to enroll any young girls who have lost their families. There is a small girl who has lost everything sitting on the pier of Last Bastion. You can tell her L'Academie's offer and she'll accept. Returning to L'Academie, you'll find her seated in a classroom, a bit happier.
    • There is also a monster atop the Eerie Eyrie, that was left alone after all her friends went mad. You can also invite her to the academy.
  • Among the stories you can find, you can come across the journal's of a treasure hunter seeking the Rainbough. In the last entry, after saving the son of a chief and presented with the choice of the Rainbough or a mysterious jewel, the adventurer realizes that he's enjoyed the journey he's taken to get there and wishes to continue his travels and takes the jewel, which happens to be the Keystone for the Door of Departure. He then signs the entry as 'Chalky' aka your grandfather!
  • After completing one of Durstan's trials, the Luminary is given a choice between five available wishes. One of them is to marry Gemma. Every time he returns home and speaks to her from then on, she affectionately calls him, "Darling."
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  • Sylvando having been terrified that his father was disappointed in him for choosing the path of an entertainer instead of continuing the path of knighthood. When it turns out his father was only ever proud of him regardless of what he chose, it can only be described as heartwarming.
  • The end credits. While they scroll up the screen, its not scenes from the game that start to play, but every other Dragon Quest that came before it. Paying tribute to the entire series in one long glorious trip down nostalgia lane would warm the heart of any fan of the series.

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