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Heartwarming / Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords

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  • When entering the Sith Tomb, one vision makes you revisit Dxun, the bloodiest part of the Mandalorian Wars, is deeply touching. The path is mined, and you remember this as an unnecessarily, pointless feint where the soldiers died in vain. The commander asks you if they have to charge through, wanting their sacrifice to mean something.
    Exile: Not this time. I'm going up there alone.
    (You destroy all the mines yourself and lead them to victory, saving their lives)
    • It's even more heartwarming (although a bit funny) if you have no demolitions skill, meaning you have to set off the mines by walking through them.
      • Or you can use the destroy droids ability if you want to be safe while doing so.
  • Mira's cutscene, where she opens herself to the Force.
    • Likewise, the scene with Atton where he lets go of his anger towards the Jedi and decides to embrace the Force.
    Exile: And at last Atton... awaken.
    • There is actually something more heartwarming in training Atton. Out of all your party members in 2, Atton is the only one who asks to be trained without prompting. With all the others, you offer first. Atton states that if he's trained to use his powers, he'll be better able to help you along your quest, his exact words being that he'll "buy you some time when disaster comes screaming in."
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  • Kreia telling you "I would have killed the galaxy to save you." Coming from the orchestrator of the entire game and the final boss, that was unexpected.
  • Mical telling The Exile, "…and where they look at you and see the death of the Force, I look at you and see hope for all life."
    • If the Exile is male, Visas will be the one who says the line.
  • If Revan was set as a light side female, the exile would meet with Carth Onasi near the final mission. And Carth would leave a message which is simply: "Tell her Carth Onasi is waiting for her."
  • If you have the Restored Content installed, just after fighting the Final Boss, the Exile will tell their companions to leave them, that they're free, etc. Then, as they're walking out the door...
    Atton: Need any company? I mean, I'm not doing anything. Besides, if I'm not around to bail you out of trouble, who knows what might happen? [the Exile walks past him] Alright, then! Where are we going again? I mean, because last time, we were heading towards this mining colony on the edge of space, and there was this Sith Lord, and...


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