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Heartwarming moments in Super Mario Bros..

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The Games

    Main Series 

New Super Mario Bros. Wii

  • When you finally reach Peach at the end of the last level, she will give a Smooch of Victory to everyone still alive, not just Mario, or necessarily Mario at all.

    Role-Playing Games 


    Spin-Off Platformers 

    Other Games 

    Adaptations in Other Media 


  • The first time you rescue Princess Peach in Super Mario Bros. Pictured above.
  • The ending of the original Mario vs. Donkey Kong for GBA after defeating the True Final Boss: Donkey Kong breaks down crying after Mario scolds him, having failed to keep the Mini-Mario toys he had stolen from the toy factory. Mario, seeing this, takes pity on the big ape and comforts him, even giving him a Mini-Mario toy to call his own.
    • And beforehand, there's the first part of the opening scene. Even though it marks where things start going wrong, seeing Donkey Kong falling in love with the Mini-Mario Toys he sees on the TV is very uplifting. It makes sense when you consider that the newer Donkey Kong, the offspring of the original (known as Cranky Kong), is shown to be one of Mario's friends!
  • It is very minor, but in one of the character pictures for Mario Golf: Toadstool Tour shows Wario and Waluigi practicing golf. Now, as we have seen in the trailer, Waluigi seems to be a very poor golfer (probably because it's his first time), and the picture shows him ready to strike the ball. But, you actually see Wario, being far more experienced, teaching Waluigi to golf properly by correcting his posture by using the chin-up method. It's very rare to see Wario caring for Waluigi and showing he isn't all about greed and power, even despite their constant bickering.
  • In the intro for the game, Mario, Luigi, Peach and Daisy play golf together, and when it's his turn, Luigi makes a great shot, with the ball hitting the pin and stopping very close to the hole, resulting in everyone congratulating him and cheering. Mario in particular is ecstatic from his brother's performance, doing his Eagle post-hole animation to celebrate.
  • In the intro for Mario Super Sluggers when DK accidentally tackles Luigi in a desperate attempt to reach home base and sends him crashing to the field wall, Daisy, a Red Toad and the entire audience gasp in shock, concerned for him. When they see that Luigi has the ball the moment he got shoved, EVERYONE, starting by Mario, cheers for him. This shows that Luigi still gets the respect he deserves.
  • A brief moment in the ending of Mario Super Sluggers shows Daisy escorting Bowser and Bowser Jr. on her cruiser for the party. Granted, they received very little food at the party, but at least they were forgiven for trying to take over the Baseball Kingdom.
  • In the 64 installment of Mario Tennis, Wario and Waluigi decide to crash the heroes' tournament. As things start to heat up, Bowser and Boo make a sinister entrance...and gesture for a friendly match from Mario. Why not?
  • The communication error screen from Mario Tennis Power Tour shows Luigi giving Mario a piggyback ride and Mario waving at the player. While it is kinda funny due to Yoshi in the background looking somewhat annoyed as if to show that Mario is riding the wrong dude associated with the color green, the interaction between the bros makes it rather cute, unlike other communication error screens in the previous tennis and golf games which are just funny.
  • The ending (and especially the 100% ending) of Super Mario Galaxy 2. After an untold number of years spent dealing with issues of trauma and loneliness, and two games worth of trouble caused by Bowser alone, Rosalina is finally able to return to a peaceful life with the things that undoubtedly make her happiest - her Lumas - and with the knowledge that she now has friends in the world below, a world she thought she'd long since left behind. The look on her face during that scene pretty much says it all.
  • When we see the actual relationship between Mario and Luigi. Mario often overshadows Luigi and Luigi does not always get the recognition he deserves and feels a bit jealous of his brother's fame and popularity. Despite this, the brothers are very close and would do anything for each other. Mario has shown that he's proud to be his older brother, and Luigi admires him and is loyal to him no matter what happens.
  • Mario and Peach's relationship is pretty sweet. Mario constantly risks his life to save her whenever something happens to her, is implied to be in love with her, their bond started when they were babies and they have several moments together in the franchise that imply a romantic connection between the two. When she's rescued, Peach usually rewards Mario by giving him a kiss, usually on the cheek or nose, and baking cakes for him, and Mario is often lovestruck and blushes heavily when he gets his kiss. Peach even got her own turn to rescue Mario and when she does they have a very sweet reunion.


  • Though it's not a part of the games, this tribute made for Mario's 30th Anniversary is likely the most beautiful celebration of Mario's history out there. According to the description, it was a joint effort between fans and the creators of the Mario games, making it even more heartwarming.
    Congratulations Mario! You accomplished the 30 years of work. But your adventure isn't over yet. So, let's go to the next stage now!
  • For Valentine's Day 2014, Nintendo of America made this post celebrating Mario and Peach's relationship throughout the years.
  • Some fans tend to make Heartwarming fanart of Bowser and Jr. together. Just try looking at this without going "Awwww!".
  • On Sunday, September 13th, 2015, the world celebrated the 30th anniversary of the Super Mario Bros. franchise. While that in itself is all varying kinds of heartwarming, a special mention goes to the prolific official Sonic the Hedghehog Twitter account for this tweet that speaks for itself. It shows not only that corporate rivals can come together in times of celebration, and can acknowledge and appreciate the other's history and success, but it is also symbolic of how Mario and Sonic themselves have gone from being mutual enemies to friendly rivals, appearing in each other's games, as well as Sonic having games exclusive to Nintendo consoles since 2001.
  • This fan-made comic sum up Mario and Luigi's relationship quite well. No matter how neglected Luigi feels, he will always be there for his brother, and likewise, Mario will always be there for Luigi.
  • The people closest to you will see you for who you really are.
  • To explain a new parental controls app that the Switch will have, Nintendo made this heartmeltingly adorable video of Bowser demonstrating this app as Bowser Jr. plays the Switch.
    • Within the video itself, Bowser hesitates to suspend the software (Junior had exceeded the set time limit) because he's worried about how Junior will react, especially when it happens at an inconvenient moment when he's playing, like at the last second of a race. The narrator even acknowledges that this feature should only be used as a last resort.
    • He also defends Junior from a group of Boos (who represent internet trolls).
  • The Nintendo Switch Online promotional video has the Mario gang hanging out and playing games together, and several heartwarming moments ensue.
    • Bowser is playing Ghosts 'n Goblins on the subscription with Bowser Jr. wanting to play a game before looking sullen. Noticing his son's disappointed look, he gives him a controller while showing another controller, exciting his son. Afterward, both are seen enjoying and playing Ice Climber together.
    • Being the cautious guy that he is, Luigi always pays attention to his save data, but he's worried that something might happen and cause him to lose those save data. Mario, who is also worried, has Lakitu back it up so nothing happens to it. Later, Toad chats with Mario over the phone while gaming and Luigi offers him game advice, and when Toad wins, both he and the brothers high-five.
    • Bowser Jr. and Peach play Dr. Mario (and in the update, Super Mario Kart with Junior as his dad on it) together online, much to Bowser's confusion.
  • The stickers released by Nintendo from the LINE messaging app.
    • From Talking Super Mario Animated Stickers set:
      • Mario and Luigi high-fiving.
      • Toad and Boo playing their musical instruments.
      • A Yellow Toad and a Green Toad hugging each other.
      • Yoshi shaking a baby rattle to comfort Baby Mario.
    • From Super Mario Bros. 8-Bit Stickers set:
      • Mario hitting a ? Block and a heart comes out.
    • From Super Mario's Relaxing Life set:
      • Mario and Peach sitting in front of a sunset with a heart outline.
      • Mario and Peach dancing together.
      • Peach and Daisy taking a selfie together.
      • Toad serving a cake with "Congrats" written on it.
      • A Goomba saying "Thanks!", with a flower on its mouth.
      • Bowser and Mario high-fiving.
      • Lemmy and Bowser Jr. hungry, holding their spoon and fork.
  • This interview with Charles Martinet, the English voice actor for Mario. The whole thing