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Heartwarming / Paper Mario: Sticker Star

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  • Saving the Toads causes them to sincerely thank you, and even help you out at times.
  • Bouquet Gardens has a Toad crying over a former flower patch (which was blown away by the Fan Thing). Paperizing three Fire and/or Ice Flower stickers will cause the flowers to grow back. After this, the Toad proceeds to happily water the new flowers and gives you an HP Up heart.
  • Wiggler is so happy once Mario helps him out in Chapter 3, that's pretty heartwarming. It doesn't stop there either, Wiggler grows up into Flutter, and helps Mario get to World 6 in order to return the favor.
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  • What does Mario do when he has all of the Royal Stickers and gets to make his wish? Restore Kersti back to life. Aww.
  • The credits sequence shows everyone in the game happy and smiling, even Mizzter Blizzard, who has come back to life.


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