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  • From Smooth Moves, the fact that Jimmy P. and Jimmy T. are both animal lovers. Also, at the end of Jimmy T.'s stage, the cat returns his umbrella.
  • 9-Volt and 18-Volt's stage in Smooth Moves. After getting kicked out of the house by 9-Volt for breaking his Game and Watch system, 18-Volt desperately searches for a new one. In the end, 9-Volt ends up meeting 18-Volt grabbing onto the same Game and Watch system, forgiving him with a nice, "You'll always be my Player 2!"
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  • In DIY, Wario selflessly helps random strangers as Wario-Man without expecting any form of reward. Of course, all he did was help them open jammed bathroom doors, but it still shows that he's not completely selfish.
  • In Game & Wario, 9-Volt says his mom seems pretty scary, but she's actually "pretty cool".
    • 5-Volt's portrayal is pretty heartwarming in Gold, too, now that we know more about her. She's actually the original Nintendo fangirl in the family, having been a Gamer Chick that put her love of games aside to focus on adult concerns, like cooking and raising a family. But she hasn't "grown out" of gaming, having passed her love of gaming onto her son, and it's an activity they both engage in together. Heck, 5-Volt is an ascended fangirl who now gets to make Nintendo games of her own! Considering the series is 15 years old now, it's very sweet in a Meta way, considering that many fans who grew up playing the original game on Gameboy Advance are now adults with jobs and possibly even kids of their own, but haven't given up on their love of Nintendo. And Nintendo wouldn't want them to.
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  • In Game & Wario, if Ashley takes too many hits, the player has to calm her down. They do this by gently rubbing her head. Awwww...
  • It's nice to see most of the gang just having fun together at Club Sugar at the end of Game & Wario. They don't even mind when Wario literally crashes in, and then Jimmy suggests everyone go bowling together.
    • This extends to the Ultra League arc in Gold, even more scenes of the Warioware employees hanging out together as friends.
  • DIY Showcase had a boss microgame having a English-exclusive backstory via comics drawn by Ana. That boss microgame is called Caterpillage, and the three comics are prequels to that boss microgame. A caterpillar is minding its own business when it gets a case of Easy Amnesia and Cranial Eruption via a can thrown by a man. Thus, the caterpillar sets off to find out what it is, and the first two animals are... normal enough, with them being a worm and a snake, but then it gets its tail chomped by a dog, believing the caterpillar to be the worst hot dog ever. The caterpillar becomes sad, but then finds a cookie, eats it, and then loves the cookie. The caterpillar decides to begin a new life wandering and munching, while the man with the can watches, smiling.
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  • Naturally its Downplayed considering Wario intends to con them yet again, but it is quite sweet to see in the Gold intro that Wario keeps a group photo of all his friends in his house.
  • In Gold's version of "Rocky Reunion", there's a chance that a level might have the lovers very old instead.
  • One of the cutscenes in Gold has Lulu eating at a park and sharing some of her food with a dog before falling asleep with it. Later, she realizes she fell asleep and bolts away only to return to the dog to give it one more hug and say, "Thanks for the snuggles!" The dog accompanies her home in the ending, too.
  • In the first stage of the Ultra League, Joe laments that his dance club isn't getting any customers. Well luckily for him, Jimmy T. shows up and brings half the Warioware crew with him, and with all their talents (except for Crygor and Mantis), they liven the place up. Especially Young Cricket and Mona, who bring about a thousand people in just by being there, and Penny, who brings in half a million people by singing.
  • The second stage of the Ultra League in Gold is one for Ashley. While she acts as unenthusiastic as ever, it's clear from the victory animation and embarrassed denial of wanting to do it again that she's having a good time. It seems she's finally found what she's been looking for.
    • Related, 5-Volt being the Team Mom for everyone and coming up with the card game after the potluck went badly. Especially since she invited Ashley along, who is a lonely kid with few friends who doesn't even see her own parents all that much. You can tell by Ashley's Luminescent Blush that she's happy to be included.
  • 18-Volt going to bat for a kid he doesn't even know to get his games back from 13-Amp in a rap battle. 18-Volt even ups the ante by putting his own games on the line if he loses!
  • Some of the Character Alarm Clocks in Gold give encouraging quotes while you complete their microgames and once the alarm is done. It is technically just handpicked quotes the characters say in other parts of the game, but the context of the characters waking you up and getting you pumped up for the day is surprisingly sweet.
    Wario: Give it your best! PPBBBBTHHHTTHHH!!!
    Mona: Right on time! I'm impressed!
    Mike: Do your best.
    Fronk: Good luck! It'll all turn out.
    Wario Deluxe: Easy now!
  • Most of the employees of Warioware generally seem to hold Wario in high regard, not just Mona. In the first two Ultra League chapters, one of them suggests inviting Wario to tag along with them. It could be naivete, or maybe they see him as a Jerk with a Heart of Gold. Even in the ending, when they confront Wario over not getting paid for their work, they're not overly upset with him, and are more than happy to split the profits evenly - even giving him a share. These are just some good people.
  • The BAAI phone call in Gold, which has one of the game's real developers talk about how they used to play the original game as a child and is happy to finally have the chance to work on the series.
  • For that matter, the HAHA call is pretty cute, too. It leads to 13-Amp's house phone, but while you don't get to listen to her, you get her mom instead, who mentions that she's happy to hear she has friends after moving into Diamond City and changing her old mousy image.
  • The character-centric commercials for Warioware Gold. Ashley's is the most obviously heartwarming, with her dressing up to go Trick-or-Treating with Young Cricket, 9-Volt, Penny, Kat & Ana. But special mention goes to Jimmy's as well- not only is he still friends with the women and kitty from his stage in Gold, but his phone's full of continuity nods with photos of his family, Jimmy P., and even Wario.


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