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Heartwarming / Super Mario 3D World

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Super Mario 3D World

  • After 25 years, Peach is playable in a main series Mario title again.
    • She's also the first one in the pipe to go after Bowser and the green Sprixie Princess.
    • Not only that, but this game also marks the return of the cast of Super Mario Bros. 2 after all these years and they are better than ever!
  • The OST cover, with every playable character, the Sprixies, and Bowser having fun and playing music.
  • Saving the Sprixie Princesses.
    • While we're at it, saving all of them for real after you defeat Meowser is one big Heartwarming Moment.
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  • The Luigi Bros. game and Luigi cameos. The Year of Luigi is almost overnote , but Nintendo still cares to put Luigi extras in a big game like this.
  • Pom Pom patting a disappointed Boom Boom on the back as Mario and friends head home victorious.
  • A small one, but watch the intro closely. You'll see that when Bowser first pops out of the pipe, Mario's first reaction is to put a protective stance in front of Princess Peach, showing that he's well-aware of what happens when Bowser enters the scene.
  • World 3-1 "Snowball Park". A whimsical winter wonderland. Watching Mario and Co. frolic in the snow, throwing snowballs, and skating on the ice makes you want to join them. Especially since the lighthearted song from 3D Land gives off a heartwarming combination and it's the perfect level to play during the holiday season. Also doubles as Sweet Dreams Fuel.
    • This entire game can be labelled as Heartwarming and Sweet Dreams Fuel.
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  • Plessie is simply adorable and is a big version of the already lovable Yoshi. When you finish Plessie's part of the level, she will wave goodbye to you as you go on your way. And if you pet her by rubbing the Gamepad, she will start laughing and reward you with free coins.
  • Just like in Lost Levels, your reward for clearing the final level of the game is a THANK YOU! message from the developers.
  • In Super Mario Bros. 2, the story of Mario, Luigi, Toad, and Princess Peach battling Wart turned out to be a dream, which could easily mean that Mario's dream is for the four of them to go on a grand adventure together as opposed to his usual Save the Princess quests. In this game, that dream finally comes true.
  • The final stage. Champion's Road. As you may expect, it's very difficult, but the pay off is oh so worth it: After struggling through difficult areas dodging enemies and mastering tough jumps, the second-to-last area has a long clear pipe sequence shaped in letters that spell out "THANK YOU", before wrapping it all up with a large group of Toads, Sprixies, with Captain Toad and Plessie waiting to greet you and cheer you on at the end of the level! It's a very satisfactory and heart-melting climax to end to the game.
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  • When fighting King Hisstocrat or his wife, Queen Hisstocrat, doing damage to them makes them tear up from the pain for a moment before they pull back underground to start the next phase. When you fight both of them, doing damage to one will make the other one ALSO look pained and teary for a moment, before turning to you and making an angry noise.

Bowser's Fury
Junior's Graffiti Gratitude
  • Despite everything that's happened over the years, in Bowser's Fury, Mario accepts Bowser Jr.'s reluctant request for help without hesitation. Poor kid just wants his dad back to normal, after all, and Mario, being the All-Loving Hero he is, isn't gonna turn down even the son of his long-time nemesis.
  • The mere concept for the Lost Kitten shines in which you help a cat mother find their lost kittens. Whether or not you're a cat lover, you'll definitely feel your heart be warmed when you see them reunited.
  • After completing the main story of Bowser's Fury for the first time, new Cat Shines can be found in previously-explored areas. One of them, titled "Junior's Graffiti Gratitude", is revealed by Bowser Jr. painting a picture on the deck of the ship on Fur Step Island. This painting depicts Junior and Mario finding a Cat Shine together, suggesting that Junior genuinely appreciated all of Mario's help.
  • While continuing to help Bowser Jr. collect Cat Shines after finishing the main story once, Mario and Junior can run into Toadette on Fur Step Island, who asks them to find the missing members of the Toad Brigade. Each of the members gives the duo a Cat Shine for finding and helping them out, and once all of the Toads have been accounted for, they can all be found happily greeting Mario and Bowser Jr. whenever they drop by the Toad Brigade's tent on Fur Step Island.
  • The cats love Mario and nuzzle up against him, and the game features perhaps the best (or at least, most heart-melting) application of the Joy-Con HD Rumble— to simulate the kittens purring.
  • You can toss up to three kittens onto Cat Plessie's back and ride with them as long as you want, and they'll get off with you wherever you dismount.


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