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While Paper Mario games are known in general for their Funny Moments, there are some parts of them that could only have been written by an individual with a Pure Heart.

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Paper Mario

  • The toads in Mushroom Kingdom all love Mario and trust him throughout the game.
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  • When you put a Scarf on one snowman and a bucket on another, they'll grant you entry to the Crystal Palace and reward you with 4 Mushrooms and an Ultra Shroom the next time you spend the night at the Shiver City inn.
  • Mario and Peach's Theme that plays at the very end.
  • When Tubba Blubba chases Mario out of his castle, the other Boos immediately hold the door shut as he escapes. One also expresses concern when Mario tells them that Tubba Blubba is chasing him.
  • The citizens of the Mushroom Kingdom all wishing for the Princess to be alright as you ascend to the final level.
  • Peach wishing for the Star Beam to gain power after Bowser cancels it out.
  • Try talking to every NPC on the way to Peach's Castle after the final fight. They're all so happy to have things back to normal and so thankful to Mario for everything he's done.
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  • During the Epilogue sequence, Kolorado gets a message from his wife who is furious that he went on another expedition without informing her. What's Kolorado's response to the message? Abandon his expedition so that he can make up with his wife.
  • Despite being someone who takes advantage of people, Koopa Koot wanting Luigi's autograph is pretty heartwarming. Luigi always feels like he is in his brother's shadow and went his entire life of people not even referring to him by his name or noticing his own accomplishments. Koot wants Luigi's autograph because he heard his jumping skills are amazing. It's very touching that someone (especially an elderly Koopa) is a fan of Luigi and Luigi wastes no time in signing his autograph.
  • Despite being Lady Bow's butler, Bootler caring for her like his own child is heartwarming. When Bow decided to go with Mario to take down Tubba Blubba, Bootler was very reluctant to have her go and Bow angrily yells at him for treating her like a child. However, she then assures to him she'll be alright.
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  • Lakilester's Heel–Face Turn happened because he was touched by Mario wanting to save Princess Peach and the world. Not to mention his relationship with his girlfriend is very sweet.
  • Everyone thanking Mario for helping them out during the Shy Guy invasion in Chapter 4. Note that Mario doesn't have to help everyone but he still goes out his way to help out people without asking for a reward in return.
  • Giving the Dolly to Goombaria results in a sweet little kiss from her. Awww...
  • Even though Luigi is a bit jealous of Mario's popularity, he still writes in his diary how he could travel with his brother on his adventures and still looks up to and praises him. Despite being in his brother's shadow, Luigi bears no ill will toward Mario and still loves him all the same. Even more heartwarming that Luigi got his wish to go adventuring with his brother years later.

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