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    Paper Mario 
  • Shiver Mountain starts off with and incorporates bells in a manner similar to many snow-inspired songs. It's then joined by a techno beat and a strange yet wonderful noise. It's so well-made, it's hard to believe it was on an N64 game.
  • The song that plays during the first part of the final confrontation with Bowser is very epic-sounding. And then comes the main event with the second half, "The King of the Koopas", which lets you know things have gotten REAL. Serious, menacing, spiteful, and monstrous. The battle is pumping with adrenaline and Bowser is in a rage!
  • Bowser's theme! Intense, with an Arabian touch of music that creates a foreboding vibe of snake-like duplicity, and features harsh acoustics evocative of anger, fire, and lava - the perfect ominous prelude. Appropriately enough, it's named "Bowser's Rage"!
  • Not often acknowledged, but Wish of the Princess, a heartwarming piece where Peach prays from the bottom of her heart and gives the Star Spirits power.

    Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door 
  • Doopliss's Theme gives off a haunting, yet fun vibe (appropriate, as it's a riff on Thunder and Blazes). Perfect for a prankster ghost.
  • Rawk Hawk's Theme. "TIME TO RAWK!" indeed.
  • The X-Naut Fortress. Yeah. That techno track is from a Mario game.
  • The Final Battle against the Shadow Queen! Quite possibly one of the darkest, gravest, and most serious themes in the entire Mario franchise. Her initial theme gives off a very unsettling and haunting sensation.
  • Even the file selection theme is epic— it goes for nearly two minutes without looping, on a screen where most people only spend a few seconds.
  • The standard battle theme is just infectious.
  • Big Bowser Koopa Krush. On that note, the theme that Bowser is introduced to is just plain awesome, and even better than the Leitmotif he has for the rest of the game.
  • Shadow Sirens' Battle is a lot of fun to listen to. It always leaves you wanting to see more of them.
  • Rogueport gives off the impression that you're on quite the adventure. Which, of course, makes sense considering the scope of the world you live in.
  • And how about Danger! Prepare for pure fear and panic to grip you to the edge of your seats, because when you hear this theme, you know shit's about to go down.
  • If you're not wetting your pants in terror after hearing "Danger!", then after hearing More Danger!, you most certainly will. A doom-bearing theme that dials the intense level all the way past eleven, it speaks for itself—the world's on the verge of ending, and you've got to pull out all the stops to save it.
  • Cortez's Theme is just spectacular. Perfect for the deceased pirate king.
  • End of Chapter is a treat to the ears after finally getting yet another Crystal Star.

    Super Paper Mario 
  • Pretty much everything involving Count Bleck could fit on this page. His character theme, his battle theme, Castle Bleck (which includes elements of Flipside's music), Birth of a Chaos Heart, and above all Champion of Destruction.
  • The final boss theme, appropriately called The Ultimate Show. It's actually a mix of The Chaos Heart's, Mr L's, and Dimentio's themes.
  • Outer Space. This piece of music is at Super Mario Galaxy level. It just can't get more awesome.
  • Mr. L. His theme was already incredibly catchy, and then made awesome for the remix used for your battle with him. The composers later topped themselves with the amazing remix used for your rematch.
  • The battle against Dimentio. And what a fitting battle theme, like you're unwillingly participating in a demented circus show.
  • The Fracktail battle theme. Great, yet it always on the verge of collapsing, or rather, glitching out.
  • Lineland Road. Very interesting pick of classic Mario tunes.
  • And, in the same vein, The Open Plane. Retro never sounded so good.
  • Gloam Valley. This song is the first one you hear in Chapter 2, coming directly after you've beaten Chapter 1 and figured out the pattern of how this game is going to go. So in a way, the song is this SPM's way of saying "Okay. So you've learned the basics, so now it's time to start the quest for real. You ready? Good. Let's kick this game off."
  • Soft Light provides a level of epicness you just don't expect from Mario.
  • Promise. No better music for the end of Blumiere and Timpani's story.
  • Sammer's Kingdom. The Sammer Guy battle theme, appropriately titled "Battle Time", also counts.
  • Fort Francis fits its level quite well: vaguely techno, rather strange, and creepy without being so much as to be off-putting.
  • Chapter Five has two great level themes, Downtown of Crag for the first two stages, and Floro Caverns for the latter two.
  • The eerie-sounding King Croacus' theme fits his flamboyant personality well.
  • I'm Not Nice, the theme for the later battles with Mimi. Suitably creepy and awesome. Her first battle theme isn't half bad either.
  • When you get a Mega Star, An Unrivaled Battle plays. Being a remix of the series' invincibility theme, it makes you feel unstoppable listening to it while becoming a humongous pixelated monster.
  • Bounding Through Time, a beautiful piece...

    Paper Mario: Sticker Star 

    Paper Mario: Color Splash 
  • The title screen theme is pretty nice, giving a pretty good Toy Story vibe.
  • Ruddy Road, the first level of the game, has some pretty amazing music, sounding very happy and upbeat.
  • The music that plays when you win a Roshambo Tournament is an incredibly catchy remix of the ending theme from Super Mario Land.
  • Sunglow Ridge, a very beautiful song that can make any bad day great.
  • The normal battle theme is actually pretty damn sweet, especially during the trombone part. As are the nostalgic 8-bit and space-y Parallel renditions.
  • The World Map theme is an example of Evolving Music similar to that of Yoshi's Island, and it's very enjoyable, especially as it progressively builds into a more complex track.
  • The final dungeon of the game really lives up to the other final dungeons (Bowser's Castle, Palace of Shadow, and Castle Bleck) in terms of sheer awesomeness. It even plays in place of the standard battle music, making the situation far more awesome. It also sounds similar to Buoy Base Galaxy, a song that's awesome in its own right.
  • The theme for Event Battles, A Fearsome Foe is very playful, but still manages to have a serious tone to it.
  • The Koopalings all have some pretty amazing boss themes, especially:
    • Iggy's theme, which manages to convey Iggy's comic relief personality as well as the desert coliseum setting.
    • ROYal Rumble, with its bizarre-but-entirely-effective quacking sound effects and generally intense vibe.
    • Battle with Ludwig, a fitting song, considering how much of a tactician Ludwig is.
    • Lemmy's Grand Finale, which somehow personifies Lemmy completely in one theme song - the violins and especially the accordion give it a perfectly circus-y feel.
    • The best one of all might be Rumble with Wendy, with an unexpectedly AMAZING pirate theme which somehow makes bagpipes sound badass. The fact that the battle is a rhythm battle and Wendy's attacks are in tune with the music make it even better.
    • ME WILL ROCK ME is a jaunty, exciting tune that gives off a very Yo-Kai Watch vibe.
  • Juggling Bros., the theme from the circus level, is a jaunty, feel-good ragtime track that plays while you're... beating up enemies. And it works.
  • Paint Star Memories is a beautiful, quiet little piece that plays whenever you reminiscent a memory of how Bowser attacked Prism Island. It reminds people of Super Paper Mario.
  • And how can we forget the wonderful remixes this game offers?
  • Shy Bandit. We think that Nate Bihldorff probably had a lot of fun in this.
  • Both of the Final Boss phases. While the first phase shows the more fast-paced and intense theme of the battle, the second-phase shows how it can be slower-paced, but still epic.
  • Oh, and the amazing credits theme Prisma Splash, too.


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