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And now the maestro is approaching the podium... He raises his baton, and we hear... DOO DOO DOO, DA-DOO DOO! BOM!

Besides that classic tune that you're probably hearing in your head right now, the most well-known game franchise in the world has some pretty damn good tunes under its belt.

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    Super Mario Bros. Ground Theme (World 1-1) 

Super Mario Bros.
  • The underground theme is minimalist, but still makes you feel like you're traveling through mysterious subterranean worlds. Like the overworld theme, it's been remixed countless themes across the franchise, such as a groovier electronic remix from Super Smash Bros. Brawl.
  • The underwater theme really gives off the vibe of swimming deep in the ocean. It gives off a light, floaty feeling, but it's fast-paced enough not to feel boring. There's a reason why many future games would use this as a title screen theme.

Super Mario Bros. 2

  • The ground theme is ridiculously catchy and upbeat. There must be some love given for this brilliant jazz remix of it (kicks in around 0:25). The bass line keeps going when you pause the game; players often would pause and unpause the game to make their own remix.
  • Even the character select music is good. Its fast and memorable melody will get you in the mood to start the game.
  • The beautiful and evocative ending music (starts around 0:57).

Super Mario Bros. 3

  • Another oft-remixed classic is the Airship Theme that debuted in SMB3. The low drum beats and menacing rhythm befit the journeys across Bowser's fleet. It was remixed, among other things, for Super Smash Bros. Brawl.
  • The underwater theme gives any player a feeling of relief and calm, but also hints at the dangers that lay ahead.
  • The main Ground theme. Its pleasant nature fits the early levels quite well.
  • The athletic theme is as peppy and energetic as you would expect for an athletic level.
  • The Hammer Bros' theme has a fun groove to it. Perfect for battling enemies that are stronger, but not that threatening.
  • The Koopalings' theme, which is more intense than the Hammer Bros./Enemy Battle theme, ups the intensity to match the tougher battles. Remixed for Brawl. Remixed again for Ultimate.
  • Hear the awesomeness that is SMB3's World One Theme. Another classic that has seen many remixes, it's a good song to hear when frolicking through the fields.
  • The Super Mario Advance 4 remake has a unique theme for bonus areas with a playful and curious vibe.
  • From Advance 4 is the majestic World-e Castle theme.
  • The remix of the first game's underworld music was so catchy, Nintendo used it for the underworld levels in the All-Stars version of the first game.
  • Bowser's music, while short, is appropriately climactic for the final showdown between Mario and his arch-nemesis.
  • The fortress/castle theme is rather short, only clocking in at around 18 seconds, but it provides a rather sinister feeling to it that fits just how cryptic these fortresses are and what awaits inside of them (especially in the original NES version, where most of them just have a pitch-black background, occasionally having a few windows here and there).

Super Mario Land

  • The Super Mario Land Ground Theme gets overshadowed by the Super Mario Brothers 1-1 theme, but it has its fans thanks to its joyful mood and a melody that's instantly recognizable to those who've heard it.
    • This remix rearranges the song in a Ska style.
    • This arranged mix from the Mario Freaks Orchestra Album is even more cheerful than the original, with new instruments such as drums and guitars.
  • The World 2-1 and 2-2 theme has a beautiful, nostalgic feeling.
  • The underground theme/Easton Kingdom theme is a darker and more mysterious level theme with an Egyptian-sounding melody. The awesome remix from Super Smash Bros. Brawl, as heard here, packs a greater punch than the original, being distinctly more rhythmic, and the Mario Freaks Orchestra remix is slower and is evocative of a dangerous trek through the desert.
  • The Chai Kingdom (Worlds 4-1 and 4-2) ties in to the world's inspiration of Ancient China and has a slight sense of finality to it.
  • The Marine Pop/Sky Pop theme provides a faster pace while having a happy-go-lucky melody.
  • And then the perfect conclusion, the credits brings a wonderful sense of closure.

Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins

  • Super Mario Land 2 has the Star Maze. One of the few songs in the game that isn't a remix of another, and an amazing piece of work for the Game Boy of all things. Of course, the level in question is That One Level, with That One Boss at the end, so you'll be listening to it a lot. Not that that's bad.
  • The Ground theme of the second game is another theme presented in the classic Mario style: very high-spirited with a melody that might get stuck in your head.
  • Wario's Castle. Sinister and elegant at the same time.

Super Mario All-Stars

  • The All-Stars versions of SMB1, Lost Levels, and SMB3 use the latter game's drum-led version of the classic Underworld theme, with slight echo effects added to the "melody" to create an audible sense of being in a cavernous yet enclosed space.
  • All-Stars adds an echo effect to the melody of the classic SMB Underwater theme that makes it even more ideally suited for an aquatic level.note 
  • The SMB Castle theme dials down the volume of the accompaniment to make it sound almost as though it's coming from behind the walls of Bowser's castles, creating something appropriately tense and sinister for the game's confrontations with the head Koopa (or, in Worlds 1-7 - and A-C in Lost Levels - Mooks disguised as him).
  • All-Stars dials up the sense of fun and adventure of the SMB2 Ground theme by varying the instrumentation for different parts of the melody.
  • The SMB3 Ground theme gets the All-Stars treatment, and the already peppy melody becomes even more so thanks to the greater capabilities of the 16-bit sound chips.
  • All-Stars doesn't just re-vamp the existing tunes - for both SMB1 and Lost Levels, it adds a few new ones as well!
    • The Bonus Levels are set against an appropriately celebratory theme that practically shouts, "Get those coins, Mario!"
    • The Fake Bowser Battles get a new theme that starts with a four-note motif referencing the Hammer Brothers fight theme from SMB3 before moving on to an urgent-sounding tune with pounding drums to underscore the tension as Mario either tries to sneak over or under "Bowser" to take out the bridge under his feet or unload enough fireballs into him to knock off his disguise.
    • The True Bowser Battle theme dials up the adrenaline even further, with a frantic-sounding tune that makes it clear how much is at stake in this, the game's final battle. Bowser is all that stands between Mario and saving Peach this time, but he's not going to make it easy!
  • All-Stars' version of Super Mario Bros. 3's World 7 map theme only consists of a few notes, but boy is it catchy. That's not a bad thing, because the confusing nature of World 7's map as well as the difficulty of its levels means a lot of time will be spent on the map screen. And then remixed for Fortune Street for every time you invest in stocks, which happens nearly as often.

Super Mario Sunshine

  • Delfino Plaza is just plain awesome with its composition and rather upbeat tune. Perfect for the largest town on the island that also serves as the game's hub world.
  • Bianco Hills is a sort of "remix" of Delfino Plaza but it's more relaxed; fitting for the environment it's set in, which is a pleasant windmill village.
  • Underwater Exploration. Simply beautiful as well as very relaxing, which is fitting for the more laid-back tone of the level it plays in.
  • Sky and Sea plays whenever you're in a "secret" level, such as Red Coins in a Bottle and some of the other assorted levels that are scattered throughout Delfino Plaza. It's ironic that the music is so relaxing when the levels are not.
  • Boss Battle is a chilling and frantic theme for clearing out the messy bosses themselves.
  • Noki Bay has a fitting mysterious vibe to it.
  • Pinna Park. The fun rhythm of the song really makes it clear that it's in a fun Theme Park.
  • The final boss has an amazingly dramatic piano.
  • The Casino Delfino music is very fitting for its setting. It even appeared as a minigame theme in Mario 64 DS!
  • Sirena Beach. Don't you just want to say "Screw the mission", park Mario on the beach somewhere and just chill out for a while? Bonus points for the theme sounding slightly off, as if foreboding for the horrors lurking in the hotel. Vaguely ominous yet chill and relaxing? Not easy for a beach theme to pull off.
  • Delfino Airstrip has a mysterious and wary feeling even with its tropical instrumentation due to a darker version of the Underground theme melody.
  • Corona Mountain, a fast and ominous drum-heavy track that really captures the heat and tension of piloting a boat through an active volcano.

New Super Mario Bros. (2006)

This game's soundtrack stands out because almost none of it was used in later New Super Mario Bros. installments; the vast majority of tracks from this game were dropped entirely, and the few that did get reused were all rearranged and remixed starting with NSMBWii. A real shame, because there are several great tracks in this mix:

  • The Ground theme, an upbeat Latin/Samba-esque piece and a great way to get you pumped for a brand new adventure.
  • The beach theme uses a swinging tropical tune to match the stage. It makes you want to samba under the sunny sky.
  • The castle theme. Menacing and foreboding as always, it builds up tension as you progress onward to the boss, especially if it's Bowser himself.
    • Remixed and improved even more in Mario Super Sluggers. It's got better instrumentation as a slightly faster variation, but it still retains all its tension.
    • The Fortune Street version has better instruments, an organ and its original tempo, fully bringing out the dread in the number.
  • The desert theme boasts a catchy, dry tune with Arabic and/or Egyptian inspirations in its melodies.
  • The athletic theme rolls in the same Ground Theme level motif, only this time, it's jaunty and brings in 8-bit instrumentation, making a grand amalgamation of old and new. Now in Super Smash Bros where it's a big band that's performing this thing, making it much more stunning, brass and all!
  • The final boss theme. Rolling in franticness, desperation, tension and dread all into one track, this is fitting for your final showdown with the menacing Koopa King Bowser and Bowser Junior.
  • The remix of the Koopalings theme from Super Mario Bros. 3, an excellent remix of a memorable tune.
  • The underwater theme. Preserving the same light-heartedness of the original underwater theme, this piece can make you relax with its floaty melodies without getting boring.
  • The volcano theme, from the second half of World 8 is a jumpy piece with its percussion, a fitting description of how hot this stage is.

New Super Mario Bros. Wii

  • The hub music is simple and pretty catchy, but special mention goes to the World 9 Map theme, especially when the riff from Mario Kart 64's Rainbow Road kicks in.
  • The Ground theme, a remix of the DS Ground theme, with a more mellow, retro electronic vibe to it. Players will feel that they're once again on an exciting, crazy, and fun adventure that is all around awesome.
  • The beach theme. It gives off a tropical and vibrant feel, and its unpredictable beat matches how you're gonna be feeling when you try to go through these levels.
  • The volcano theme welcomes players of all ages to World 8 with a fast-paced song that reflects the oppressing heat and boiling lava that threatens to break you every step of the way. The fact that Peach is waiting for you in Bowser's Castle after all the dangers and adventures you've endured makes this song feel even more daring and like an adrenaline rush.
  • New Super Mario Bros. Wii's castle theme is filled with suspense and danger as players fight their way through the obstacle-filled madhouses that hold the Koopalings that have taken over each world.
  • The forest theme has a lighthearted and adventurous mood, like going on a trek in the woods.
  • The title music introduces players to the first 2D Mario game on a home console since Super Mario World in style.
  • Their remix of 3's classic Hammer Bros. Theme might be even groovier than the original due to its faster pace and updated synthesized composition.
  • The remix of SMB3's airship theme. It sounds like Mario joined the military.
  • Another excellent remix of the Koopaling theme from Super Mario Bros. 3. Once again, updated with better instrumentation and still having the catchy rhythms.
  • The underwater theme is slow and serene, almost like a lullaby. It's a good accompaniment for the general slower pace of the underwater sections.
  • The underground theme remixes the iconic theme from past Super Mario games in a more electronic style, with some shades of hip-hop.
  • Somehow, New Super Mario Bros. Wii's athletic theme makes accordions awesome.
  • The final boss theme is absolutely amazing, and is quite possibly one of the best boss themes Bowser's ever had. Its slow yet imposing beat, eerie chimes and orchestral strings, which are topped by a dark operatic choir, make for a final battle theme you won't forget. Bowser's preceding boss theme takes the regular Ground theme, and turns it into a Bowserized Dark Reprise. And it works perfectly.
  • Can you believe they actually orchestrated a medley of songs from NSMBW? They even have the "bah" down.

Super Mario 3D Land

  • The title theme establishes this game with one of the most upbeat remixes of the Mario Bros. 3 theme you will ever hear.
  • The Final Bowser Battle! Suitably epic and fitting for said battle which involves climbing to the top of Bowser's crumbling castle while he does everything he can to stop you.
  • The castle theme with its dramatic orchestration is up to par with the songs in the Galaxy series despite having synthesized instruments.
  • The clock tower music is a catchy mechanical melody for a mechanical level.
  • This music makes the beat block levels something special. A slow techno loop where the beats match the disappearing and reappearing blocks, its steady rhythm gives room for thinking about your next move.
  • The attack theme which plays on the final Bowser castle is a march-like theme that has a sense of impending danger, but is also triumphant enough to keep the player going.
  • And then there's the main theme, which plays throughout many overworld stages, is another great addition to the collection of Mario game themes - infectious and happy as ever! Its rendition in the credits has a jazzier, more swinging feel, and is as cheerful as the original.
  • The beach music. An upbeat mood, tropical feeling, and bright melody - it's the whole package for beach stages.
  • The desert music is incredibly catchy; one of the best desert themes in the series. It provides a sense of adventure as you navigate the deserts.
  • The map theme for Special World 8 is beautiful, with its merry main melody signifying how far you've come to reach this point. The variation that plays after unlocking S8-Crown is even better, with its added drum beat and groovy bassline making you feel like you've truly accomplished something.

New Super Mario Bros. 2

  • World Mushroom Map has a peaceful and relaxing melody.
  • World Flower Map manages to be even more serene and peaceful than World Mushroom's map theme.
  • World Star Map has a faster pace than the other two Special World themes and it feels like you're floating through space.
  • The remixes of the SMW boss theme and the NSMBW title screen are awesome. The former breathes new life into the original due to the higher quality instruments (the original already being a great piece), and the latter is very similar to the original while also sounding distinct due to its incorporation of other elements such as the "bah" sounds.
  • The credits theme, even if it is very similar to the NSMBW credits theme, is a fitting sendoff to your journey, done in the signature happy Mario style. Much like the game's version of the NSMBW title theme, this version adds acapella vocals to the mix.
  • This track fits perfectly with the completion of a Coin Rush pack. It's a catchy dance loop that is good enough on its own, but becomes better when combined with the satisfaction of completing Coin Rush.
  • The DLC shop theme sounds pretty soothing, doesn't it?

New Super Mario Bros. U

  • The Athletic Theme is a slightly faster variation of the game's first stage theme, but its instrumentation and jaunty tune can leave you humming to its tune even after you're done with its stages.
  • The Snow Level theme uses jingle bells to fit the game's stage and give off a Christmas feeling, even if Christmas isn't here yet.
  • Peach's Castle Map theme, a Dark Reprise of the castle's theme from Super Mario 64, boasts grim electronic instrumentation along with some strings to give off the urgency to rescue Peach from Bowser's clutches as you near the evil Koopa King himself.
  • Soda Jungle Haunted Swamp theme manages to give off suspense through its choice of instrumentation, especially with a metal xylophone providing a creepy melody to fit this spooky stage.
  • Meringue Clouds Map theme is a relaxing piece with an accordion to help you chill out in the sky stage.
  • The credits theme makes you feel so accomplished, all set to a lively swinging beat and melody to celebrate your successful journey to beat Bowser and save Peach.
  • The Frosted Glacier Map theme is similar to Meringue Clouds, only this time, it boasts the same Christmas feel of the game's snow level theme.
  • The Superstar Road map theme is cool, especially with instruments and/or synthesisers linked to outer space itself and some pipe-like instruments for good measure.
  • The final showdown with Bowser, an intense guitar and organ-led piece, is easily one of the best final boss themes of any Mario game. The first phase is no slouch either, providing appropriate battle music for a final fight.

Super Mario 3D World and Bowser's Fury

  • To give you an overall idea, most of the tracks in the game were recorded live, with real instruments, much as Super Mario Galaxy's soundtrack was orchestrated. This should already clue you in on how great they are.
  • Switch Scramble Circus is a brilliant track that builds up as you progress through the stage and ends once you hit the flagpole. It's also perfect for a circus-themed level.
  • The SUPER MARIO 3D WORLD Theme (a.k.a. "Super Bell Hill") is an instant classic for those who have played the game. It combines a smooth brass melody with a joyful rhythm and synthesized beat, creating something to be remembered for the ages.
  • The Credits Roll theme, a jazz rendition of the main theme which is nothing short of pure, unfiltered awesome.
  • Chain-Link Charge is a vibrant and swinging jazz piece.
  • Double Cherry Pass is a lively, jaunty romp, perfect music for the introduction of the Double Cherry.
  • Sprawling Savanna gives the feeling of a fun journey through the wilderness, especially with the pan flute melody.
  • Shifty Boo Mansion is an eerily beautiful track made even better by the violin.
  • The theme for Sunshine Seaside, a track heavily reminiscent of "Make Eggs, Throw Eggs" from Yoshi's Island. It sounds perfectly tropical, to the point you'd almost imagine yourself chilling on a beach.
  • Hands-on Hall, which plays on the Wutai levels, and mixes traditional Japanese and Chinese styles of music.
  • Beep Block Skyway, which plays in that level, has an exciting dance beat that provides a great rhythm for the Beep Blocks to alternate to.
  • Mount Must Dash, a remix of the Mario Circuit theme from Super Mario Kart. Similar to the original, but with a better groove.
  • Fort Fire Bros., which plays during that level and some of the other lava and castle levels (4-Castle, 5-3, 5-Castle, 7-4, and 7-7, among others). You wouldn't usually associate a pan flute and strings with lava levels, but this theme pulls it off splendidly. It also sounds a bit like Crash Bandicoot.
  • There is also Piranha Creeper Creek, which has a great beat and atmospheric feel...and also sounds a bit like Crash Bandicoot.
  • The first battles with Bowser are accompanied by Bowser's Highway Showdown, made from pure rock music goodness.
  • These three tracks are awesome remixes of already awesome tracks from Super Mario 3D Land.
  • This track which plays on the tank levels is an epic, military-sounding song, and a worthy successor to Super Mario Bros. 3's Airship theme.
  • The World Map theme for World Bowser is an amazingly jazzy beat that matches the Egopolis Big Amusement Park of Doom theme for the world. Here's an 8-bit version.
  • Hisstrocrat's theme, featuring a fantastic Benny Goodman-esque breakdown on sax, bass, piano and drums.
  • Footlight Lane, a beautiful, relaxing lullaby heard in starry places reminiscent of Super Mario Galaxy.
  • The Great Tower Showdown 1 and 2. An epic pair of boss themes to accompany an epic final boss.
  • The Bullet Bill Express' Theme is loaded with a menacing yet urging theme for the stage leading to its boss with the snare simulating the train's chugging, adding to the tension as the players near the boss arena.
  • Motley Bossblob's theme sounds like your typical bouncy Mario-series boss battle theme at first... but then it breaks out the electric guitar. Then it becomes pure awesome.
  • Champion Road. Thought the Gusty Garden theme couldn't get any better? Oh, you'd be wrong. It carries the same adventurous air as the original except with a greater sense of finality and encouragement in this context, as it's the last level of the game.
  • Bowser's Fury starts off foreboding and ominous... then it breaks into Heavy Metal, complete with honest-to-god death metal chanting. Did we mention it's almost 20 minutes long?
  • "Chase Giga Bowser!" is a frantic and chaotic piece carrying a rocking reprise of Bowser's 3D World theme backed by heavy metal chants, a metal band and foreboding choir. This is a track basically hurrying you to defeat the Kaiju-sized Bowser fast.

Super Mario Maker

  • The edit theme for the castle levels in the Super Mario Bros. 3 style rearranges the song into something that's very menacing and sinister, and will likely help fuel your ideas for what could be inside them, especially if they're Nintendo Hard.
  • The ghost house theme in the Super Mario Bros. 3 style compliments the castle theme well as, like it, it's a very short and simplistic, yet chilling, atmospheric and depressing song that nails down the creepy factor to a tee. Its edit theme is arguably just as good, if not more spooky to listen to.

Super Mario Maker 2

  • Piranha Creeper Creek returns as the theme for the jungle levels in the Super Mario 3D World style, and just listen to its edit theme; it manages to make it a chill tune that anybody can jam out to.
  • 3D World's Ghost House edit theme is an even more spooky and surreal arrangement of Shifty Boo Mansion.
  • 3D World's Airship edit theme is an arrangement of the Bullet Bill Express, and it's an absolute banger with a great bass line.
  • 3D World's Castle edit theme manages to take the castle theme from 3D World and make it a more menacing and fiery tune that's perfect to listen to while you create your own castle stages.
  • It would have been so easy for the creators to simply reuse the "Star Road" theme from Super Mario World for the Space map in World Maker, both because elements of Star Road were borrowed for the Space map and because music was already being reused from that game for the majority of their maps. Instead, they went with something completely original, and it works.

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