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Awesome Music / Yoshi's Island

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Yoshi's Island

  • The music from the fight with the giant Baby Bowser at the end of Yoshi's Island. TerraZero0 brings us a rockin' remaster. The music that plays after defeating him wraps up an intense fight with a short yet triumphant victory tune.
  • Big Boss battle. Just feel the tingle shoot up your spine when the rock organ kicks in at 0:29.
  • Sure, it might not be badass or, for some, even fit for a boss fight, but try the Mini-boss fight music.
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  • The Castle/Fortress theme is perhaps the fortressiest in the series, as well as one of the fortressiest video game tracks period.
  • The Room Before Boss theme. The build-up to get to who you're facing is intense.
  • The Map Theme. Simple, but catchy. As the player defeats more bosses, the music gradually becomes more elaborate and awesome, adding instruments like strings and drums.
  • Title Screen, which was used again when the now-grown Mario found Yoshis on another island, and given an edge of panic when he had to, in a neat little inverse, go help a bunch of multi-colored baby Yoshis return to THEIR families.
  • Athletic overworld theme. Fast and fun as ever, it rolls in the same jauntiness of all athletic themes before it.
  • Flower Garden. This remix from Sonic Lost World is pretty awesome.
  • Touch Fuzzy, Get Dizzy. Touch Play, Get Earworm.
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  • Underground Theme. It has a sadder mood than the other tracks and gloomier than most other Mario underground BGM. It's also used as an overworld theme for World 6.
  • The Ending Credits music. Grab the tissues.
  • The opening cutscene theme strikes an emotional chord with some gamers with its soft, music box lullaby sound. One can almost imagine the Mario Bros.' future parents playing it before they go to bed as they await the delivery of their children (the fact that the melody slows to a stop and has to be rewound midway through only adds to this).


Yoshi Touch & Go

  • For a simple tech demo, this game has some really good music. This remix of Flower Garden is the most well-known theme.
  • The beautiful and relaxing Sky Area theme plays when you're controlling Baby Mario.

Yoshi's Island DS

  • The Wildlands theme. If you didn't think a Yoshi game would have an adventurous-sounding wild western rodeo theme, think again. The bouncy nature of the song will have you shouting "Yee-haw!" like a cowboy or happy prospector at some point.
  • The title screen music for the game starts off with typical beach sounds and after a while plays a soothing melody of the game's theme that plays during certain levels while giving a relaxed tropical feel.

Yoshi's New Island

  • Kamek's boss theme starts out similarly to the classic Hammer Bros. theme but then launches into a quirky, energetic, yet slightly sinister tune that fits the Magikoopa perfectly.
  • One of the better tracks in the game is the variation of the series' invincibility theme which pays homage to the original SNES game. Bumped up when picking up a Red Yoshi Star.

Yoshi's Woolly World