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Awesome Music / Super Mario Odyssey

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"I'll be your 1-up girl!"

  • "Bonneton", the Cap Kingdom's theme, is a whimsical tune that may remind some players of The Nightmare Before Christmasnote  once they listen to it.
  • "Fossil Falls", the theme for the Cascade Kingdom and the main orchestral theme of the game, is a majestic and epic theme that rivals the best of the soundtracks for the two Galaxy games. It would later return in the 3DS/Switch port of Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker.
  • "Tostarena: Town", heard in the Sand Kingdom after Mario completes its story, turns Super Mario 64's "Inside the Castle Walls" into a cheery and catchy mariachi tune.
  • "Steam Gardens", the Wooded Kingdom theme, is just so chilled out it can't help but bring a smile to your face every time you play the level. "Steam Gardens: Sherm" adds techno instruments, making the music sound more jumpy and slightly chaotic.
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  • "Lake Lamode 1", the Lake Kingdom's theme, is added to the list of the most awesome underwater level's themes of the series with a relaxing, yet beautiful music.
  • "Lost Kingdom (Forgotten Isle 2)" certainly lives up to its name, with its music creating a soothing, almost prehistoric vibe that absolutely fits the place.
  • "New Donk City: Cafe". Various radios in New Donk City are heard playing this very relaxing piano version of the Super Mario World overworld theme. Any Mario fan will get instant nostalgia.
  • If you thought 3D World had awesome jazz songs, Odyssey takes it to the next level with its main theme, "Jump Up, Super Star!" (listed in-game as "New Donk City Festival"). It's a gloriously catchy jazz remix of the original Donkey Kong arcade theme... with full vocals (which proves that Kate Higgins can sing!).
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  • "NDC Band Performance" is the main theme of the series (aka the classic overworld theme from the original Super Mario Bros.) done in an incredibly catchy Big Band style. It's made even better in-game by the crowd (and Mario, if you leave him alone) dancing to it.
  • "Shiveria: Town" is a theme that seamlessly blends the feeling of Christmas with the sound of traditional Scandinavian music. The result is something that wouldn't sound too out of place in The Legend of Zelda.
  • "The Broodals' Airship". It's a little minimalistic, but it's awesomely threatening. And here it is, albeit extended, with the piano! Sadly, this wasn't included in the Music List.
  • "Bowser's Castle 1" is very different from his previous level themes, but absolutely awe inspiring in the level its played in. Really strikes the right balance between calming and adventurous.
  • "Bowser's Castle 2" combines jazz and traditional Japanese instruments to create a distinctive and epic theme for Mario to wreck Bowser's home turf by, and the nods to Mario 3's final boss battle theme are an awesome added touch.
  • "Honeylune Ridge: Caves" is an epic rock theme that perfectly fits heading to the final battle with Bowser through a gauntlet of obstacles.
  • "Honeylune Ridge: Wedding Hall", a not-so-Ominous Pipe Organ piece that perfectly fits the climactic lead-up to the final battle, to the point that it makes you want to shout "I OBJECT!" as Mario and Cappy bust the door open.
  • "Break Free (Lead the Way)" (listed in-game as "Honeylune Ridge: Escape"), a super-upbeat rock track that plays over the last part of the climactic Escape Sequence. It's another vocal track sung by Kate Higgins, and unlike the jazz number of "Jump Up, Super Star!" this track sounds more like the theme song to an anime. The way it sounds and its use has drawn comparisons to Mario's gaming rival, Sonic the Hedgehog (fitting, as Kate Higgins used to voice Tails), who has a track record of playing similarly-awesome rock music over climactic sequences. If capturing Bowser and using him to smash your way through the molten interior of the moon, all while the level literally crumbles beneath your feet didn't hype you up, this song sure will.
  • The sub-levels have awesome music too:
  • Pretty much all the bosses have this...
  • A wonderful post-game musical treat is a beautiful rearrangement of "Inside the Castle Walls" from Super Mario 64, which plays in Peach's castle in the Mushroom Kingdom. It's guaranteed to make many a fan shed Tears of Joy from the nostalgia.


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