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Wario Land: Super Mario Land 3

  • While the first Wario Land had a mostly forgettable soundtrack, there were a select few pieces of music that some people found enjoyable, such as the music for the final stage of the game as Wario nears the end of his raid on Syrup Castle. It manages to be ominous yet still gives you a feeling that screams homestretch knowing you're almost there, and that Captain Syrup is only a few screens and doors away.

Virtual Boy Wario Land

  • Area 3. A very relaxing tune which fits the water theme perfectly.
  • Area 7. To quote the uploader, "It just screams Temple of Doom."

Wario Land 2

  • "End Assessment", a peaceful yet haunting tune that plays at the very end.
  • "Underwater Tunnels", perhaps the most serene and relaxing piece of music ever composed for a Game Boy game.
  • "Lair of the Giant Snake", used for a few boss levels (including "Defeat the giant snake!"), is one menacing song.
  • Try not to think of Fat Wario every time you hear "S.S. Tea Cup". You can't. Equally awesome is its faster rearrangement, "Bobo's Roost".
  • Fat Wario's signature music. Listening to it literally makes you feel like you're 200 pounds yourself.
  • "Hot Wario" and "Crazy/Drunk Wario" are tied for the title of "Most Hilarious Wario Transformation Music Ever". "Tiny Wario" sounds hilariously kiddish and fits the transformation perfectly.
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  • "Syrup Castle". Ominous and vaguely classical at the same time.

Wario Land 3

  • The final boss music, an awesome, ominous Boss Remix of the main theme; unfortunately if you're too good you may not hear all of it, since the main melody kicks in late in the song, at which point you may have already entered phase 2. (Spoilers in the description).
  • The Pool of Rain and Stagnant Swamp themes. Brassy at day, creepy at night.

Wario Land 4

  • Palmtree Paradise provides a very pleasant atmosphere, letting you know that this level will be a breezy one. Ukurere mitaina...
  • Inside the Pyramid is suitably haunting.
  • Hall of Hieroglyphs is very catchy.
  • Mystic Lake is calm, but has an ominous feeling to it.
  • Monsoon Jungle is very calm and soothing.
  • The Curious Factory is pretty ominous. The clear version used in Paper Plane (a WarioWare microgame) is awesome as well because is has no sound effects or stuff interfering with the theme.
  • Toxic Landfill is just rocking epic, but also insanely catchy!
  • 40 Below Fridge uses some jingling synths to drive home the area's coldness. It starts out uncertainly but soon becomes a lot more positive.
  • Pinball Zone wouldn't be out of place in a saloon. Its calming vibes gel pretty well with the various pinball rooms, soothing the player a bit and reminding them to aim carefully.
  • Toy Block Tower is pretty whimsical but also conveys the fun that's going on in the level!
  • The Big Board has a pretty laid-back but cheery feeling to it.
  • Doodle Woods captures the feel of doodling quite well. The occasional child's laughter can elicit some grins when Wario isn't being pestered by Hoggus.
  • Domino Row is a jazzy beat that increases in tempo whenever the domino races are activated, switching from chill to frantic in an instant.
  • Crescent Village is somewhat haunting, but quickly becomes satisfyingly funky as the player grows accustomed to the spooky environment.
  • Arabian Night, very... traditional?
  • Fiery Cavern has a very epic feel to it. The song pulls absolutely no punches as the player drops into what many consider the hardest level in the game.
  • Hotel Horror, unlike Crescent Village, has more of a whimsical funny style. It's something of a subdued version of Domino Row's music, making both pieces fun to listen to back-to-back.
  • The sadly (almost) unused Golden Passage Theme. It's an ominous remix of "Inside the Pyramid", immediately letting the player know that they've traveled much, much deeper inside than most others have managed.
  • The music that plays in the Puzzle Rooms is very bubbly and kind, perfectly suiting the relatively friendly aesthetic the rooms have.
  • The Room before the Boss!, a haunting foreboding theme.
  • The Stage Boss theme itself is one of the best in the entire series: a hectic and chaotic but simultaneously catchy theme that perfectly communicates the urgency on fighting on some of these bosses on a time limit—and makes the battle a hell of a lot of fun in its own right.
  • Golden Diva's Theme turns out to be a disjointed remix of the "Hurry Up!" theme. Considering how much treasure is at stake during this fight, it really fits.
  • The Hurry Up theme is particularly awesome which is good considering you will hear it at every level when you set of the bomb. The remix that plays in the end scene where you escape the pyramid is also suitable epic!
  • The Princess Theme is kind of heartwarming, but also gives you a sense of accomplishment! As does the Credits Music, which also remixes some of the above songs into one epic ending medley!

Wario Land: Shake It


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