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Awesome Music / Super Mario Galaxy 2

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Much like its predecessor, Galaxy 2's soundtrack is also truly out of this world.

For the first game, go here.

  • Keep in mind that this game had a full orchestra.
  • Even the title screen theme is fantastic, prepping you up for an adventure.
  • This beautiful song that plays during the prologue which combines the Star Festival theme with the Gusty Garden Galaxy theme.
  • The hub music. Just like the Observatory, its theme grows as you collect more Grand Stars.
  • Some of the map themes also deserve a mention, such as World 3, World S, and World 1.
  • Both versions of the first level, Sky Station, carry an air of excitement and determination at the start of Mario's galactic journey to save Peach.
  • Yoshi Star Galaxy, a definite catchy melody reminiscent of the Yoshi's Island games.
  • Flip-Swap Galaxy. A simple, tension-filled remix of the SMB Underground Theme that knows its place as background music and lets you focus on the action. On the other hand, there's the Beat Block Galaxy theme. While it's also a remix of the Underground theme, rather than staying in the background to let you focus on the action, this tune is the action: it appears in levels that change (such as gravity changing) according to the beat of the music. This has the effect of making the tune catchy.
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  • Fluffy Bluff Galaxy/Cloudy Court Galaxy is a beautiful piece, often said to be comparable to the first game's Gusty Garden Galaxy, and this game's equivalent. Certain fans firmly believe that it surpasses Gusty Garden Galaxy in awesomeness.
  • Puzzle Plank Galaxy. It seems that Everything's Better With Fiddles.
  • Hightail Falls Galaxy remixes the Athletic theme from Super Mario World.
  • Cosmic Cove Galaxy puts in soothing melodies from instruments such as the harp, fitting for the underwater environment this track covers to make the Best Water Level EVER!
  • Wild Glide Galaxy, a rather beautiful piece. And from later on, Fleet Glide Galaxy—an epic song for an equally frantic level.
  • The Slider music, remixed from Super Mario 64, carries off the same fun, frantic feel of the original piece.
  • The theme to Haunty Halls/Boo Moon Galaxies takes the Haunted House Theme from Super Mario World and makes it even scarier and more awesome at the same time.
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  • Starshine Beach Galaxy, a tropical melody along the lines of Super Mario Sunshine.
  • Space Storm Galaxy, an incredibly foreboding tune fitting for a treacherous galaxy loaded with electric hazards and stormy skies.
  • Slipsand Galaxy, a song perfect for the game's Shifting Sand Land.
  • Throwback Galaxy. Best remix of the Super Mario 64 main theme ever!
  • Slimy Spring Galaxy's tune is simple, yet mysterious and calming. It gets a remix in Puzzle & Dragons: Super Mario Bros. edition as World 2's map theme.
  • Another, more epic remix of Koopa's Road.
    • And for the Bowser Jr. levels, who needs a remix when you have this?
    • Both tracks pale in comparison to the final level, Bowser's Galaxy Generator, an epic final level track that captures the feeling of "all or nothing".
  • The music for the Speed Run missions. Incredibly epic, with the music being urgent and ominous enough to hurry you along to complete the
  • The final boss theme is even better than the first game. It made #2 on Klagmar's "Top 50 Final Boss Themes" for good reason.note  It's such a shame that you only get to hear it for at least 30 seconds due to Bowser being ridiculously easy.
  • Even the regular Bowser theme is spectacular, and like in the first game, it adds in a chorus when Bowser is vulnerable.
  • The Gobblegut battle theme is epic and tense, perfect for a fight with a giant space dragon. In contrast, the Megahammer battle music is surprisingly catchy, as is the boss theme for the fights against Digga-Leg and the Whomp King.
  • The Squizzard battle theme is a tense desert-themed tune, but what's really notable is that it has a unique mix of the Fire Flower theme!
  • The credits music. Hell yes. It packs in a majestic tune to hammer home the end of a journey worth taking to save the galaxy and Peach from Bowser's clutches. The ending boasts the same grand theme of the game now made glorious over your victory and swells to a triumphant end.
  • The song that plays when you reach a star. Even after the most frustrating levels, this song manages to soothe and relax.
  • The Grand Star Music; after all the pain you have to endure against the bosses, especially if it's a tough one like Gobblegut, the fanfare is a great way to relieve any stress and anger and to signify your next great achievement in guiding Mario to saving Peach.
  • Digga-Leg is a fun, frantic piece packing in tension to urge you to quickly think smart and attack faster against this boss; it also plays when you're facing King Whomp.
  • Glamdozer, a funky remix of King Kaliente's battle theme.
  • "The Baby Luma and the Hat", a truly beautiful remix of Rosalina's theme from the first game.
  • "Melty Monster Galaxy sounds like you're preparing for war. Fitting, as this is one of the final levels before final Bowser battle.
  • The final star, referred to as The Perfect Run, might be insanely difficult, but getting to hear Gusty Garden Galaxy, Good Egg Galaxy, Bowser's Galaxy Reactor, and the observatory music from the first game once more makes it much more bearable!
  • Boss Blitz Galaxy is dripping with tension, a fitting theme for a prelude to a whole slew of boss fights you are about to face.