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Awesome Music / Super Mario Galaxy 2

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For the first game, go here.

  • Yoshi Star Galaxy, a definite catchy melody reminiscent of the Yoshi's Island games.
  • Flip-Swap Galaxy. A simple, tension-filled remix of the SMB Underground Theme that knows its place as background music and lets you focus on the action. On the other hand, there's the Beat Block Galaxy theme. While it's also a remix of the Underground theme, rather than staying in the background to let you focus on the action, this tune is the action: it appears in levels that change (such as gravity changing) according to the beat of the music. This has the effect of making the tune catchy.
  • Fluffy Bluff Galaxy, A tune that very likely surpasses Gusty Garden in awesomeness.
  • Puzzle Plank Galaxy. It seems that Everything's Better With Fiddles.
  • Hightail Falls Galaxy, which remixes the Athletic theme from Super Mario World.
  • Glamdozer, a funky remix of King Kaliente's battle theme.
  • "The Baby Luma and the Hat", a truly beautiful remix of Rosalina's theme from the first game.
  • "Melty Monster Galaxy sounds like you're preparing for war. Fitting, as this is one of the final levels before final Bowser battle.
  • The final star, referred to as The Perfect Run, might be insanely difficult, but getting to hear Gusty Garden Galaxy, Good Egg Galaxy, Bowser's Galaxy Reactor, and the observatory music from the first game once more makes it much more bearable!

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