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  • Why is it that the Thwomps, Whomps, and Tox Boxes can crush Mario stone dead with just one pound while Giant Bowser's punch does standard damage to Mario? You'd think his size should count for something.
    • Have you seen those guys? The way they crush the ground, you'd think they were made of lead. Their attacks hit HARD (the Mario Party game "Cardiators" puts a Thwomp impact as the absolute strongest attack among major Mario enemies). But they're slow and predictable. Bowser himself can't hit as hard, but he's highly adaptable, can strategize on the fly, and can actually attack in more than one way and without a rhythm.
  • How do the Piantas who live in that space island known as Starshine Beach Galaxy get food to eat?
    • I'm guessing they live completely on the Dash Peppers and Blimp Fruit that grow there?
      • Seems kind of a pain to get blown up into a balloon after every meal.
      • Maybe the fruits only affect Yoshis?
    • They also seem to lack any noticeable houses.
    • They could also eat those crab enemies.
    • One of them says something about the Blimp Fruits supposedly tasting delicious, so that seems to confirm that they eat them. As for houses, Pianta Village in Super Mario Sunshine didn't appear to have any of those either.
      • Headcanon: Like some real life fruits, in order to not get blown up into a balloon, one must cut it in a special way. Either that or they really don't mind the effects.
  • Super Mario Galaxy opens at the Star Festival, which happens every hundred years, right? And Super Mario Galaxy 2 ... also opens at the Star Festival, which happens every hundred years? Are these Generation Xerox characters a hundred years later? Or is it still the same Star Festival, and Peach gets kidnapped by Bowser twice in the same night? (I haven't finished the first game yet, so if that provides some sort of explanation, apologies.)
    • Mario and Co and immortal, duh.
    • Wasn't the universe destroyed and recreated at the end of the first at's tegame? I'm thinking it was created a little younger than the original was destroyed.
      • Yeah, what the above poster said. I was under the impression that the end of Galaxy 1 was a big Reset Button that threw Mario back to the point the game started from, with the exceptions of Bowser's attacking and the newly-formed Galaxy.
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    • "But the cycle never repeats itself in quite the same way...So...You'll see." That's why things were reset to how they were during the Star Festival, except with all the characters he'd met during the game attending, as well. (There's also a bit of a theory I've come up with that the second Galaxy game was sort of a midquel between the ending of the first one and the 121st star-ending from the 1st one, in which the universe was recreated by the Lumas' sacrifice, Luma was reborn while Mario was on his way to the new Star Festival, Bowser stole Lubba's Power Stars, Mario stopped him again, Luma was reunited with Rosalina, and everyone attended the festival as was shown during the 121st-star-ending from the first game.
    • Alternatively, Rosalina visits the Mushroom Kingdom more frequently than between the 100-year excursions she took before, because she has friends she can visit there now. Before the business in the first game, all she had to reflect on about the Mushroom World were the sad circumstances of the life she lived there as a child, but now that she has friends to interact and form new memories with, she feels more compelled to visit with greater frequency. Explains how she’s made appearances in so many spin-off games.
  • Assuming that, in-universe, Lubba and his starship did exist in the first game, even if from a developmental standpoint they hadn't yet been invented, and given there does seem to be some sort of intergalactic postage system in both games, why did Rosalina at no point think to try contacting Lubba and his crew to ask if they could borrow some of their Power Stars to power the observatory and stop Bowser that way...?
    • Rosalina and Lubba have been out of touch for a while, and it's clear that Lubba's starship isn't in good shape when you meet him.
  • How do giant Lumas work? They seem to appear only in the Supermassive Galaxy...How would Rosalina ever be able to take care of them? When they transform, do other giant galaxies form as a result? How many Star Bits would it take to sustain one of them?
  • What's the true nature of the cosmic spirit that appears to aid you in certain galaxies? She looks like Rosalina, sounds like Rosalina, and has the same personality and manner of speech as Rosalina, but if it is is she able to appear there in the first place? She spends the game being held hostage by Bowser - otherwise, she would've lended Mario and Lubba her aid a lot sooner - yet the cosmic spirit never seems to suggest that she's in any danger or mortal peril. She speaks about as calmly as ever, and neither Mario nor Luma ever seem to make note of the similarities.
    • Nowhere is it stated that Rosalina is in danger, Bowser or otherwise. Besides, how likely would that even be? It seems that Rosalina is staying out of it because she knows you're in good hands (Lubba) and Bowser's threat isn't as destructive as last time. She probably has faith in Mario and Luigi to save the galaxies without needing much cosmic interference.
    • What are you talking about? Have you seen the game's ending? Bowser's galaxy generator was trying to eat up Rosalina's observatory, and she was stuck inside it the whole time, and when she shows up during the ending, she says that she's been searching for Luma after she lost him...She would've shown up on Starship Mario, if only for that, if she could have. In addition, I don't think the protector of the cosmos would've let a threat as big as Bowser's be handled without her help, just because "it wasn't big enough."
    • Rosalina's pretty optimistic about the whole thing. All she says is that the power was drained. She probably stayed with the Observatory for the sake of her Lumas, not out of imprisonment, and trusted that Mario would succeed. So it seems more like a major inconvenience than mortal peril. To help, Rosalina projects some of her remaining power out in the form of a starry avatar, the Cosmic Spirit.
  • The Hungry Luma in Cosmic Cove Galaxy transforms into a planet that already has a Star Bunny on it once you land there...Does that mean that the Hungry Luma created another Luma?
    • How else would they reproduce?
  • In the Throwback Galaxy, there's a Sling Star in place of the cannon that was there in Super Mario 64, even though there are fully functional cannons elsewhere in Galaxy 2. Why not use one of those instead?
    • Presumably because in the original it was far too easy for fire one's self into space by accident. Though I for one would prefer a cannon to blast away the walls in Throwback...
  • In the Spin Dig Galaxy, you get the spin drill power for the first time, allowing you to tunnel through dirt and reach places you couldn't normally. At the start of this galaxy, you use this power to get to Lumas that have put themselves in ridiculously high up places. They all express amazement that you were able to reach them at all... then proceed to help you on your journey, as they were waiting there specifically to meet up with you. So you are trying to help Mario by hiding where you think he won't be able to find you...?
    • Them helping Mario advance on his journey doesn't necessarily mean that's what they were there for all along. As I recall, the Lumas in Spin-Dig Galaxy are said to be members of Lubba's crew who were separated at the beginning of the game, and they were the ones who helped the Toads build a Starshroom to get into space. It could be that they were in Spin-Dig Galaxy looking for Power Stars themselves when they met up with Mario, who explained that he was there on Lubba's orders; hence why they help him advance to the end of the level where the Toads are.
  • After all these years of safely carrying Mario to his destination, and protecting him from many enemy attacks, why did Yoshi suddenly become unable to protect Mario from a tackle by a mere Goomba/Koopa Troopa in this game? note 
    • To avoid cheese most likely, same reason as why dropping him into a pit is much harder now and much less useful.
  • Megaleg was never built, Bowser Jr's idea for it recycled into Megahammer and Diggaleg; Polari is almost certainly on board the Comet Observatory; Tarantox and Kingfin were feral creatures that were killed off by Mario or Luigi long before the first game's ending; Topmaniac was also killed off in a similar manner. The only characters unaccounted for are Kamella (would definitely be dead if not for her Joker Immunity throughout the original), Spooky Speedster (likely floating around Haunty Halls or Boo Moon), and Guppy (who is neither accounted for or accountable). So my question is, What Happened To Guppy?
    • He's probably somewhere else in the universe that Mario never visits. Not every character from the first game needed to appear or be mentioned in the sequel, so it's not that strange that he isn't brought up.

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