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All spoilers are UNMARKED per wiki policy. Read at your own risk! You Have Been Warned.

  • After Bowser is defeated:
    Bowser: "My Powers... gone... My Empire... shrinking... My huge cake... never got a slice..."
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  • In some Yoshi missions, it's possible to bring a Smeech enemy all the way to the end. When collecting the Power Star, the Smeech will still be stuck to Yoshi's lips, utterly ruining the moment.
  • While collecting a Grand Star as Yoshi, the animation shows him struggling to catch up to Mario in order to pose with him.
  • Mario's reaction to using his first Launch Star of the game.
  • There is a Gearmo in Chompworks Galaxy who apparently gets kicks out of being hit by Chomps, with one of the Gearmos lampshading the oddity by openly wondering what the heck his companion is doing. He is still there in the second mission and now there is a smaller Gearmo doing the same thing on a higher area with smaller Chomps.
    Gearmo: BRING IT ON! Gimme your worst!
  • If you die after encountering the Whomp King for the first time in Throwback Galaxy, he'll start to go on his tirade about how the Thwomps have been mistreated once again...only to give up midway through, declaring that he's "tired of giving [his] speech".


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