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Funny / Super Mario Galaxy

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  • The Gearmos. Special mention goes to the one at the end of Battlerock Galaxy's purple coin mission, particularly if you get absolutely ZERO purple coins:
    Gearmo: You got zero. ZERO PURPLE COINS! Tell me you're doing that on purpose! This old iron lady isn't amused.
  • The first penguin that Mario encounters in Freezeflame Galaxy repeatedly calls him "old man". Made funnier by the fact that Mario is canonically only in his mid-20s.
  • Playing as Luigi in the New Game Plus gives a few gems:
    • One of the bees in Honeyhive Galaxy will say that Luigi's outfit, which is near-identical to Mario's aside from the green color, looks "nerdy".
    • During the Mario playthrough, you can find Luigi and rescue him in various places. The only adjustment the New Game+ makes however is that the "found" Luigi refers to the player Luigi as "me." Because of this, there's a hilarious exchange in the Battlerock Galaxy:
      Found Luigi: I thought I was going to go crazy in there! Thanks for the rescue, me!
    • He also takes the idea of a clone of himself surprisingly well.
      Found Luigi: Are you me? Well, I guess there's enough people in the universe for one person to look like me...
    • Luigi will also receive letters from Princess Peach the same as Mario did, only they aren't changed at all. This doesn't go unnoticed by the Mailtoad:
      Mailtoad: Huh? It's addressed to Mario... Don't be upset Luigi, hang in there!
  • If Cosmic Mario gets to a Power Star before Mario, he just smugly sits on top of the star spinning on it while a mocking theme plays. Even more humorous as Mario dies after angrily being upset by his loss.
  • Once you get to the Toad Brigade as Bee Mario, Captain Toad shouts, "AAAAUGH! A BEE!".