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All spoilers are UNMARKED per wiki policy. Read at your own risk! You Have Been Warned.

  • When you kill Squizzard, he explodes, and the Power Star he had flies 50 feet straight up into the air. Granted, it comes back down, but it's still pretty cool.
  • Bowser attempting to devour Rosalina's starship, with her being unable to stop him.
  • Bowser Jr.'s final boss fight, the Boomsday Machine, is one of the most thrilling and epic boss fights in the entire series, where you fight the Koopa Prince inside a mechanical tank the larger than some of the planets Mario has been on.
  • The final boss, even if it is a bit easy, is this. After defeating Bowser like the other two times you did (which includes knocking him into a bottomless pit), the Grand Star comes down on the platform you confronted Bowser at. Right before you touch it, Bowser pops back up and then eats the Grand Star, turning him huge again. Then he summons a black hole, and you fight free falling in it, landing on meteorites and then ground pounding them into Bowser. Once you knock the final meteorite into him, he falls into the black hole in slow motion, and it closes up. And all this is topped off by what is arguably the most epic music in Mario history. Holy crap that needed a lot of italics.
    • When this is over, Mario lands on a planetoid some ways away, and looks over at the black hole. Suddenly, Princess Peach bursts out of it riding the Grand Star, floating over to Mario in a way that says "I'd bet you'd almost forgotten me, huh?" which at this point, the player probably has. Just a little reminder that despite all the kidnappings, Peach is a Pretty Princess Powerhouse when the opportunity arises.
  • Completing the final final level, The Grandmaster Galaxy: The Perfect Run, counts as a Moment of Awesome for the player.
  • It's more implied than anything, but there's this cosmic force called the Gentle Pull that seemingly manipulates fate so that Mario succeeds against Bowser. It's a testament to just how truly powerful and terrifying Bowser is that the very forces of fate and destiny itself go out of it's way to conspire against him.


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