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Awesome Music / Mario Tennis

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Mario Tennis 64

  • Game results. So serene for a results screen...
  • The Game Point theme, a track that starts off fun and energetic but builds to a surprisingly intense climax that seems like it would perfectly fit a Boss Battle. About a minute in, the music almost sounds like the fate of the world rests in your hands. It really gets your heart racing!

Mario Tennis Open

Mario Tennis Ultra Smash


Mario Tennis Aces

  • The Tie Break theme is a tense, epic theme that really captures how intense the match gets when tiebreaker occurs.
  • The Boss Theme from Story Mode is a climactic culmination of the Mario series' increased fondness for jazz, mixed with the usual adrenaline pumping you can expect from Mario Tennis.
  • The Final Boss theme is a great remix of Bowser's theme and Koopa's Road from Super Mario 64 that gets your blood pumping, like most Mario Tennis songs.

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