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  • Any time the Welcome Workout is mentioned in Power Tour. The player fainted during it and made quite a scene.
  • Starting up the N64 game without a controller plugged in leads to an image of Waluigi flying through the air holding the console while Luigi chases after him with a controller.
  • Power Tour also has Harry being too chicken to get on one of the Super Training machines, and then Kate hitting him with her butt, knocking over everyone in the line. Later, you can talk to Harry, who says that he finally got on.
    Harry: Thanks to the power of Kate's rear-end, I'm not afraid of spinning things anymore.
  • The GC game has Hilarious Outtakes of the intro cartoon after winning a tournament. Examples include:
    • Waluigi getting his leg stuck in a door.
    • Bowser pulling a lever, only to break it off.
    • Bowser pulling the same lever, only to get shocked and faint.
      Waluigi: Don't expect mouth-to-mouth!
    • Wario lifting barbells that seem heavier than he is, only to get a call on his cell phone. He continues to hold the barbells with one hand, while reminding his mother that he told her not to call him.
      • Waluigi shows up in front of the camera with an unamused look on his face and says "Cut!" in a deadpan tone of voice and places his hand on the camera lens.
    • Bowser trying to fire a Bullet Bill out of the cannon, only for the cannon to blow up in his face.
      • When he's actually able to fire a Bullet Bill, it misses Mario and just clatters on the ground without going off, and Mario just turns towards the camera laughing.
  • Some of the trophy celebrations in 64' and Power Tennis are amazingly hilarious:
    • Mario demonstrates a bit of being a Green-Eyed Monster towards Luigi's success, subtly stomping on his foot in his jealousy over Luigi's underdog victory.
    • Wario parades his trophy around and accidentally squashes it flat.
    • Bowser gets tricked by Peach into almost kissing a Birdo.
    • Yoshi mistakes his trophy for a fruit and accidentally swallows Luigi.
    • Shy Guy walks on stage to receive his trophy but trips and his mask falls off. Shy Guy gets up and puts his mask back on while Luigi sees Shy Guy's true face and is mildly freaked out.
    • In the 64 version, Yoshi eats his trophy and lays a golden egg.
  • A good number of characters don't take their losses very well in Power Tennis.
    • Mario shakes his head in disbelief and then looks at the screen with great disappointment.
    • Luigi moans about his loss with a long "No! while falling to his knees and punching the ground with the racket in his hand.
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    • Wario looks around and assumes his opponent cheated before throwing a small hissy fit about how he can't lose.
    • Waluigi jumps up and down in frustration, groans, and then gnashes his teeth at his own racket.
    • Yoshi's defeat animation, where he bonks his head in frustration until accidentally smacking himself in the back of the head the poor dinosaur ends collapsing on his side with a goofy look on his face.
    • Donkey Kong is shocked at his loss, sitting down in total disbelief with a sad look on his face.
    • Bowser simply falls to the ground, growling sadly at his loss.
    • Bowser Jr. throws an angry fit, constantly smacking his racket to the ground while shouting that the game stinks.
    • Fly Guy spins around to the point of getting dizzy and then falls onto the ground.
  • Wario and Waluigi's antics in the intro to Power Tennis, which involve them... defacing Mario and Luigi's portraits on the tournament board with a marker. Even better, this gets the cops called on them immediately.
    Waluigi: Take this, Mister Eyeballs!
    Wario: Yeah, Crazy Eyeball Man!
  • The mere fact that a Chain Chomp is a playable character in Aces.
  • The minute the Adventure mode trailer for Aces appeared, the fans immediately called Luigi's racket "Infinity Racket" and began quoting lines from Avengers: Infinity War.
  • The commercial for ''Aces'' has Mario playing a match against real life tennis player Rafael Nadal. Mario unleashes a special shot that flies past Nadal, but the judge rules that the ball went out. Mario challenges the decision and the replay shows that the ball did land out of bounds. Later on, all the tennis staff are playing the game on the Switch while Mario sits in the locker room depressed that he lost. Mario actually loses a game for once! Taking things even further is Nadal, who's clearly having the time of his life rubbing his victory in Mario's face.

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