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  • Similar to Super Smash Bros.' case, the direct is full of these.
    • All of the "Mario Kart Memories" sections, basically Lampshading the The Computer Is a Cheating Bastard aspect that Mario Kart is known for, as well as some kinds of Epic Fail. Made even better with the narrator's deadpan expression.
    • "The body is a standard ATV, or "All-terrain vehicle", a beast of a ride that bring stability and comfort; even when the road of life gets all... bumpity bump bump."
    • At the end of the direct, we see a viewer's "Things To Do Before I Die" list. One of the things on the list is "beat SMB2: The Lost Levels".
  • Luigi's Death Glare. Source.
  • The credits actually advertise the in-universe products in the game.
  • For a minor one: every time you honk near an opponent, they will be startled, briefly jump out of their kart, and look at you, as if to say "AAH! What was that about?".
    • Or the reverse: slam into an opponent, knock them into another, and hear all of them lean on their horns in impotent fury. It's literally in-game road-rage.
  • Towards the end of every lap around Shy Guy Falls, and when you enter the mine in Wii Wario's Gold Mine, you'll pass by several pairs of Shy Guys who are pushing up and down on seesaw-style handcars. As they propel the cars, you hear them saying what's most likely the equivalent of "heave-ho" in their "language"note  to the beat of their pushing and pulling over and over again. They also appear in a village around the glider segment in Wild Woods. A Shy Guy's voice is very funny to begin with, so the result is hilarious.
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  • Many of the courses have various critters from the series spectating on the sidelines, such as Toads, Yoshis, and Koopas. If you get close enough to a group of Toads, or in the case of some courses simply watch their short introduction video before the race starts, you can hear a lot of Toads shrieking in excitement. They all have the same scratchy, shrill voices that they always do. It's either a real treat for the ears or enough to make you cry in agony.
  • Seeing Link riding around in a kart. Since his model is closer to his design in Skyward Sword, it doesn't look like he's comfortable in most of the karts.
    • Not to mention seeing him flailing his arms when hit by a hazard or item.
  • This music video sums up the Mario Kart experience (Warning: language).
  • The Olimar Mii suit has a Pikmin clinging onto the back of the helmet.
  • Baby Park, full stop! The chaos from its Double Dash ancestor carries over, but what makes it more so in this game, is that with every lap you finish, the music goes faster and faster and faster!
    • In the background, there's a Pink Gold Baby Peach statue. Which is amusing considering the criticism directed at character slots being used for different versions of the same character.
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  • At 200 cc, Isabelle joins Laika in space.
  • Going back to 150 cc after playing 200 cc is kinda hard.
  • As an Easter Egg in Animal Crossing, hitting/crashing into a rock can sometimes reward you with a Bell.
  • When playing on SNES Donut Plains 3, the whistles from the original percussion are added in as part of the Frontrunning beat. It makes it seem as if you're driving so fast that the cops are after you with their whistles.
  • There's actually physics on Mario, Luigi, Wario, and Waluigi's mustaches that makes them flutter in the wind as they're driving around at high speeds. It's a pretty amusing sight.
  • Brentalfloss lampshading how babies shouldn't be taking part in these races.


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