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This is the page for characters original to Mario Tennis.
If you were looking for Waluigi, his tropes can be found here.

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    Introduced in Mario Tennis (GBC) 


The male player character.
  • Ambiguously Brown: He has a darker complexion than most other characters in the game, particularly Nina.
  • Cutting Off the Branches: The GBA version establishes him as the one who achieved the Island Open championship for the Academy and went on to face Mario.


The female player character.


The male Doubles partner.


The female Doubles partner.


A student of the Royal Tennis Academy, and a Speed-type character. He's the 2nd rank of the Senior Singles rankings, and shares the 1st rank of Senior Doubles with Fay, until the player defeats him.


An unranked tennis player, an a Technique-type character.


A student of the Royal Tennis Academy, ranked 4th in the Senior class, and an All-Around-type character.


A student of the Royal Tennis Academy, and an All-Around-type character. She's the 4th rank player of the Junior class in Singles, and in Doubles, she is paired with Beth and share the 2nd rank.


A Power-type character. Though he starts as the 1st rank of the Junior class, he eventually reaches 4th rank of Varsity class, and must be defeated by the player to qualify for the Island Open tournament.


Pam's Doubles partner, and a Speed-type character.


A Power-type player with above average speed, but low control. She is the champion of the Senior class in both Singles and Doubles until the player defeats her. In Senior Doubles, she was paired with Allie and belonged to the highest rank. In Junior Doubles, she was paired with Brian and belonged to the lowest rank of the Junior class.


A Tricky-type player who's the 3rd rank of Junior division, until the player defeats him.


An All-Around-type member of the tennis Varsity team. To qualify for the Doubles version of the Island Open tournament, the player has to face him and Bob. In Mario Tennis: Power Tour, he is the coach of the Junior class at the Royal Tennis Academy.


A Techinique-type player encountered at the Island Open.
  • Secret Character: Unlocked by defeating her in Mario Tour in a Singles or Doubles match in the Island Open


An All-Around-type player, and Sammi's partner in the Doubles version of the Island Open.
  • Secret Character: Unlocked by defeating him in Mario Tour in a Doubles match in the Island Open


An All-Around-type that the player will fight in the second round of the Island Open tournament. His drop shot is unlike any other in the game; it curves with a violent sidespin.
  • Secret Character: Unlocked by defeating him in Mario Tour in a Singles or Doubles match in the Island Open


A Speed-type player, and Spike's tennis partner.
  • Secret Character: Unlocked by defeating him in Mario Tour in a Doubles match in the Island Open


A Speed-type player, and a ranked member of the Varsity Class at the Royal Tennis Academy. The player faces her in the semifinal round of the Island Open Singles tournament. In the Doubles tournament, her partner is Kevin, and they lose to A. Coz and B. Coz from Factory in the semifinal round. She had an ability to do a large dash to return the tennis ball. In Mario Tennis: Power Tour, she's the coach of the Senior Class.
  • Secret Character: She's unlocked by defeating her in Mario Tour in a Singles match in the Island Open


A non-playable character in Mario Tennis (GBC) and Mario Tennis: Power Tour. In the Game Boy Color game, he is the highest-ranking player at the Academy, although that changes once the player wins the Island Open. In the Game Boy Advance game, he's the coach of the Academy's Varsity Class.

A. Coz

The eldest Costello brother, and a Tricky-type tennis player. Hailing from the rival Factory school, his first time in the Island Open tournament is the same as the player's. In Mario Tennis: Power Tour, he and B. Coz are now coaches at Factory.
  • Final Boss: He's always fought at the end of the Island Open, in both Singles and Doubles.
  • Secret Character: He's unlocked by defeating him in Mario Tour in a Singles or Doubles match in the Island Open

B. Coz

A Power-type character, and Doubles partner with his older brother A.Coz.
  • Secret Character: Unlocked by defeating him in Mario Tour in a Doubles match in the Island Open

    Introduced in Mario Tennis: Power Tour 

Clay (known as Max in Europe)

The male player character. If not chosen, he still appears as Ace's Doubles partner.

Ace (known as Tina in Europe)

The female player character. If not chosen, she still appears as Clay's Doubles partner.


A student of the Royal Tennis Academy, ranking 4th in both Junior Singles and Doubles. She is an All-Around-type.


Sophia's Doubles partner, and a Technique-type player.


A self-proclaimed "tennis phenom" at the Royal Tennis Academy, ranking 3rd in Junior Singles.
  • Vicariously Ambitious: Once he sees how great the player is, he begins referring to Ace or Clay as the "tennis phenom", perhaps to live vicariously his dreams through them.


Mason's Doubles partner, and a Power-type player.


A student at the Royal Tennis Academy, a Tactical/Technique-type player ranking in 2nd in Junior Singles.
  • Pintsized Powerhouse: Played with. She's tiny but has to hold the racket with two hands for her powerful lobs.
  • Remembered Too Late: Only takes training seriously once the Island Opened has begun.


Sasha's Doubles partner, a Speedy-type player.
  • Blatant Lies: When she faces you, she says she saw your talent all along.
  • Defeat Means Friendship: She's probably the friendliest Juniors opponent post-defeat. She even confides in you things that she doesn't even tell Sasha.
  • Toy Ship: Subverted. There are a few signs that she likes your character (especially when you play as Clay) but those never go anywhere.
  • Tsundere: Mild example; when you start out, she says it'll be "decades" before you face her.
  • Weakened by the Light: She's sensitive to the sun as she's always wincing and has her hand on her forehead shielding her eyes from the sun, which may explain her lack of progress.


A student at the Royal Tennis Academy, ranked 1st in Junior singles and doubles a Technique-type player.
  • Normal Fish in a Tiny Pond: Your doubles partner calls him out on this after he admits that senior class intimidates him and it hits a nerve, he finally agrees to practice with the seniors.


Chris's doubles partner


A student at the Royal Tennis Academy, the 4th ranked senior doubles player.


A student at the Royal Tennis Academy, the 4th ranked senior doubles player.




A student at the Royal Tennis Academy, ranked 3rd in senior singles and 2nd in senior doubles.
  • Brilliant, but Lazy: Everyone sees her as this, a skilled player who lost her drive along the way.



A student at the Royal Tennis Academy, ranked 1st in seniors in both singles and doubles.
  • Defeat Means Friendship: At first she's a little upset she lost to you but later on sticks up for you when she joins you in varsity class when the rest of the varsity players seem annoyed that you're representing the academy instead of Elroy.
  • Recurring Boss: In the doubles campaign, she goes against the protagonists twice, once with Roy as the senior champion team, and again with Flit as the rank 3 varsity team.


Emi's doubles partner, ranked 1st in seniors doubles alongside her, and 2nd in seniors singles.
  • Recurring Boss: Like Emi, he faces the protagonists twice in the doubles campaign, firstly alongside her as the senior champion team, before he teams up with Skipper to form the rank 4 varsity team.




The second place member of the Royal Tennis Academy's Varsity team, ranked third after you defeat him.
  • Boring, but Practical: He tells the others at one point they should have practiced basic tennis more and not based their training so heavily on power shots.
  • Defeat Means Friendship: He cecomes your biggest supporter in the Island Open.
  • Face of a Thug: He acts big and scary before a match to gain advantage. Later on he expresses regret.


The fourth place member of the Royal Tennis Academy's Varsity team in singles, second in doubles.
  • Beware the Nice Ones: She's cheerful and friendly, but she once calls out Whisker for rude behavior.
  • Pintsized Powerhouse: Her power shot has the third most knockback, only Whisker and Elroy's are more powerful.


The captain of the Royal Tennis Academy's Varsity team, ranked highest in the school when the player arrives, and having lost only to Dweezil in the previous year's Island Open Singles tournament.
  • Older than They Look: He's one of the oldest players at the academy; it's hinted at that when Elroy started as a junior, Alex, Mark, and Kevin were still varsity players and not yet coaches.
  • Optional Boss: His match at the Varsity class is completely optional, as once you reach the second rank, you automatically qualify for Island Open, and are given the option to either go straight there or stay at the Academy to face Elroy. His Island Open singles match is fully mandatory, regardless of whether you played his first match or not.


Elroy's Doubles partner, ranked 1st in Varsity Doubles, but 3rd in Varsity Singles. Though arrogant when she and Elroy have a chance of winning, she does show respect to the player when surpassed.
  • It's Personal: Her reaction to Whisker being happy you beat her so he can face you, he wants you to beat Whisker now.
  • Optional Boss: In doubles, she shares this role with Elroy, since you can choose to go to Island Open as soon as you reach the second rank and qualify for the tournament.


A rival from the Empire school, though she is not considered as much of a threat as her more famous teammates.
  • Oh, Crap!: If you win Doubles Island Open before facing her, she has one about going up against you and begs you to take it easy on her.


Barb's Doubles partner, though he is never faced by the player, and cannot be played as in any mode.


A rival from the Factory school, who never makes it to the big four in any tournament, but was seeded for making the big four the previous year.


Sass' Doubles partner, who is unplayable.


A rival from the Union school, who qualified for the Big Four of the previous year's Island Open tournament despite his school's reputation for being a pushover.
  • Underdog Victory: Makes it past the first round of the Island Open singles, in spite of Union’s aforementioned reputation.


Chas' Doubles partner. Wears her hair in buns similar to Chun-Li.


A famous player from the Empire school, who won the Island Open tournament the year before the player attends.
  • The Worf Effect: Throughout the Island Open singles, he’s built up as the one to beat, but in the quarter-finals, Willy eliminates him, leaving Dweezil as The Unfought for the singles campaign.


Dweezil's Doubles partner.


A rookie player from the Factory school that nobody expected to get very far. He's more interested in a good challenge than a victory. He is also the youngest Costello sibling.
  • Climax Boss: Is always fought in the final round of the Island Open Singles and Doubles tournaments.
  • Spirited Competitor: He’s not too concerned over whether he wins or loses, and just desires to face a Worthy Opponent. If talked to before the Island Open finals, he states that he’s just happy to play in the finals, and isn’t worried about the outcome.


Willy's Doubles partner.
  • Climax Boss: Of the Island Open Doubles tournament, sharing the role with Willy

    Introduced in Mario Tennis Aces 


A powerful tennis racket, and an ancient relic of the Kingdom of Bask. Its corrupting influence caused the ancient king of Bask to seal it away, but its power is reawoken by Wario and Waluigi, sparking the main conflict in Aces.
  • Big Bad: Of Aces. It has taken control of Wario, Waluigi, Luigi and finally Bowser in its plot to take over the world.
  • The Corrupter: It can take control and corrupt all those who possess it.
  • Demonic Possession: At the very start of the game, it takes over Wario, Waluigi, and Luigi with the grip tape on its handle.
  • Eldritch Abomination: Appears to be an ordinary if not fancy-looking tennis racket, but in reality is a demonic force.
  • It Can Think: Lucien seeks out willing participants to control, and corrupts them to do its bidding.
  • Living MacGuffin: A tennis racket with a mind of its own, and it seeks world domination.


The adviser to the king of Bask. Now a spirit within the kingdom's ruins, it encourages Mario to retrieve the racket that has been released.
  • Big Good: The polar opposite of Lucien, who helps guide Mario in his quest to stop him.
  • Spirit Advisor: Long gone before the events of the game, only talking to Mario as a disembodied voice.
  • Super Empowering: He passes his power to Mario so he can use the Special Shot. Same for Peach and Daisy during the Lucien Cup.

Madame Mirage

The boss of Mirage Mansion, and the guardian of the second Power Gem.
  • God Save Us from the Queen!: Her mission title is "All Hail the Mirror Queen", and she fully admits she wants to show Mario how terrifying she is.
  • King Mook: While there were plenty of mirrors throughout the mansion as obstacles, this one you have to fight directly as a boss.
  • Magic Mirror: A giant mirror who uses two smaller ones to reflect the ball.
  • Mind over Matter: In between phases, she uses her power to throw objects from the mansion at Mario to hurt him.
  • Noblewoman's Laugh: She does this to taunt you if you miss a ball.

Snow Ogre

The boss of Snowfall Mountain, encounted at the summit where the third Power Gem is located.
  • Attack Its Weak Point: See those giant eyes? Guess where you need to aim the Special Shot.
  • Combat Pragmatist: One of the unoccupied hands helps to support the other, whether by trying to crush Mario while volleying the ball, or blocking the downed hand from being hit by the Special Shot.
  • Expy: It's pretty much a carbon copy of Eyerok, only with a snow theme instead of stone. Another difference separating the two is the Ogre's eyes are on the back of the hands, as opposed to Eyerok's being on the palms.
  • Finger Wag: Both hands taunt Mario this way if you miss a ball.
  • An Ice Person: Produces large ice blocks to attack Mario in between phases.
  • Our Ogres Are Hungrier: Be honest: have you seen a giant pair of disembodied hands be called an "ogre" before?