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Tear Jerker / Super Mario Bros.

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"Oh, how sad."
Toad, Mario Party 7

What are some great colorful games about a mustachioed plumber going on adventures and stomping on turtles without its share of sorrowful events?

Yes, you were, F.L.U.D.D. (sniff) Yes, you were...


  • It's hard not to feel bad for Luigi, the cowardly Butt-Monkey of the franchise. Not only does he get little to no respect from almost everyone (especially those not named Mario) despite his heroics, but several games make him go through a LOT of misfortune.
    • His luck is worse in both the RPG series, as he's constantly treated as nothing more than a joke by both the Toads (the people he and Mario are risking their necks trying to save, mind you) and Bowser, who, up until Mario & Luigi: Dream Team, didn't see him as much a worthy opponent as Mario. That and constantly forgetting his name.
    • Compounding it further is the psychological torture he endures throughout the Luigi's Mansion series. It's made clear that he HATES ghosts, and seeing even a friendly ghost is enough to startle him.
  • Rosalina's backstory from Super Mario Galaxy. Her mother died from unknown reasons, but not before telling her daughter that she'll "watch over her as a star". According to the girl, she's now "sleeping under the tree in the hill".
    • During said backstory, we see images of her interacting with her family while ON said tree in the hill, having a picnic with her mom, playing with her brother, and looking up at the stars with her dad. After the mother's death and Rosalina leaving Earth with Luma, the rest of the family probably mourned for years...
    • Even worse, Rosalina only comes back to Earth once every 100 years, which means she completely outlived her whole family.
  • It's also pretty difficult not to feel bad every time Princess Peach is kidnapped by either Bowser or some new villain. Even if she's used to it at this point, having this being done to you OVER AND OVER sure doesn't seem like fun.
  • In a way, Mario's life is this, at least in the platformers and RPGs. Sure, he's a whimsical, thrill-seeking, happy-go-lucky kind of guy who sees the good in everyone. But in the end, all the dude wants is to live in peace or have fun with his friends, only for Bowser or some other villain to ruin everything by trying to conquer or destroy the Mushroom Kingdom and everything and everyone Mario holds dear to.
    • Super Mario Odyssey makes Mario go through a big Humiliation Conga, turning the plumber into a Butt-Monkey rivaling Luigi. First, he gets curb-stomped by Bowser in the first 20 seconds of the intro scene, then fails to stop the Broodals from stealing wedding items from different kingdoms, suffers Amusing Injuries, and nearly dies multiple times. The worst part is the ending, where he tries to propose marriage to Peach, something he likely planned for years... and it completely falls apart because of him getting into a petty squabble with Bowser and overall just being a childish, immature prick. It's almost no wonder Peach completely rejects him.

The Games

  • To some, saving Princess Toadstool for the very first time in the original Super Mario Bros..
  • Super Mario Bros. 2 turning out to be All Just a Dream, particularly with the music. Most likely, Mario and company had great times kicking the butts of Wart and his forces together, but those adventures never actually happened and only Mario will remember them. That is, assuming you don't count BS Super Mario USA.
  • The credits sequence in Super Mario 64. Just...everything about it.
    • Super Mario 64 had unused animations for Mario crying, presumably about Peach.
    • Super Mario 64 has two lost penguin chicks. The one that belongs to the mother penguin is far away, and the one that's closer isn't hers. If brought to her, the mom penguin says, "That's not my baby! Her parents must be worried sick!" There are no other penguins on the level that will take her, and the mom penguin doesn't offer to look after her. It's pretty sad and somewhat dark if you think about it.
  • The Background Music (a slowed-down remix of the "Good Egg Galaxy" level music from the first Super Mario Galaxy game) that plays on the World 1 map from Super Mario Galaxy 2.
  • In Super Mario Sunshine, we have F.L.U.D.D.'s Disney Death, pictured above.
    • The kicker? Mario, being the Heroic Mime he is, didn't even get a chance to say "Yes". On top of that, if you look closely, Mario appears to be crying right after F.L.U.D.D. dies.
    • If you aren't too wrapped up in the fight, you'll notice that F.L.U.D.D.'s dialog starts out normal, then gets increasingly broken. Considering a few things, like the fact that it doesn't look like he ever actually got hit during the fight, this implies either that he was steadily breaking throughout the entire game, or that Mario was handling him much rougher than he could take during the boss fight. And F.L.U.D.D. was either too concerned with the task at hand (or at least helping Mario) or didn't know he was breaking until the last minute.
  • The Yoshi's Island credits theme, specifically with the slow reprise of the Level Clear theme from the original Super Mario Bros. This remix is also sad.
    Heroes are born!
  • The music during the ending of Mario Party 3.
  • The ending of Mario Party 5. As the dreams are restored to normal, you can see the characters and the boards floating in a sea of lights in the night sky.
  • As one commenter put it, after hearing this, "I'll never skip World 2-2 anymore".
  • Perry's dreams in Super Princess Peach. Especially the final one.
  • The ending of Super Mario 3D World really makes you feel proud and accomplished, but also sad that the adventure is over.
    • A Koopa Troopa's reaction to losing its shell. It chases after it in panic and becomes depressed if you steal or destroy it.
  • Some of the character reactions to getting a bogey or a double bogey in the Mario Golf series are sometimes very depressing to watch, especially in Mario Golf: Toadstool Tour and Mario Golf: World Tour.
    • In Toadstool Tour, Mario reacts by running in circles and covering his eyes crying, until he trips on the ground and accepts his loss. In World Tour, he sobs quietly before getting hit on the head by a Koopa shell, turning into Small Mario in the process.
    • In Toadstool Tour, Luigi starts crying before calling himself a loser. World Tour has him break down in a flat-out Corner of Woe (with Boos ambushing him if he gets a double bogey or worse).
    • In Toadstool Tour and World Tour, whenever Peach gets a double bogey, she collapses to the ground and starts crying. For someone as sweet as Peach, it's really upsetting to see her so heartbroken.
    • Waluigi breaks down quite dramatically in Toadstool Tour, reaching skywards and letting out a Big "WHY?!" in agony. In World Tour, he swoons theatrically before a hole appears out of nowhere underneath him, causing him to fall into the abyss.
    • When she gets a double bogey in Toadstool Tour, Birdo gets distraught and cries. It's even more upsetting in World Tour, where she spits out balls at the camera until one of them hits her in the face, causing her to flip onto the ground and cry, clearly heartbroken.
    • Toadette yells in shock and then falls on the ground and begins sobbing. A Yellow and Green Toad quickly run up to her and try to calm her down. However, Toadette just tearfully runs off, pushing them both out of the way.
    • While he responds somewhat decently from getting a bogey in Toadstool Tour, when he gets a double bogey, Bowser absolutely breaks down, letting out a roar of emotional agony as he kneels down, before pounding the ground in rage. In World Tour, after punching the camera out in a Funny Moment, he starts to walk away and then just falls over, weakened and exhausted.
    • In Toadstool Tour, Bowser Jr. starts throwing an epic temper tantrum, kicking his legs and screaming inconsolably. World Tour instead has him try to attack the camera with his Magic Paintbrush, only to fall on his hands and knees.
      • The sound is also used in Mario Kart: Double Dash!! when he gets 4th or lower.
    • Ella, a character that can be transferred from the Game Boy Advance game Mario Golf: Advance Tour also has an animation in Toadstool Tour. Her double bogey animation has her sob and fall to her knees before sniffling and circling the ground, saying, "Golf's hard..." under her breath. It's just heartbreaking to see a child cry over their misfortune.

The Film

  • The scene where Luigi and Daisy say goodbye. Especially when Mario has to pretty much drag him back through the portal.
    Mario: (to Luigi) She's trying to tell you she can't leave here until she knows where she belongs. And if you loved her, you'd understand that.
  • Early in the movie, Daisy's mother dies. Later on, it's implied Daisy finds and appraises her fossil at the dig site and doesn't even realize it.
  • Lena stabbing poor Yoshi. Hard to say she didn't cross the line there. Daisy is horrified when she sees what happened to him.
  • When Mario and Luigi are Forced to Watch as Toad is de-evolved.
  • Daisy learns that her mother died smuggling her to Brooklyn, while her father was de-evolved into a mushroomy goop that's still sentient. He gets turned back by the end, though.