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As the soundtrack has been composed by Yoko Shimomura, later known for composing the soundtrack for the Kingdom Hearts series, prepare for plenty of bangers when it comes to this game.

  • All of the battle themes. Including the fight against Culex, a.k.a. the boss theme from Final Fantasy IV in all its glory. You cannot go wrong with any of these music tracks, they are all epic and awesome that appropriately tells what kind of enemy you're fighting.
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  • The Fight Against Bowser really sets the tone of the game. It helps that it's a remix of his theme back in Super Mario Bros. 3 and if this were any other Mario game this would be serving as the final boss theme.
  • The music of Mario's Pad, Super Pipe House, is a jolly tune to help kickstart your adventure, combining both the Super Mario Bros. ground theme and the Grass Land theme from Super Mario Bros. 3.
  • The Road is Full of Dangers is a pleasant, laid-back theme that sounds more akin to a casual stroll through a beautiful landscape as opposed to a monster-infested land.
  • Still, The Road is Full of Dangers isn't played nearly as often as "The Road is Full of Dangers", but it more than makes up for it by delivering a fast-paced, adrenaline-pumping tune to warn you of even stronger monsters that inhabit the land.
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  • Hello, Happy Kingdom, the theme of the Mushroom Kingdom, is just sounds like it belongs in the presence of someone of royalty. The song is well-known by fans, and even sported a few official remixes, such as the majestic World-e Castle theme from Super Mario Advance 4, and the fantastic remastered version from Fortune Street.
  • Here's Some Weapons!, the theme of the Smithy Gang that shares the same Leitmotif with "Fight Against an Armed Boss". It's an intimidating piece that just screams three words: "Something isn't right."
  • Let's Go Down the Wine River, the theme of Midas River, is filled with high energy as you fall down a waterfall and roll down a river while catching coins along the way. It's so good that the characters even dance to it before fighting Exor!
  • Four words: Beware the Forest's Mushrooms. One of the most memorable and beloved forest tunes of all time. It's a catchy, whimsical tune that captures the feeling of exploring a deep, beautiful forest very well, and also distracts you from the fact you're traveling through a literal Lost Woods level. The song is so memorable, the music from the Forest Maze was rumored to be remixed in Super Smash Bros. Brawl during development.
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  • And My Name's Booster single-handedly took Booster, a downright silly character, and turned him into a badass. You'll likely finding yourself jamming to this jazzy song while climbing his tower.
  • The Merry Mary Bell Rings is a beautiful, unforgettable tune which sets the mood for a wedding and/or a chapel very well with its ringing bells. It's especially fun to listen to while you're rescuing Princess Toadstool from Booster, working as a bellhop to pay off your debt, or ruining Chef Torte's cake, all at the Marrymore.
  • The Starlight's Flower, a calming, beautiful piece that meshes well with staring into a beautiful night sky and making a wish...or reminds you about Star Hill.
  • The daunting Weapons Factory theme is fitting for the final dungeon in the game, managing to make the sounds of a blacksmith (Smithy in this case) hard at work hitting metal with his hammer on an anvil part of the music itself!
  • One of the last songs, Goodbye Geno (and Seeing Dreams Through the Window of the Stars), is one of the best in the game, perhaps any game.


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