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Super Mario RPG was the starting point of the humorous tradition in the Mario RPGs.

  • During the tutorial, a Goomba attacks, and Toad wants to show to Mario how timed hits works against enemies. If you choose "No", he will simply show the player how it works. If you choose "Yes", Toad will warn the Goombas that Mario knows about timed hits... which leads them to panic and flee!
  • Near the beginning of the game, Mario offers the citizens of the Mushroom Kingdom a summary of The Story So Far. Of course, since he's usually silent, this involves acting out the events of the game to that point... which in turn involves physically transforming into some of the relevant characters, such as Princess Toadstool and Bowser. When he transforms into Bowser, the Toads collectively jump back in shock, and some of them even hide behind the nearest available cover as if he were the genuine article. And when he re-enacts a long fall by disappearing off the top of the screen for a moment, one of the Toads runs over to the door and looks out as if to say "Mario? Now where did he go?"
    • Once Toadstool is rescued, the party explains the plot to the Mushroom Kingdom officials. A highlight is Mario portraying the giant sword Exor (complete with matching facial expression), while Bowser portrays his own castle. Ouch.
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    • Mario's "Exor face" in general, whether he uses it to impersonate Exor or for other reasons.
  • During the Give Me Back My Wallet sequence that results in Mallow's recruitment, you have the option of talking to a Toad near the exit to the town that Croco makes his escape from. Apparently, Mario starts the conversation by asking the Toad why he didn't do anything to stop Croco. His response? "Because I left my bazooka at home today. Geez! Give me a break!" Mario even Face Faults to this as a reaction.
  • If you can return all 4 jewels quick enough to Booster during Marrymore, the kissing sequence shows Toadstool kissing Mario... and Booster and Bowser inexplicably kissing each other. One for the scrapbook indeed.
    • And if you don't, then you get to see Bowser kissing Mario. Or Booster. Or both!
    Bowser and Booster: Feels like sandpaper!
  • When Mario wants to charge directly at Bowyer and his troops, Mallow restrains him, saying "Who do you think you are, Bruce Lee? You can't just run in there with your fists flying!"
  • At one point, you come to the town of Marrymore. Inside the wedding chapel, Chef Torte and his assistant are baking a cake. Having Mario jump on said cake results in the following reaction:
    Chef Torte: 'Vat! 'Vat! 'Vat are you doing?
    Assistant: Oh that's nice, you've stepped on the...
    (they hit Mario off the cake)
    Both: YOU FOOLS!
    • This may be why Bundt attacks (unless, of course, the player didn't do this. In which case, it's still just a Giant Space Flea from Nowhere).
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    • And then after you deplete the boss' health, Booster and his mooks come in and Booster just swallows it whole. That's it.
    • If you come back and talk to Chef Torte after defeating Bundt, you find him working on another cake saying "Now ZEES cake vill stay put!"

  • After saving Toadstool from Booster in Marrymore, trying to leave the area via the northwest exit has the princess telling you it's the wrong way (it leads to Star Hill) and you should go the other way. Say no and another party member comes out to change Mario's mind. Keep doing it until everyone is getting on Mario's cases; if he says no one more time, they all get mad and berate him for wasting their time. What makes it strange and a bit funny is any exit in the overworld will take you to the map screen, allowing you to go anywhere you want regardless.
  • When Peach joins the party, the narrator will express that they knew that Toadstool would join the party again.
  • If you stand on Frogfucius's table in Tadpole Pond and talk to him, he'll spout this little cookie fortune:
    FROGFUCIUS: "Grasshopper, do you not think it rude to stand on my dining table?"
  • Gaz is a boy in Rose Town who idolizes his doll Geno, at the expense of other heroes. When Mario first enters his house/inn, he's pitting dolls of Mario and Bowser in battle against each other. Bowser wins (much to the obvious dismay of Mario, who is standing right there), so he can have his Geno doll defeat Bowser. Later on, when the now-possessed Geno tells Gaz that he's joining Mario on a quest, Gaz agrees that Mario needs all the help he can get. Mallow has to physically restrain Mario from decking the kid.
    • The scenario becomes all the more Hilarious in Hindsight, given Geno's Ensemble Dark Horse status.
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    • During the whole scene, Mario is playing the role of Bowser, which makes a whole lot of sense since he has years of experience fighting him. During the play session, Gaz has the Geno doll launch a special attack that is aimed at Bowser. However, Gaz's aim is slightly off since the projectile hits Mario in the face instead. It hits him so hard that the entire screen grows fuzzy and fades to black as Mario falls unconscious. Not only did Mario witness his doll losing and having to play the role of a villain, he gets blasted in the face and has to be dragged upstairs to recover. Poor Mario is reduced to Butt-Monkey status.
    • Gaz's Cassandra Truth about Geno walking into the forest: when Gaz tells this to his mom, she reminds her that "Geno" broke her lamp the other day, so now she thinks he's trying to get out of some other trouble. When the group returns from the forest, Gaz gets his mom to show her the Geno he saw... her response is to marvel at what a great costume that man is wearing.
    • In the scene after Mario and company defeat Bowyer, Geno reveals that he took his form because he thought that the puppet looked the strongest of all of Gaz's toys. Mario thinks nothing of it, but it's a good thing that Bowser wasn't around yet to get mad that Geno didn't possess the Bowser doll instead.
    • Geno learning to use his new body is also amusing, particularly the moment when he rams right into the wall.
    • And to top it all off, just as they're about to go back into Mario, Gaz remembers something else and yells "Wait!", causing the party to slam into one another. The second time they try it, they actually stop, just to make sure Gaz isn't going to yell again, then go back into Mario.
  • In the same town, there lives a gardener who seeks to have the legendary "Seed" and "Fertilizer", to make his plant grow. Each time that he's given one of the items, he gets overjoyed, to the point of running around frantically and talking really fast, with the bgm right along for the ride of being VERY sped up as he's talking hastily as well. The crowner is when said gardener reacts like this again after seeing his plant grow into a beanstalk. Needless to say, Mario gets bewildered reactions.
  • One of Bowser's weapons, the "Hurly Gloves", comes with a Mario doll that is most likely intended to be thrown at the enemy. When Bowser uses it, he places it to the side and throws Mario instead.
  • Managing to get the Masher has Mario doing his victory pose with the line saying 'you got the masher' then the masher klongs him on the head causing him to collapse...ouch!
  • When Mario first appears in Nimbus Land, he arrives just in time for Valentina to pass Dodo off as the long lost Prince Mallow (with the party-member Mallow remarking on what an incredible coincidence that is). The ruse is made difficult by the fact that Dodo gets stuck in the doorway on his way to appear before the townspeople.
    • While we're on the subject of Dodo, there the entire little mini-game where you need to jump over his beak when he's trying to peck Mario (who's pretending to be a statue at the time). Dodo's reactions whenever he misses (and doesn't see you jump) are pretty hilarious. First time, he's clearly trying to just pass it off in his mind as nothing, but the second time he's clearing thinking like "wtf?". The music just makes it more hilarious. On his final attempt, he knows something is up. He fakes out Mario by pretending to peck him before leaving the room, running through a hidden hallway below the screen, and then coming back into the room from the other side to give one final peck.
    • Before that, after being berated by Valentina once again, Dodo is about to walk off... only to stop, hammer a nearby statue of Valentina three times, and then exit. Working for her must suck.
  • After beating Valentina, Mallow obtains the key to free his parents. He then walks into the palace, Mario taps his foot for a second, then pulls out an umbrella. It then starts to rain.
  • Bowser is totally willing to ditch the party at the final dungeon since he's gotten his keep back, but relents when Geno explains that as long as Smithy is still active, he'll just send more troops through the portal over Bowser's Castle.
    Bowser: (Quietly, to himself) More of these weapon-people barging into my keep? What about my..... privacy?
    • Upon encountering the Manager of Smithy's Factory, Bowser starts making his usual boastful threats, only to be completely ignored in favor of Mario. Once the battle is over, he takes a moment to reflect:
      Like the moon over
      the day, my genius and brawn
      are lost on these fools. ~Haiku
      • Punctuated by Mario walking up to pat the heartbroken Bowser on the back, to which he seems oddly appreciative.
  • If you overstay at the Marrymore hotel but do not have enough coins for the extra nights, you inflict a long Work Off the Debt sequence on yourself. Mario acting as a bellhop is hilarious enough on its own, made funnier by the owner's dialogue if you try to take a break, talk to him rather than helping guests, etc. And the former bellhop blocks your exit of the hotel until you pay it all off. To top it off, when Mario is behind the counter, he walks in place slowly like an NPC.
  • Just about everything Booster says and does. Highlights include eating Bundt (As mentioned above), tasting Toadstool's tears, and jumping randomly between thinking everything is a game and helping Mario out to deliberately hindering and attacking Mario.
  • Exor's face if you KO his mouth during the battle, made even funnier if you KO-d both of his eyes first. Also, the fact that his mouth is named "Neosquid" in the English version for no real reason.
    • This in itself is a translation error. In Japanese, the mouth is called "Mouth".
  • On Star Hill you can read a lot of people's wishes. One of them is "I wish I wasn't such a crybaby." Mallow then immediately jumps out of Mario's Party in My Pocket and calls you out for not minding your own business.
  • Mario getting dizzy from jumping onto the head of and riding the hyperactive child in the Mushroom Kingdom who is constantly running around in circles.
  • The entire sub-story involving Booster and his attempt to marry Toadstool. As one LPer put it, imagine a stereotypical 4channer getting hitched.
  • In the Mushroom Kingdom's Item Shop, if you walk around behind the counter and talk to the clerk he'll tell you, "All right now, let's start again. Go in FRONT of the counter and talk to me."
    • If you jump on the shelves behind him, Mario will do his victory pose before getting berated by the shop owner for standing up there.
  • The Hino Mart inside Barrel Volcano. There's an item shop, an an shop and the inn desk... all in the same cave and run by the same guy, who just dashes into the corresponding counter as you walk. And the "inn" consists on you sleeping on top of a bunch of crates.
  • Mallow's spell "Psychopath" can tell you the current HP of an enemy. Landing the timed hit gives you an insight into their deepest thoughts. These are usually hilarious given not many of them actually revolve around fighting you.
  • Mario may be a Silent Protagonist, but the player is allowed to select responses to certain characters when they question him... and some of those responses are super-snarky.
    Gaz's Mother: Good morning, Mario! How do you feel?
    Mario: (Option A): Like a new man! (Option B): Need coffee. Keep away.
    Child in Mushroom Kingdom: Mario, do you think one day, I'll be able to jump as high as you?
    Mario: (Option A): Of course! With eager nodding. (Option B): Yeah right. With eager shaking of head.
  • Early in the game in Peach's bedroom, examining a certain area will have Mario find "Toadstool's ???" which results in Peach's grandmother to frantically berate Mario and tell him to put it back. It is never said what the ??? is, but judging by the fact it is called "Peach's XXX" in the original Japanese text, it leads little imagination to make certain conclusions on what the fair Princess is hiding.
    • And should you examine that area with Peach in your party, she comes out and chides Mario.
      Peach: Mario! Stop peeking into other people's rooms!
  • When Jones the Shark confronts Yaridovich for stealing back the star, and a battle begins, it at first seems like Jones might offer some help in the battle. Instead, he apparently decided to just write a note on a nearby tree for Mario, and then booked it.
  • The parade during the credits has a few good moments:
    • Dodo is carrying Valentina's float. After a few steps, Dodo gets tired and stops for a breather. Cue Valentina PUNCHING the poor bird to get him moving again.
  • And guess who's in the parade? The Smithy Gang! Mack, Bowyer and Yaridovich march in front of Smithy riding the Blade. Smithy soon hammers his minions, squashing them flat, so he can pass. Soon after the flattened minions march after him.