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Super Mario RPG was the starting point of the humorous tradition in the Mario RPGs.

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  • During the tutorial, a Goomba attacks, and Toad wants to show to Mario how timed hits works against enemies. If you choose "No", he will simply show the player how it works. If you choose "Yes", Toad will warn the Goombas that Mario knows about timed hits... which leads them to panic and flee!
  • Near the beginning of the game, Mario offers the citizens of the Mushroom Kingdom a summary of The Story So Far. Of course, since he's usually silent, this involves acting out the events of the game to that point... which in turn involves physically transforming into some of the relevant characters, such as Princess Toadstool and Bowser. When he transforms into Bowser, the Toads collectively jump back in shock, and some of them even hide behind the nearest available cover as if he were the genuine article. And when he re-enacts a long fall by disappearing off the top of the screen for a moment, one of the Toads runs over to the door and looks out as if to say "Mario? Now where did he go?".
    • Once Toadstool is rescued, the party explains the plot to the Mushroom Kingdom officials. A highlight is Mario portraying the giant sword Exor (complete with matching facial expression), while Bowser portrays his own castle. Ouch.
    • Mario's "Exor face" in general, whether he uses it to impersonate Exor or for other reasons.
    • When Geno uses Bowser's kidnapping of Toadstool as an example of what would happen if the Star Road isn't fixed (meaning people wishing for the princess to return would never get their wish granted), Bowser basically retorts with "That sounds good to me actually! Forget about fixing the Star Road!" Toadstool counters with "Well, you can kiss your precious keep goodbye then!" This causes Bowser to muse over how he can both get his home back and keep the princess for himself, only to get himself confused and ask "run that by me again?" At this point, Bowser looks so pathetic and annoys Toadstool so much that she trash-talks her former captor right to his face.
      Toadstool: Ugh! Just ignore that idiot!
    • As Peach excuses herself to her bedroom (only to join the heroes for real), she wishes the heroes (and Bowser) good luck. The good guys nod while Bowser shakes his head no, then Mario does his "Exor" face to remind him what's at stake, causing Bowser to nod.
  • Early in the game in Peach's bedroom, examining a certain area will have Mario find "Toadstool's ???" which results in Peach's grandmother running in frantically to berate Mario and tell him to put it back. It is never said what the ??? is, but judging by the fact it is called "Peach's XXX" in the original Japanese text, it leads little imagination to make certain conclusions on what the fair Princess is hiding.
    • And should you examine that area with Peach in your party, she comes out and chides Mario.
      Peach: Mario! Stop peeking into other people's rooms!
  • In the Mushroom Kingdom's Item Shop, if you walk around behind the counter and talk to the clerk he'll tell you, "All right now, let's start again. Go in FRONT of the counter and talk to me."
    • If you jump on the shelves behind him, Mario will do his victory pose before getting berated by the shop owner for standing up there.
  • Mario getting dizzy from jumping onto the head of and riding the hyperactive child in the Mushroom Kingdom who is constantly running around in circles.
  • During the Give Me Back My Wallet sequence that results in Mallow's recruitment, you have the option of talking to a Toad near the exit to the town that Croco makes his escape from. Apparently, Mario starts the conversation by asking the Toad why he didn't do anything to stop Croco. His response? "Because I left my bazooka at home today. Geez! Give me a break!" Mario even Face Faults to this as a reaction. Mallow steps out to question the Toad in the remake and Face Faults with him.
    • What makes this even funnier, is if you speak to this Toad earlier in the game (before Mallow is introduced), he practically brags about how he doesn't let any suspicious characters get by him.
    • In the original Japanese version, instead of the "bazooka" line, the Toad simply says, "I'm just a lookout."
  • While chasing after Croco in Bandit's Way, he is about to open a treasure box, but since Mario is close by, it's not worth the risk, so he takes off. So, what was in that treasure box? An invincibility star, which Croco surely could have used against Mario.
  • Frogfucius introduces himself by floating... as in, being hoisted by a Lakitu holding a fishing rod. It even requires some set-up, which he isn't too happy with:
    FROGFUCIUS: Ouch! Watch it up there! You're SUPPOSED to make me look like I'm FLOATING here, okay?!
  • If you stand on Frogfucius's table in Tadpole Pond and talk to him, he'll spout this little cookie fortune:
    FROGFUCIUS: "Grasshopper, do you not think it rude to stand on my dining table?"
  • Gaz is a boy in Rose Town who idolizes his doll Geno, at the expense of other heroes. When Mario first enters his house/inn, he's pitting dolls of Mario and Bowser in battle against each other. Bowser wins (much to the obvious dismay of Mario, who is standing right there), so he can have his Geno doll defeat Bowser. Later on, when the now-possessed Geno tells Gaz that he's joining Mario on a quest, Gaz agrees that Mario needs all the help he can get. Mallow has to physically restrain Mario from decking the kid.
    • The scenario becomes all the more Hilarious in Hindsight, given Geno's Ensemble Dark Horse status.
    • During the whole scene, Mario is playing the role of Bowser, which makes a whole lot of sense since he has years of experience fighting him. During the play session, Gaz has the Geno doll launch a special attack that is aimed at Bowser. However, Gaz's aim is slightly off since the projectile hits Mario in the face instead. It hits him so hard that the entire screen grows fuzzy and fades to black as Mario falls unconscious. Not only did Mario witness his doll losing and having to play the role of a villain, he gets blasted in the face and has to be dragged upstairs to recover. Poor Mario is reduced to Butt-Monkey status.
    • Gaz's Cassandra Truth about Geno walking into the forest: when Gaz tells this to his mom, she reminds her that "Geno" broke her lamp the other day, so now she thinks he's trying to get out of some other trouble. When the group returns from the forest, Gaz gets his mom to show her the Geno he saw... her response is to marvel at what a great costume that man is wearing.
    • In the scene after Mario and company defeat Bowyer, Geno reveals that he took his form because he thought that the puppet looked the strongest of all of Gaz's toys. Mario thinks nothing of it, but it's a good thing that Bowser wasn't around yet to get mad that Geno didn't possess the Bowser doll instead.
      • Fridge Brilliance may set in when you realize that Mario may have agreed with Geno that the puppet is the strongest of the toys because he got knocked out by it earlier.
    • Geno learning to use his new body is also amusing, particularly the moment when he rams right into the wall.
    • And to top it all off, just as they're about to go back into Mario, Gaz remembers something else and yells "Wait!", causing the party to slam into one another. The second time they try it, they actually stop, just to make sure Gaz isn't going to yell again, then go back into Mario.
  • In the same town, there lives a gardener who seeks to have the legendary "Seed" and "Fertilizer", to make his plant grow. Each time that he's given one of the items, he gets overjoyed, to the point of running around frantically and talking really fast, with the bgm right along for the ride of being VERY sped up as he's talking hastily as well. The crowner is when said gardener reacts like this again after seeing his plant grow into a beanstalk. Needless to say, Mario gets bewildered reactions.
  • In the original SNES English version, when Mario wants to charge directly at Bowyer and his troops, Mallow restrains him, saying "Who do you think you are, Bruce Lee? You can't just run in there with your fists flying!"
  • The battle against Punchinello ends with him trying to summon a large Bob-omb as a last resort, only to get crushed by it. Then, before Mario and his friends are able to run away, a coal drops on the Bob-omb's fuse, causing it to be ignited. Then the Bob-omb explodes... and we return to the overworld with Mario and his friends in Ash Face.
  • The entire sub-story involving Booster and his attempt to marry Toadstool. What would normally be a sinister plot turns ridiculous when it becomes clear that Booster doesn't quite know what a wedding is, only that it means he'll get to have a party (he and his Snifits don't really know what a party is either). In the end, he's perfectly satisfied with hijacking a legitimate wedding, having a chaotic ceremony, and eating a cake before going back to his tower for the rest of the game.
  • Managing to get the Masher has Mario doing his victory pose with the line saying 'you got the masher' then the masher klongs him on the head causing him to collapse.
  • The minigame in which you have to avoid being found by Booster's minions by hiding behind the curtains they as they search for a toy. At first, it is easy with only one minion. Then Booster has both minions opening and closing the curtains. Eventually, Booster decides to join in... because it looks fun. Of course, there are only three curtains, so Mario is exposed the moment Booster opens the curtain. At first, it seems Mario has been caught, then Booster notices the toy on a shelf above the curtains, not even batting an eye at Mario.
  • After clearing Booster Hill for the first time but then immediately returning to it, Toad will come and tell Mario that there's nothing to do at the hill other than that climb up and avoid barrels. Tell him twice that you still want to climb the hill and he'll leave annoyed with your weird decision of wasting 3 minutes going up for nothing.
    • When you DO get the top, Mario is gasping for air and admits that it was a good workout.
  • At one point, you come to the town of Marrymore. Inside the wedding chapel, Chef Torte and his assistant are baking a cake. Having Mario jump on said cake results in the following reaction:
    Chef Torte: 'Vat! 'Vat! 'Vat are you doing?
    Assistant: Oh that's nice, you've stepped on the...
    [they hit Mario off the cake]
    Both: YOU FOOLS!
    • This may be why Bundt attacks (unless, of course, the player didn't do this. In which case, it's still just a Giant Space Flea from Nowhere).
    • And then after you deplete the boss' health, Booster and his mooks come in and Booster just swallows it whole. That's it.
    • If you come back and talk to Chef Torte after defeating Bundt, you find him working on another cake saying "Now ZEES cake vill stay put!". Becomes even more hilarious in the remake when the cake doesn't stay put, becoming a post-game superboss version of Bundt.
  • Toadstool is, of course, weeping openly at the prospect of being made to marry the ghastly Booster. And how does Booster react to his prospective bride shedding so many tears? By Comically Missing the Point in disgusting fashion.
    Booster: Tastes salty!
  • After Peach sees Bowser with Mario, she flies into the air from shock. Mario moves to catch her and gets flattened when she lands.
  • If you can return all 4 jewels quick enough to Booster during Marrymore, the kissing sequence shows Toadstool kissing Mario... and Booster and Bowser inexplicably kissing each other. One for the scrapbook indeed.
  • Just about everything Booster says and does. Highlights include eating Bundt (As mentioned above), tasting Toadstool's tears, and jumping randomly between thinking everything is a game and helping Mario out to deliberately hindering and attacking Mario.
  • After saving Toadstool from Booster in Marrymore, trying to leave the area via the northwest exit has the princess telling you it's the wrong way (it leads to Star Hill) and you should go the other way. Say no and another party member comes out to change Mario's mind. Keep doing it until everyone is getting on Mario's cases; if he says no one more time, they all get mad and berate him for wasting their time. What makes it strange and a bit funny is any exit in the overworld will take you to the map screen, allowing you to go anywhere you want regardless.
  • If you overstay at the Marrymore hotel but do not have enough coins for the extra nights, you inflict a long Work Off the Debt sequence on yourself. Mario acting as a bellhop is hilarious enough on its own, made funnier by the owner's dialogue if you try to take a break, talk to him rather than helping guests, etc. And the former bellhop blocks your exit of the hotel until you pay it all off. To top it off, when Mario is behind the counter, he walks in place slowly like an NPC.
  • A Toad near the castle ask Mario how's he doing trying to rescue Toadstool and is about to call Bowser a "good for nothing" before Bowser's growls from Mario's Party in My Pocket makes him look around in confusion.
  • When Toadstool joins the party, the narrator will express that they knew that Toadstool would join the party again.
  • One of Bowser's weapons, the "Hurly Gloves", comes with a Mario doll that is most likely intended to be thrown at the enemy. When Bowser uses it, he places it to the side and throws Mario instead.
  • On Star Hill you can read a lot of people's wishes. One of them is "I wish I wasn't such a crybaby." Mallow then immediately jumps out of Mario's Party in My Pocket and calls you out for not minding your own business.
  • When Jones the Shark confronts Yaridovich for stealing back the star, and a battle begins, it at first seems like Jones might offer some help in the battle. Instead, he apparently decided to just write a note on a nearby tree for Mario, and then booked it.
  • When Mario first appears in Nimbus Land, he arrives just in time for Valentina to pass Dodo off as the long lost Prince Mallow (with the party-member Mallow remarking on what an incredible coincidence that is). The ruse is made difficult by the fact that Dodo gets stuck in the doorway on his way to appear before the townspeople.
    • While we're on the subject of Dodo, there's the entire little mini-game where you need to jump over his beak when he's trying to peck Mario (who's pretending to be a statue at the time). Dodo's reactions whenever he misses (and doesn't see you jump) are pretty hilarious. First time, he's clearly trying to just pass it off in his mind as nothing, but the second time he's clearing thinking like "wtf?". The music just makes it more hilarious. On his final attempt, he knows something is up. He fakes out Mario by pretending to peck him before leaving the room, running through a hidden hallway below the screen, and then coming back into the room from the other side to give one final peck.
    • If Dodo does manage to peck Mario, he'll immediately run back to Valentina to report it. Valentina doesn't believe his claims that the "statue" is ticklish.
    • Before that, after being berated by Valentina once again, Dodo is about to walk off... only to stop, hammer a nearby statue of Valentina three times, and then exit. Working for her must suck.
  • When the statue maker, Garro, in Nimbus Land is delivering the Mario "statue" to the castle, one of the guards starts poking Mario due to suspicion. Garro comes up with an extremely paper thin excuse, saying the statue is Valentina's nephew, "Mariotta". It works.
  • Just before you confront Valentina, Shy Away / Beezo flutters by calling for her. They stop and stare at Mario, who simply waves hello. Beezo continues calling for Valentina, likely slightly more terrified that Mario beat them to the hallway so quickly.
  • The fact that Valentina's breasts jiggle whenever you attack her in battle. Keep in mind this game was released during a time where Nintendo was very heavy on censorship in their games. The jiggle physics did not return in the remake.
  • When sleeping at the inn in Nimbus Land, one of the dreams Mario can have is seeing how Toad is actually a monster. When Mario wakes up, he sees Toad next to his bed, freaks out and runs to a corner to cower in fear. Even when Toad is trying to comfort Mario, the poor guy backs up into the wall still thinking Toad is a monster in disguise.
  • Another random dream is Mario's bed surrounded by several Terrapin chef's, and just as many giant salt and pepper shakers. When you talk to the innkeeper after waking up, he'll say, "That's odd... It smells like pepper in here!"
  • After beating Valentina, Mallow obtains the key to free his parents. He then walks into the palace, Mario taps his foot for a second, then pulls out Peach's parasol. It then starts to rain.
    • When Mallow introduces the rest of the party to his parents, King Nimbus kinda ruins the atmosphere by asking for everyone's autographs, even Bowser.
  • If you climb to the top of Booster Tower again after the Marrymore incident, you'll find Booster waiting for his next "princess from the sky". Normally you'd think that'd be the end of it - but if you come back after Nimbus Land, you find Booster whispering sweet nothings to Valentina! Guess Dodo had to land somewhere.
  • The Hino/Cinder Mart inside Barrel Volcano. There's an item shop, an armor shop and the inn desk... all in the same cave and run by the same guy, who just dashes into the corresponding counter as you walk. And the "inn" consists on you sleeping on top of a bunch of crates.
  • Mallow's spell "Psychopath" ("Thought Peek" in the remake) can tell you the current HP of an enemy. Landing the timed hit gives you an insight into their deepest thoughts. These are usually hilarious given not many of them actually revolve around fighting you.
  • Exor's face if you KO his mouth during the battle, made even funnier if you KO-d both of his eyes first. Also, the fact that his mouth is named "Neosquid" in the original English version for no real reason.
    • This in itself is a translation error. In Japanese, the mouth is called "Mouth". The remake corrects this.
  • Bowser is totally willing to ditch the party at the final dungeon since he's gotten his keep back, but relents when Geno explains that as long as Smithy is still active, he'll just send more troops through the portal over Bowser's Castle. Bowsers concerns are...rather personal, and he takes them very seriously.
    Bowser: (Quietly, to himself) More of these weapon-people barging into my keep? What about my..... privacy?
    (Cries) Yikes...this isn't good at all...In fact, this stinks!
    • Upon encountering the Manager of Smithy's Factory, Bowser starts making his usual boastful threats, only to be completely ignored in favor of Mario. Once the battle is over, he takes a moment to reflect:
      Like the moon over
      the day, my genius and brawn
      are lost on these fools. ~Haiku
      • Punctuated by Mario walking up to pat the heartbroken Bowser on the back, to which he seems oddly appreciative.
  • Mario may be a Silent Protagonist, but the player is allowed to select responses to certain characters when they question him... and some of those responses are super-snarky.
    Gaz's Mother: Good morning, Mario! How do you feel?
    Mario: (Option A): Like a new man! (Option B): Need coffee. Keep away.
    Child in Mushroom Kingdom: Mario, do you think one day, I'll be able to jump as high as you?
    Mario: (Option A): Of course! With eager nodding. (Option B): Yeah right. With eager shaking of head.
  • In Seaside Town, before you get The Fifth Star, most of the "townsfolk" (really Speardovich's copies) try and act like normal people. But you go in one store and you'll find one of them standing on the counter looking on at the spinning Mushrooms on the wall
    Resident: They just keep spinning...and spinning...
  • The Axem Rangers are an extended parody of Sentai tropes, which the Japanese original script mines for all it's worth. The Japanese script has them forget to do their team roll call when first stealing the Red Star Piece, then has Mario walk in on them in the next room, overhearing an argument if they should go back and do their full introduction properly (where the English script just has them making fun of Mario's mustache).
    • When you fight the Axem Rangers, they finally get to do their "Super Sentai" Stance and roll call (the remake adds a cute little pre-fight animation with a side-view line up as well). Most of it is stereotypical Card-Carrying Villain stuff ("We fight for evil!" "We live for disorder!" etc.), but Green's is an amusing Evil Feels Good moment that sounds more like corporate feel-good pap than something villainous.
      Axem Green: "We like what we do!"
    • When each Axem Ranger is defeated, rather than vanishing, they give a petty complaint to which Red has a sharp retort. "YO, RED!" "What?"
      Axem Pink: My make-up's running!
      Axem Red: Then change brands!
      Axem Green: I've got a headache.
      Axem Red: You're totally out of shape!
      Axem Black: I broke my shades!
      Axem Red: Serves ya right!
      Axem Yellow: I'm....hungry!!
      Axem Red: Chew on your tongue!
    • The fight with the Axem Rangers has you eventually fighting their airship Blade. If you have Mallow active on your team, you can read his thoughts, and (in the Japanese and English Switch versions) he grumbles about how stupid the Rangers are to not open the fight with his powerful Breaker Beam. Even more hilarious when you realize that the Axem Rangers are a Sentai parody, which often led viewers of that genre wondering "Why didn't the heroes just use their Humongous Mecha first to defeat the monster?"
  • The parade during the credits has a few good moments:
    • Dodo is carrying Valentina's float. After a few steps, Dodo gets tired and stops for a breather. Cue Valentina PUNCHING the poor bird to get him moving again, complete with him looking at the player before he does so.
    • And guess who's in the parade? The Smithy Gang! Mack, Bowyer, and Yaridovich march in front of Smithy riding the Blade. Smithy soon hammers his minions, squashing them flat, so he can pass (or because they failed him in the main story). Soon after, the flattened minions march after him.
    • An extended sequence happening between floats. First, Croco and a Crook steal some stuff from Bowser's float, leading to the Koopa King chasing them in his clown copter. Then, The Snifits chase a beetle past Booster's train, and Booster follows after them. Some time later, the Snifts run back the other way with sacks, chased by the angry, sack-less, Croco. Booster follows in the clown copter, chased by the fire-breathing Bowser on foot...who is being chased by a swarm of beetles!
  • The Fire Crystal's thought is "I gotta vacuum tonight!" Just the thought of a powerful crystal having to do mundane chores is hilarious.

    Remake Exclusive 
  • Mario takes his summary of The Story So Far to the Chancellor a step further this time around by somehow managing to make the entire castle rumble by reenacting the earthquake before he was sent flying.
  • The remake adds a scene between Peach and Bowser in Seaside Town after the party rescues the townsfolk. Bowser remarks how Speardovich had the nerve to kidnap and lock up the townsfolk and how Bowser's minions would never do such a thing. Peach is not amused:
    Bowser: Can you believe he didn't just kidnap 'em, he had the nerve to lock 'em up too? Me and my minions would never pull a stunt like that!
    Bowser: Ghrk... But no one got hurt, right? So all's well that ends well! Mwa ha ha!
  • As opposed to the original translation, the remake's Thought Peek on Wizakoopa has him internally freak out upon recognizing the baby that Bowser tried to kidnap many years prior.
  • The Chest Monster mini-bosses are all renamed from things relating to boxes and hiding, to "the thing you'll probably say when you see them."
  • The end of the rematch against Punchinello is even more funny than his original defeat: he avoids being crushed by his own large Bob-omb this time, but then, another coal drops on the fuse and the Bob-omb walks into him.
  • A lot of Thought Peeks (Psychopath in the original game) were rewritten for the remake:
  • The remake adds a monster encyclopedia with notes on every major enemy, and they do not hold back on goofy tidbits which range from informative to blatantly lampshading RPG tropes.
    • The entry for the Hammer Bros. points out how there's suddenly two of them when the battle begins and wonders where the second one even came from, which makes fun of the old RPG trope of having one enemy containing a party of multiple enemies when the battle starts.
    • The Paratroopa entry wonders if the impact sound reverberating while they're in their shell during their attack annoys them.
    • K-9's entry notes that its full name is actually "Blueish-Tinged Gray K-9" but they couldn't fit the whole name due to character count limitations. In a Brick Joke the name Blueish-Tinged Gray K-9 is also used repeatedly in Chow's entry.
    • Rat Funk's entry notes that despite it being a rat and thus giving the impression that it's dirty, the rat is actually a neat freak and wears white gloves to keep its hands clean.
    • The pronunciation of Belome's name has long been a point of contention among the English-speaking community. His entry clarifies the matter in the least helpful way possible:
      On occasion, you may see someone pronounce it "Bel-ōm", but the proper way is "Bel-õm." Take care to pronounce that "O" correctly!
    • The entry for Shy Ranger states that if you can actually beat one, be sure to brag about it to all your friends.
    • The entry for Artichoker states that the monster actually came first, and it was the vegetable that was named after it, not the other way around.
    • Mario Clone's entry says that it's a rare experience to see Mario facing front since you usually only ever get to see his back in battle. Strong Mario Clone (from Belome Rematch)'s entry instead says that his thoughts are unclear because he doesn't even use gestures (let alone transforming into other people like the real Mario does in this game!).
    • Bowser Clone's entry differentiates it from the real deal by saying he rolls his Rs when talking. Use Thought Peek on him and...yeah, he totally does.
      Bowser Clone: My rrradiant, rrresplendent keep...
    • Strong Geno Clone's entry suggests that he is not at all heroic or considerate unlike the actual Geno, and these factors weren't cloned. Strong Bowser Clone's entry says that he is just as interested in kidnapping Peach as the real Bowser does, but Strong Mario Clone also isn't going to care.
    • Mini Goomba's entry simply states "they're very small" in very tiny font.
    • The Czar Dragon's entry states that the statues in its arena were made to try and quell its anger. But since the statues didn't appeal to it, it's even angrier. This is directly after having to deal with Lady "Statues of me all over creation" Valentina was close to losing her temper over "In Search of Lost Brother", mind you.
    • Zombone's entry isn't related to the actual character so much as it is an explanation why it's inexplicably wearing a tattered cloak that the Czar Dragon wasn't wearing before: The character designer thought it didn't look undead enough without one.
    • Stumpet's entry notes that they normally use Backfire as their main attack, but when they're in a tough fight, or fly off the handle, or fall in love, they get agitated and use Va-Va-Voom instead.
    • Many of the enemy Palette Swap entries tend to poke fun at the very concept of reused enemy types. For example, Muckle's entry states that, despite having the same behavior and appearance as Leuko, they're not filler because "That's just how monsters are".
    • Axem Red's entry states that Red often flubs his poses.
    • According to his entry, Axem Black's sunglasses are bought at the dollar store. The Machine Made version's entry states that because the since this version comes with their own sunglasses, he's glad he doesn't have to buy his own.
    • Star Cruster's entry notes that the "Star" part of its name does not mean it has relation to Star Road or the Star Pieces. The developers just thought it sounded cool.
    • Count Down's entry states that if you're reading it at 1 AM, you need to turn the game off and get some sleep.
    • Jabbit's entry reveals that not even Smithy knows what weapon the monster is themed around.
    • Doppel's entry states that the writer once went as a Boo for Halloween, and the kids thought the costume was cute. They dressed up as Doppel the next year, and those same kids were apparently scared out of their minds.
    • Culex's entry states he is from a different world... called "Last Illusion". That's one way of not saying Final Fantasy...
    • Smelter's description has the developers worry what their customers would think if they marketed it as a monster.
    • Most of Smithy's entries focus on his Hair-Trigger Temper, with gems like "RAAAAAAAAAAAGH! - "The Wit and Wisdom of Smithy."
    • However, Wizard-head Smithy's entry goes in an entirely different direction:
      Miracle transformation! ☆ I'll cast my manacle magic on your heart! -"Magical Boy Smithy! ☆"
    • Leveled-Up Punchinello's description says that he says he wants to go home famous. It then says that little does he know, he's already well-known in his a goofball who Mario beat twice.
    • Exor's monster entry states that he's named after the legendary sword Excalibur, but since swords don't exist in Mario's world, Mario would not get the reference.
    • The 3D-Red Crystal description states that the Red Crystal really is a righteous fellow, and is pretty peeved off that Culex is using his Fire of Justice for evil stuff.
    • The Mario-Style Jinx entry reveals that Jinx realized after his defeat that if he was going to learn about teamwork moves, he should have brought Jagger into the battle with him. This is also the focus of his post-rematch Wish Star which says "I wish we had at least one more student."
  • In the original game, Culex explains that Mario's world is uninhabitable to him. In the remake, he still appears in his pixelated sprite despite everyone else getting a visual update. So it turns out when he said it's uninhabitable to him, who knew he meant that he's a 2D character in a 3D world.
    • For the final post-game battle, Culex takes the power of the wishes granted by Mario to the other bosses, and uses it to fulfill his own wish. That wish is to become a three-dimensional model. 3-D Culex acts as a punchline to a joke that has been up in the air since the original game's release in 1996.
    • 3-D Culex’s Thought Peek continues the meta jokes. “You shall bear witness to the power of post-game content!”
  • After beating Exhausted Torte, Extra-Fancy Bundt and Extra-Fancy Raspberry, Chef Torte's wish is now "I vish I could make a normal cake."