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Tear Jerker / Super Mario RPG

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  • The credits, which not only has the music but also scenes of people you've met throughout your journey getting their wishes finally granted. And just when you think it's over, the main Super Mario Bros. theme starts playing on a music box.
  • Mallow learning that he is, in fact, not a tadpole, from Frogfucious. The game plays it up with the usual Mario-style camp, but it's hard not to feel for the tiny ball of fluff, whose whole upbringing was a lie.
    • Frogfucious/The Frog Sage is also genuinely sad when his adoptive grandson leaves with Mario to find his real family, as going back to speak to him reveals that he's lamenting over how quiet it without him.
  • Booster's Tower has a pair of Snifits/Snifsters talking in the reception area. Battling one and winning will have the other Snifit/Snifster look around in confusion, stop to stare at you, then run off into a corner cowering in fear. The poor guys just aren't cut out for fighting.
  • When you get to Marrymore, the Toad couple from earlier; Raz and Raimi get kicked out by Booster's forces before they could get married. They're utterly devastated by the wrench thrown in their future plans, but thankfully, they quickly resume the wedding after rescuing Toadstool/Peach.
  • Boomer's final moments, in which he laments how he was bested by Mario and the party. Mario apparently spares him of his fate and even tries to cheer him up, but to no avail. Instead, Boomer claims he doesn't need Mario's sympathy. Finally, with one final goodbye to Mario and co., Boomer slashes Chandeli-Ho/Shyndelier, causing him to drop the chandelier he was standing on and sends himself plummeting to his demise. ...Or at least it would be the case if he wasn't strong enough to survive the fall as Chandeli-Ho/Shyndelier implies.
  • Geno's departure. It's hinted at more and more as the game progresses, to the point where Geno almost outright tells Mario that he'll eventually have to go back to Star Road before urging him and his friends to fight Smithy. When Smithy is finally defeated, he reverts back to his star form and hovers over Mario, Mallow, Bowser, and Peach before finally leaving and taking the Stars with him. What really sells it is the music that plays as the following cutscene plays, all the way up to Exor disintegrating. And it only gets worse in his final farewell as the credits parade closes off...
    • This is somewhat blunted in the Remake where the parade closes off with a new scene of Mario and Peach enjoying the fireworks before being joined by the rest of the party, including Geno in his star form who hovers around them to enjoy the show before flying off to the Star Road again which suggests he's still free to visit his friends whenever he wants.
  • Mallow meeting his real parents in Nimbus Land. It's such a Tear Jerker even the game makes Mallow cry.
  • A couple on Star Hill:
    • One of the fallen-star wishes you can read on Star Hill is from Luigi, who wants to be a great plumber like Mario. It hits harder since Luigi doesn't properly appear in the game at all (except for a small cameo in the closing credits).
      • Luigi's wish is even sadder in the remake. Rather than being an aspirational wish of becoming a great plumber, his wish now takes cues from his Paper Mario 64 diary and is a wish of wanting to be more, reading, "I wanna help out my older brother, Mario." It's not that he has a bad relationship with him, but he wishes that he can do more, to be his equal.
    • Another wish nearly causes Mallow to burst into tears (and flood the whole hill):
      Mallow's parents: Please let Mallow find his way home.
    • While he was your enemy, one of the wishes reads "I hope I become famous". It's from Punchinello, who's long dead by the time you get to this point in the game. He'll never have that wish granted, even after you fix the Star Road. Somewhat subverted in the Switch remake, as he's alive in the postgame as an optional Super Boss where, after defeating him, helps Bowser with the repairs of his keep to gain a little bit of fame.
  • The Factory Director's Thought Peek and bestiary list paint a surprisingly somber picture of a Punch-Clock Villain; he's endured a career change, is working with a union, and overseeing his son's entrance exams, and in the SNES version his Psychopath quote is "I just lost EVERYTHING." And then Mario and the party kill him.
  • While Dodo may be a fat, lazy and irascible jerk, the remake gives him Adaptational Sympathy through both his monster profile entries. Upon hatching, Dodo imprinted on Valentina who constantly abuses him but he's resentfully loyal despite this because he's ultimately indebted to her for raising him. It's not hard to see that Dodo grew up to be like this because of Valentina's horrible treatment of him, and he can't get out of his situation due to being indebted to her.
  • In the remake, during the "Where Are They Now?" Epilogue, Gaz is playing with his mom with Gaz's dolls. Gaz then goes over to the window and looks up at the sky, clearly wishing Geno could join in too.