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The destruction/Reconstruction of the Star Road splintered the Mario reality.

Before Smithy smashed the Star Road, he used it to have his wish granted: that he could conquer the Mushroom World. His wish transformed the Mushroom World into an RPG World, suited for him to take over. When the Star Road was rebuilt, it created two branching reality: one negating the events of the game and branching into the 3D/Platform games, where Bowser remains agressively evil, and another where the events of Mario RPG did happen, which branches off into the rest of the RPG games, where Bowser is seen more as an annoyance than an outright king of evil.


This is the Final mario adventure chronologically

Either Bowser would stop kidnapping Peach out of gratitude for her help in retaking his castle, or more likely, would be smart enough to realize that both Mario AND Peach are strong enough to take out villains much more powerful than him.

  • Bowser is Princess Kidnapping junky. Regardless of whatever gratitude he might have, he still relapses.

In this game, Mario is a Jumplomancer
He is capable of some truly epic leaps (it's possible, for example, to get 100 jumps in a row) that only do falling damage on the opponent and not himself; in the case of 100 jumps, this earns him a nifty item; in another, he convinces a terrified citizen of Mushroom Kingdom that he is indeed the legendary Mario by jumping.

That second Mario in Jonathan Jones's ship is actually a Duplighost.
He must've been spying on Mario from off-screen then decided to turn into him for kicks. He snuck off to that room off to the side, but Mario ended up walking in on him.

The "higher authority" that Geno answers to is the Star Spirits from Paper Mario.
When not in doll form, "Geno" (or whatever his name really is) appears as a small sparkling star. He's a grown "star" like the Star Spirits, and they're his superiors.

Smithy is Robot Santa Claus from Futurama.
At some point in Futurama's relative future, Robot Santa is defeated and exiled to a limbo dimension. Swearing revenge, Robot Santa rebuilds himself into an even more powerful body, learns how to use magic (or a close approximation of it) and builds a Living Weapon factory. His first target is the Mushroom Kingdom/World, possibly because he thinks it'll be easy to conquer and convert into a proper base, but Mario and the gang manage to defeat him before he returns to full power. The personality traits match up: he's ill-tempered and a Bad Boss, he seems to hate everyone else, and he destroys the Star Road since he thinks he's the only one who should be allowed to grant wishes.

Smithy is enraged out of loneliness
He appears from another dimension. A dimension that is nothing but a factory dedicated to making weapons, all handcrafted by Smithy himself. He is the god of this dimension. The smithy heads and other failed creations in his factory were his first attempts, to create other beings he can interact with. They were flawed, and eventually, Smithy became so enraged that he started making his creatures living weapons for the sole purpose of destroying things and set his sights on other worlds. And this all happens very shortly before the game, as a Shyster mentions, the factory was built a day before Mario and Co. arrive. In the dimension you run into duplicates of the member of the Smithy gang, that are apparently being mass produced. Since, in the actual game, you only run into one of each type, he probably staged the invasion before even creating much members of his army and was planning on sending more and more into the mario world, all out of a fit of anger.

Culex is either from The Sims or after his defeat with Mario, accidentally ended up in their universe
During the battle, Culex has four Crystals. The Wind Crystal looks extremely similar to the Green Crystal that controls the Sims. If the Crystals cannot function without Culex, maybe Culex is somewhere in the Sims universe controlling the people ... and you're actually playing as him!

Peach's ??? is a tractor

There will eventually be a sequel some time in the near future.

Nintendo will someday get around the Geno copyright issue by having him possess a different toy
I'm surprised nobody's thought of this already. His name & appearance are both borrowed so so have him use different ones in later games.
  • That is an AWESOME idea!
  • The only problem is that Mallow and most of the enemies are copyrighted to Square and not Nintendo.
    • Nothing else from this game would have to appear in a future game for Geno to come back.
  • And then there was Super Mario Odyssey.

Alternatively, Nintendo already brought him back as the little Play-Yan/Night Walk guy
They're both associated with stars, and they haven't exactly addressed who the little guy is...

Count Down, the Giant Space Flea from Nowhere in the final dungeon, is actually the Factory's timekeeper
And by destroying it, Mario and his team have destroyed the one thing that kept all of the factory's "employees" (all machines) doing things at the right time. Hence why it's one of the first bosses there; defeating it will disrupt all of the Factory's activities!

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