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Trivia / Super Mario RPG

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  • Cowboy BeBop at His Computer: The US television commercials, Nintendo Power's first walkthrough article and the magazine adds for the game referred to the sword that struck Bowser's castle as "Smithy the Sword." This is not the sword's name, Smithy being a completely different character. In addition, the Nintendo Power walkthrough article and the magazine ads hinted at a subplot involving Geno becoming a "real boy".
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  • Exiled from Continuity: The reason why Geno, Mallow, Smithy and many others aren't even namedropped in most other Mario games is because Square Enix own the rights to the characters who debuted in this game, not Nintendo. Only Geno has managed to reappear in some way later due to his persisting popularity and even then, his cameos required some negotiation.
  • No Export for You: it joined the ranks of Final Fantasy VI and Chrono Trigger during the SNES era in Europe. At least this one had more of an excuse due to Nintendo needing to rework the included lockout chip to be compatible with PAL televisions. Twelve years later, the European Virtual Console set things right thanks to the Hanabi Festival.

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