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Trivia / Super Mario Sunshine

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  • Colbert Bump: This game introduced many Westerners to durians, though their lack of availability in Western grocery stores (due to their rapid spoiling and their sensitivity to freezing making importing them difficult) means most such players never got their hands on these fruits. Due to the durians' terrible reputation in its native Asia, however, perhaps that's for the best.
  • Early Draft Tie-In: Almost all Yoshi-related merchandise for the game features a Green Yoshi. Green Yoshi can't normally be found as Yoshi only turn green right before they disappear. However, renders for the game feature a green Yoshi, because in development Yoshi were able to be green.
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  • No Dub for You: In the Japanese version, the Full Motion Video cutscenes are in English with Japanese subtitles. Funny enough, it's a slightly different audio track from the US version, less polished in places.
  • Talking to Himself: Charles Martinet, as is typical for the series, voices a number of roles besides Mario, including Toadsworth, and the male Piantas.
  • What Could Have Been: There were several things that were considered for this game:
    • The game, as unveiled, ran at 60FPS, but with significantly lower-detail graphics. The final game runs at 30FPS though the 60 FPS functionality was only Dummied Out; it's possible to raise the framerate cap to 60 FPS with the use of a few simple cheat codes, which is useful for playing the game on emulators.
    • Mario was originally going to spread and wash away paint (not like in the final game), but was scrapped due to technical limitations. Nintendo would hang onto this idea and eventually make a new game series based on it—Splatoon—once it became technically feasible.
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    • F.L.U.D.D. was considered as a water gun, but this was scrapped due to potential implications of violence.
    • The Spaceworld 2001 trailer shows all the Piantas as blue, a human inhabiting Delfino Plaza, enemies walking around the Hub Level, a slimmer F.L.U.D.D., a completely different water supply counter, a monster named Hinokuri (while Dummied Out, he can still be found in the test level accessible by hacking), and Sol Coins that were originally intended as currency for...
    • A scrapped train system. A text file left over in the Japanese version of the game called "station.bmg" contains dialogue trees for a train transportation system. Mario would buy tickets using Sol Coins and the train would take him to any of the levels or areas on the island. The train system's list of locations, as well as an old level list, both contain the following unused locations:
      • Hotel Lacrima
      • Etro Rock
      • Lighthouse Island
      • Island Harbor
      • Fire Shrine
      • Battleship Island
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    • There are dummied out textures of Ricco Harbor still in the game, including the unused blooper designs.
    • The E3 2002 trailer had, likewise:
      • A completely different life counter.
      • No pineapple/warp goop in the pipe.
      • Bouncing Petey Piranha heads.
      • Gooper Blooper in the trailer is more black-blue.
      • Yoshi only died when he touched water.
    • In the files for the Japanese version of the game, this document can be found which includes dialogue for a number of unused scenarios. Notable is some dialogue from a "Mayor" (no such character exists in the final game) who treats Mario with considerably more respect than any authority figures do in the final, and implies that originally, the goal of the game would have been to help improve Delfino Plaza's tourism rating rather than to clear Mario's name.


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