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Intelligent Systems Co., Ltd. 『株式会社インテリジェントシステムズ』 is a Japanese video game company founded by Nintendo programmer Tohru Narihiro in 1986. The company has a long history as a close partner to Nintendo, though are not owned by them. They are best known for the Fire Emblem franchise and the Paper Mario and WarioWare series.

Intelligent Systems was founded as a coding and porting factory to support Nintendo's console development, helping develop a number of NES games (most notably Metroid) and porting games from the disk-based Famicom Disk System to be playable on the cartridge-based NES. They quickly transitioned into developing their own games, mainly of the RPG variety. Their first title was Famicom Wars in 1988, which Nintendo R&D1 assisted with development. It was a success and went on to become the long-running Nintendo Wars series (sometimes just known as Wars). In 1990 they released Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon and the Blade of Light, also developed alongside Nintendo's R&D1 team. The game went on to become a Sleeper Hit despite poor reviews and was also successful enough to warrant a sequel, solidifying the company's position as an important partner to Nintendo and establishing one of Intelligent System's most important franchises. Though some future projects would still be done alongside Nintendo's other studios (e.g. Super Metroid) or under their supervision, Intelligent Systems was given a fair bit of creative autonomy to work on their own games.


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