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Paper Mario

  • A villainous one from the beginning of the game: Bowser storms Star Haven, kidnaps the star spirits, and takes the Star Rod, all without any sort of opposition. He then proceeds to use this power to come far closer to actually KILLING Mario than any other instance in the entire series. If it's not entirely clear how much of an accomplishment that is, not even the end of the universe managed to kill the hero.
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  • Merlon owning the Toad-disguised Koopa Bros. with a Thunder Rage-like spell, making them go Screw This, I'm Outta Here! back to their Fortress.
  • Sometimes you can get rare Lil' Oinks. The Golden ones drop Ultra Shrooms and Silver ones drop Jammin' Jellies. You can combine the items to make the best healing item in the game, the Jelly Ultra.
  • Seeing Dry Dry Ruins come out of the ground for the first time is an amazing cutscene with a music track that plays there and nowhere else.
  • Defeating The Master at full power in the first game. The Awesome Music that accompanies it makes it even better.
  • Defeating the not-so invincible Tubba Blubba and freeing the Boos. Tubba is built up for the entire chapter as an unstoppable monster, and when you finally find and defeat his weak spot, his heart, it's extremely satisfying to curb-stomp the big guy himself.
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  • Defeating General Guy has you going through his entire army, squad by squad, before you take on the General himself and his tank.
  • Kolorado tries to attack Lava Piranha while it's on fire. Granted, the only thing that comes of it is a Rump Roast, but props for actually trying to come to Mario's aid, as that's definitely a step beyond most other Mushroom Kingdom inhabitants!
  • Misstar saves the party and Kolorado from the erupting volcano just before it erupts completely.
  • Helping the Sun rise in Flower Fields banishes the clouds formed around the land and also has an awesome music track that plays nowhere else in the game.
  • Peach gets several throughout the game for refusing to stay locked up and trying to help Mario however she can by spying. She can even send him powerful items and badges, and the Sneaky Parasol event makes it better.
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  • The citizens of the Mushroom Kingdom all wishing for the Princess to be alright as you ascend to the final level. Even the one who just wants to eat Shroom Cake.
  • During the last chapter's first cutscene, after Kammy Koopa tells Bowser that Mario has saved all of the Star Spirits, he ties up Princess Peach and decides to kill Mario himself. Twink jumps in to try and save Peach by attacking the Koopatrol. Sure, it doesn't work any better than Kolorado and the Lava Piranha, but again, at least he tries.
  • Kammy Koopa being defeated by Twink, who is boosted by Peach's wishes into a powerhouse.
  • In the not-quite-Final Battle, Bowser has made himself invincible by using the Star Rod, but Mario undoes the invincibility by using the Star Beam, a power granted to him by the Star Spirits he rescued in the game. When Bowser's taken enough damage, he flees. In the final Final Battle with Bowser, you're on a special energy-boosting platform—the platform's energy boost, combined with the Star Rod, makes the Star Beam fail to work! At this point, Princess Peach (along with just about everybody in the Kingdom) makes a wish for Mario to win, giving just enough power to the Star Spirits to help Mario take down Bowser once and for all.
    Star Beam has been upgraded! It's now Peach Beam! Mario can now use Peach Beam!
  • Another villainous one by Kammy: she's very cunning all throughout the game, which includes not trusting Peach's answers when Bowser questions her about Mario's weaknesses and seeing through Peach's clever disguise late in the game. On top of all that, she subverts a major villain cliche by preparing a secret weapon for Mario's arrival, even saying, "Do you really think we were foolish enough to just sit back and watch as you save the Star Spirits?"
  • Watt and Lakilester can actually hurt StarRod!Bowser for 1 HP if powered up enough.
  • If you're good enough at the Power Bounce, Mario can take out tough enemies such as Anti Guy in one turn.

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