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List of Paper Mario games with their own subpages:

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    Transport chest 

  • So... anyone remember that chest in the first game that Peach uses to transport stuff to Mario? What exactly stopped her from jumping into it? There was plenty of room!
    • Peach had no idea where the other chest was.
    • She knew it WASN'T in her/Bowser's castle. I blame the Mario/Peach/Bowser relationship to be honest. They're all friends who just happen to play rough with each other. If Peach wanted to escape or for that matter fight Bowser off alone she likely could but that's not how the game is played.
      • At least, not in cases where he's the Big Bad. You can totally fight him as her in SPM.
      • First fight she gets blocked out of the arena, second fight she's sleeping in the Overthere. Unless you mean Shadoo, you are mistaken.
      • Even if Bowser were to take her seriously enough as an opponent, I doubt he would ever be willing to fight her. Even if she tried, all he'd need to do would be to have his Koopatrols grab her and take her back to her room. And Peach doesn't have Spike Shield (or a hammer, for that matter), so she can't hold her own against them.
    • Aside from that....bizarre theory, she might have not done it for fear that a living thing wouldn't be able to survive the transportation. Or maybe it was just because she had no idea if the other trunk was actually owned by anybody. For all she knew, the trunk was buried somewhere, or in some old, unused building. If it's the latter, the problem is that the other trunk might just be locked. It would probably be better to be held hostage than to be locked in a trunk god knows where, potentially suffocating or starving.
    • Problem one with that explanation: Then how does she know that the items she's sending are reaching Mario? Problem two: What's to stop her from leaping into the chest, then leaping back out into Bowser's castle if she ends up somewhere bad?
    • Explanation One: She didn't know he was getting them. She just put them there in the off chance he was. Obviously someone was getting them, since the items were being taken out, but she had no way of knowing who got them. Explanation two: It still doesn't sound very safe to do something like that. Suppose she got in and the chest locked behind her? She's still stuck, especially since Bowser and his minions didn't seem to know the chest was there. Not to mention, it could be the chest can only transport inanimate objects.
    • Peach makes it clear that saving herself isn't her only goal - she seems more concerned with saving her subjects, the party guests who Bowser also had imprisoned, and with getting the Star Rod back and fixing everything he'd done wrong. She probably figures that by staying put, she can both gather intel to help Mario on the ground and keep Bowser appeased to the point where he doesn't bother doing anything worse with the other prisoners - after all, it was mentioned that having her at his side was one of Bowser's wishes, and it wouldn't exactly be prudent for a ruler to abandon her people like that.
    • Especially since said castle is sitting on top of Bowser's dreaded castle and it's being prowled by Koopatrols, which Toads have no defense against.
    • Dimension-bending artifacts like these are usually pretty sealed up. Maybe it was airtight.

    Peach escaping her room 

  • Why weren't Bowser and Kammy Koopa suspicious of Peach escaping from her room after each chapter? You'd think after the first few times that they'd realize she's eluding the guards somehow. The least they could have done is search her room for the secret passage or increase the security around the castle. Heck, they're present when Peach appears in Bowser's room! They don't even bother checking the alcove with the giant button!
    • Why bother? As one of the guards points out, there's nowhere she can go. If they see her they have to take her back and it wouldn't give Bowser a good image to let her wander freely, but again, it's not like there's much she can do, or so they think. Had they known she was sending Mario items and give advice through Twink, they probably would have made certain she was well and truly locked up. Also, they let her join in a game show (clear sign they don't care where she is except when the boss is looking), and keep a umbrella that turns her into other people. They wouldn't do this, no matter how dumb, if there was any chance at all she could use it to actually escape.
    • The farthest she can go is outside of her castle, and even then it's only thanks to the Sneaky Parasol.
    • Also, even if Peach did escape, Bowser would just use the Star Rod to recapture her, like he does with the Dream Stone in Mario & Luigi: Dream Team.

    Peach's balcony 

  • Why doesn't she just... jump off the balcony? Even in games where she isn't playable, she has the ability to float and fall at a safe speed. (She gracefully dropped from a similar height in Sunshine's ending.)
    • Remember, Bowser lifted the entire Castle into the sky, so they could be in the stratosphere for all we know. Magical floating powers or not, I wouldn't jump from that high with a parachute!
    • Also, she had a parasol in Sunshine, she didn't have anything similar in Paper Mario. (the shape-shifting parasol doesn't count, it probably doesn't even have the same floating properties)
    • Mario was knocked out of the castle with lightning from a wish-granting magic wand, after he'd just been beaten to a pulp and left for dead by his greatest enemy. It took what little power that remained of the seven Star Spirits in order to even return him to a healable condition after the fall, and several days of rest afterwards before he finally woke up.
    • It's simple. There is a railing, and Peach can't jump.
    • As mentioned in the section about the Transport Chest, Peach's only concern isn't to save herself; she also wants to make sure the other prisoners get out safely, too. Even if she could survive the fall, it wouldn't be a good option, because she'd have left behind the prisoners; on top of that, Peach was feeding Mario information about the Star Spirits' locations through Twink. Peach being in the castle to gather information was actually more helpful to her cause than actually escaping would've been.
    • Another thing to keep in mind is that Peach wasn't actually in any danger if she didn't escape - Bowser makes clear that he's not interested in hurting her, and it isn't until the very end that he pays that much attention to her at all. Staying put inside the castle was more helpful to Mario's cause, probably a lot safer for Peach, and allowed her to keep watch over Bowser and her subjects. She had no reason to escape, so she didn't really bother trying.

    Twink's knowledge 

  • Why didn't Twink tell Mario to go to Forever Forest or Flower Fields? Unlike the Crystal Palace, Twink did hear about the other Star Spirit locations.
    • Seeing as something else told to go there and he did, I just figure Twink did come by to tell him... but saw he was already there/going there, and left.
    • As for Forever Forest, Peach and Twink had overheard news that the Star Spirit escaped from Tubba Blubba's castle; they could have figured Skolar would find his own way back to Star Haven and that Mario wouldn't need to fight Tubba Blubba. And even after they did go and search for clues, all they came back with was that Tubba Blubba is invincible, and that he might have a secret that might be his only weakness - nothing that would be of any use toward finding where Skolar is now. "Oh, hey, Mario! I've got news on the Star Spirits! Well...I don't know where the next one is, and the guy who used to be guarding it is invincible. Hope this helps!"
    • Same goes for the final Star Spirit; its only known location is in the far north, but even Twink doesn't know where it is.

    Star Rod and fire breath 

  • In the first game, when you fight Bowser, he uses the Star Rod and becomes invincible... but with his fire breath attack, why did he need the Star Rod in the first place? He could have likely killed you considering that he had to have at least 10 HP. (it's Bowser, after all)
    • Well, there's No Kill Like Overkill, especially when it's against a nemesis who's been wrecking all of your awesome plans for the last who knows how long.
    • Not to mention you can power up your weakling enemies like Goombas, Puffs, and even those crazy Shy Guys.
    • We also don't know whether Bowser knows how much HP Mario has. And considering how persistent Mario has been in the past, it's reasonable for him not to want to take any chances.'
    • It was pretty clear that Bowser was toying with Mario for that entire fight considering how much he was mocking Mario during that battle. He just recently got the Star Rod and most likely wanted to give Mario a Hope Spot before finishing him off. Like the first answer said, Bowser has been beaten countless times by Mario so when he is a position he knows that he can beat Mario easily, he wanted to have a little fun before taking him out.

     The Star Rod 
  • It's repeatedly mentioned that the Star Rod has the power to grant any wish of the one who wields it. Why, then, does Bowser never just say, "Star Rod, I wish that Mario would be struck by a magical bolt of lightning and zapped out of existence!"? He spends the entire game with the rod in his castle just waiting for Mario to gather enough strength to face him and doesn't seem upset at letting his loyal minions have a go at him in the meantime, so why not just get rid of him the easy way?
    • Because the easy way isn't really as satisfying as defeating him himself using his newfound power. Mario and Bowser have been enemies for years, after all.
    • Perhaps the Rod is limited by Thou Shalt Not Kill, not unlike Aladdin's Genie?
    • No, it can definitely kill people. Two of Bowser's attacks in the final battle involve using the Star Rod to damage Mario, and both will still kill him if his HP is low enough.
    • I've always personally suspected that Bowser is at least subconsciously aware of the fact his "kidnap the princess, fight the plumber" routine is the only real purpose he has in life, and doesn't go for obvious failsafe plans because he doesn't know what he'd actually do if he won. A lot of fans also subscribe to the theory that it's not even subconscious, Bowser and Mario are on genuinely good terms and this is just how they have fun and keep up appearances. Alternatively, we might need to consider Bowser is just thick.
    • Super Paper Mario suggests that Bowser considers magically-induced Cessation of Existence to be below his standards, as even he's horrified what the Void reduces Sammer's Kingdom to... Granted, he does try to wish the Mario Bros. out of existence in Mario & Luigi: Dream Team, but it's possible by that point that they've been at it for long enough for him to consider using such desperate measures.

  • How are the Puff-related enemies (and possibly Flurrie) able to deal damage just by making contact? Aren't they all made up of clouds?
    • Clouds in videogames tend to be more solid than they are in real life.
    • That doesn't really mean that they're solid and hard enough to deal damage. In places like Cloudy Climb and the Overthere, the clouds still seem pretty soft, and Puff enemies in TTYD make a bouncy sound when they take damage.
    • The cloud monsters may have the power to alter their density.
    • The real answer is: Because they're enemies. There's no real logic to them. It's for the same reasons why goombas hurt Mario if they run into him.

     Rescuing Skolar 
  • Lady Bow uses a captive Skolar as leverage to convince Mario to help the Boos by defeating Tubba Blubba, using the reasoning that he would've had to fight Tubba Blubba anyway to rescue Skolar in the first place...Where is the logic in that, exactly? It's not as if the Boos snuck into Tubba's castle and stole the star spirit from him - Skolar had already escaped the castle and became lost in Forever Forest before the Boos found him. If they hadn't interfered, Mario wouldn't have needed to face Tubba Blubba at all.
    • Good point but to explain, remember Skolar was very weak at the time and barely had the strength to escape from Tubba Blubba's Castle. Considering Tubba Blubba was eating Boos for a good while and there are even some hiding in his castle, it's only natural they knew Skolar had escaped. And even if Mario found Skolar first and then just left Forever Forest, he wouldn't go far without Bow's ability since he needs to get into Shy Guy's Toy Box using Bow's ability.
    • They captured Skolar exactly BECAUSE of that “Mario wouldn’t have needed to face Tubba Blubba at all” bit. Mario’s objective was getting the seven Star Spirits, so if the boos just handed Skolar over, then Mario wouldn’t have had to go out of his way to save all of the eaten boos and stop Tubba Blubba. It would have been more like sidequest material for him. Sure, Mario’s a selfless guy and it would have been in character for him to help the boos without that incentive, but considering their predicament it was smart to force Mario into helping them just to eliminate any possibility of him refusing or putting it lower on his priority list.

     Toad Town's Main Gate 
  • Why does Toad Town's main gate lead to Goomba Village?
    • It could be that Goomba Road also connects to other parts of the world, so most people who visit Toad Town would pass through that gate to get there.

     Big Lantern Ghost 
  • Why does Big Lantern Ghost carry a lit lantern when he hates light?
    • It's possible that he normally doesn't carry a lantern, or a lit one, but merely used it to contain Watt, a being that constantly emits light, his massive weakness, and was planning to dispose of it before Mario arrived and messed everything up. Alternatively, light may be a necessary evil to him due to not being able to see through the darkness where he is most powerful.
    • It could also be that, much the way humans enjoy sitting near a warm cozy fire but we hate being set on fire, the ghost is perfectly happy carrying a lantern, he just hates being flooded with light.

     Tubba Blubba 
  • Why don't the Boos just turn invisible and leave Tubba Blubba's body or wait for him to move away from where he was when he ate them and fly away to not get eaten? Is his body somehow Boo "invisibility makes it possible for ghosts/Boos to go through walls/floors/surfaces/bodies" repellant? How?
    • My memory is rusty, but I believe the cause of his ghost eating abilities is from Bowser granting him the ability with the star rod. Having the ability to eat ghosts would include them not escaping.

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