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Welcome to the Funny Moments page for Paper Mario!

Here's the Funny Moments page for the Super Mario Bros. franchise as a whole.

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All Games

  • Any time the fourth wall is brought into play.
  • Mario falling asleep from the extremely long "short versions" of the stories.
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  • The interchangeability of "paper" physics and "real" physics.
  • At least in Thousand-Year Door, Super, and Origami King, Bowser is consistently a bringer of much joy when he's onscreen.

Paper Mario

  • Reading Bowser's diary reveals that he hopes that Peach legitimately likes him.
  • "And...oh dear! Who put that thing in the story?"
  • Tutankoopa's increasingly pathetic attempts to scare Mario away.
  • "Bow joined the party - like it or not!"
  • At one point in Crystal Palace, a bunch of Duplighosts try to mimic Kooper, and end up mimicking completely different charactersnote .
    • As an added bonus, if you tag Kooper as the fake regardless, he'll get angry and accuse you of doing that on purpose.
  • "WHERE'D YOU LEARN HOW TO COOK, TRUCK DRIVING SCHOOL?!" The result of feeding Gourmet Guy a bad cake. As in, a "cake" made entirely of salt and uncooked eggs, or burned strawberries, or detergent.
    • It's enough to make one suspect that they allowed the selection and usage of non-recipe specified "ingredients" just for players to get a quick laugh out of results like this. And it's all the more hilarious.
    • And if you utterly screw up the cake, he mutters about you trying to poison him.
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    • The easiest part about baking the cake is the final step of adding cream and strawberries, literally. As in you have to add the cream first. If you add the strawberries first, he rejects it.
    • Notice that if/when he rejects the cake, he spits it out whole.
  • Kammy when she sees Peach disguised as a Clubba: "Mmm!! You there! You're doing a fine job."
    • In the very next line of dialogue, Kammy deduces that the Clubba is actually Peach in disguise because the Clubba smells too nice.
  • Feeding Gourmet Guy cake for the first time.
  • If you use Watt's Electro Dash on General Guy's tank, you get this gem right here.
    "Grrrrrrr! My high-tech tank defenses don't seem to stand up to that electric attack! Quit doing that! It's... It's too powerful! You're breaking the rules of war!"
  • Watt has different responses based on how you break her lantern. Opting to blow it to smithereens with Bombette will prompt her to reprimand you for it.
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  • Goombario does not enjoy Dry Dry Desert.
    "You know what I just realized? I hate the desert! Yup! Sand gets in my eyes so I can't see. I feel like I've eaten a couple pounds of sand, and my feet itch. I'm freaking out here!"
    "Ah, yes! Some more sand and some more cacti! How do you stand such a boring landscape? Look, when I signed on for this adventure, I was under the impression that there would be no boredom involved."
    "You know, there sure are a lot of rocks in the desert. Before I came here, I thought there was just sand. But there are rocks, too. Whoopee."
    "So hot... I feel dizzy... Where are we going again? Who are you, anyway?"
    "So blue...the desert sky... They ought to call it... 'Big Ol' Super Blue Sky'!"
  • After you thrash the Goomba King and his servants, Red Goomba and Blue Goomba, they retreat to inside his fort. Listening at the window, you hear how the Goomba Bros. hid an important switch where no one will find it...outside.
  • If you go to Mario's House after acquiring the Super Boots but before beating Chapter 3, you can catch Luigi in the middle of writing in his diary. After a long, awkward pause he runs out of the room, and acts like nothing happened.
  • In the Peach interlude between Chapters 3 and 4, Bowser interrogates Peach on Mario's weaknesses so that he can have Kammy Koopa station them in Shy Guy's Toy Box at key spots. Every set of options contains two enemies and a useful item. Normally, you would claim that Mario is afraid of a simple mushroom, but the first set of options contains a standard Goomba as one of the enemies. At that point in the game, regular Goombas are virtually harmless and a battle with them is very one-sided. If you choose the Goomba, Kammy will rightfully voice her skepticism after deploying it, seeing as Mario has been stomping on them for years. Once the Goomba realizes he's fighting Mario, he knows he's lost already.
  • The Shy Guys screaming, especially when they do so while running from Mario.
  • When fighting Duplighosts, have Bombette as your partner and wait for them to transform into her then use her Power Bomb or Kooper's Fire Shell. Instant victory.
    • If you have Goombario, they might use tattle. It's about as useful to them as it can get for a Red Shirt Army.
  • As the party ascends to Bowser's Castle, they hear the wishes of the Mushroom people. While most of these are heartwarming, one is from a Toad who wants to eat Shroom Cake.
  • Jr. Troopa swimming to Lavalava Island to attack Mario, only for Mario to leave immediately after via the whale.
    • Then in the next cutscene, we see Mario, his partner, and Kolorado on the whale, and then after they go off screen, we see Jr. swimming after them.
    • Then when Jr. Troopa finally catches up with them, it turns out he's so worn out from all the swimming that his HP takes a dive before the battle even begins.
    • And what really seals the deal is that he had the power to sprout wings at this point. If he had flown instead of swam, he wouldn't have been nearly as worn out. He even says this himself.
  • The Monstar. At first, it looks like a powerful and intimidating enemy until it actually attacks. Its attack is sending a starstorm at you that only does one damage or if you have the Defend Plus badge equipped, no damage.
  • After Bowser is defeated, the bulletin board next to Merlon's house insists that Bowser is definitely finished for good.
  • The way Bow's eyes spin when she is dazed, especially considering how dignified she usually is.
  • At the start of Chapter 7, if you try to break through the frozen pond in order to get the Warehouse Key before starting the murder mystery sequence, you'll get reprimanded by the Penguin Patrol for unsafe behavior:
    "What are you doing? Stop that! Have you lost your wits? What if the ice breaks?
    • And if you ignore him and Ultra Jump on the ice a second time:
    Penguin Patrol: (blowing a whistle) "No! Are you a complete idiot?! I told you not to do that! That's really dangerous!"
    (he drags Mario off the ice)
    Penguin Patrol: "Don't you ever listen?! You're a public nuisance! Take a hike!" (he kicks Mario out)
  • After waking the whale up via spin jump he moans about his upset stomach and then angrily complains that now he also has a headache from Mario jumping all over him.
    • Hammering or spin jumping the Whale's insides achieves a few funny lines.
    Whale: Aw, my tongue! What are you doing?!?
    Whale: Ouch, that hurt! What are you doing in there?
  • If you head back to Tubba Blubba's Castle after Chapter 3 you will find it completely deserted, save for one sleeping Clubba who apparently slept through the evacuation of the castle! If talked to he at first seems alarmed that everyone left, but then shrugs and goes right back to sleep.
  • Speaking of Clubbas, if Peach speaks to the sleeping Clubba outside her castle while disguised as it via the sneaky parasol he gives us this gem:
    Clubba: Oh it's you! Oh, it's just me. Hello me! (goes back to sleep)
  • In Chapter 4, if you try to bring the Toy Train directly to the conductor instead of tossing it into Shy Guy's Toy Box from the outside, you get this line from him:
    "Look, we can't very well ride in a tiny little toy train! That'd be impossible. Put that back in its toy box!"
  • Chapter 5 allows for a little Video Game Cruelty Potential regarding Kolorado.
    • He'll blindly rush ahead of Mario and wind up getting menaced by a foe, which you can save him from, or you can choose to ignore them and keep going, after which Kolorado will catch up and chew Mario out for it.
    • Or you can always just stand and watch the Spear Guy whack (not stab) the poor Koopa with his spear over and over and over.
    • Notably, if you attack the Spear Guy to get a First Strike, it won't stop attacking Kolorado even through the Fight Woosh, as if it doesn't even know Mario's there.
    • You can also hit Kolorado with the Hammer instead of the enemy attacking him, which results in some gems from him:
      Kolorado: Ow! Mario! You're supposed to attack the other guy, old bean! Do you have any issues with me? A bit of jealousy, perhaps?
      Kolorado: "Ow! Get ahold of yourself! What do you say you attack the enemies instead of me, hmmm?
  • After the fight with Lakilester, his girlfriend Lakilulu asks Mario to forgive him. If you choose not to she will hit Mario with a Spiny and then present him with the question again until he says yes.

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