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"No vacancy for true guys !"

Lascars is a French animated series created by Boris Dolivet a.k.a. El Diablo. It depicts with humor the misadventures of the youth subculture influenced by Hip-Hop, the series mostly uses verlan slang and adult humour, the episodes are usually shorts (1 minute). 2 seasons (60 episodes) was made in 1998 and 2007, an unaired pilot was also made for a 20 minute series.

The series also hit the cinema with an animated movie in 2009 which features the voices of Vincent Cassel and Diane Kruger.


Lascars (the series) provides examples of:

  • Celebrity Star
    • In the first season, there is an episode about the famous fashion designer Jean-Paul Gaultier.
    • Also, in season two, the episode "Retour vers le vintage" portrays the French rapper Joey Starr as an old man in the future.
  • The Future: "Retour vers le vintage" in the second season.
  • Gross-Out Show: Gross moments appears sometimes in the series.
  • Hip-Hop: The whole series is influenced by this culture.
  • Musical Episode: "Schlague Attack" in the second season.


Lascars (the movie) provides examples of:

  • Ink-Suit Actor
    • Samy and Narbé are dubbed by the comic duo Omar & Fred; these characters seem to be made for them.
    • Also, one of John Boolman's "actresses" is dubbed by Katsumi, a real porn actress.
  • Lover's Ledge: Subverted, where the man on the ledge is the actual boyfriend, trying to escape his enraged girlfriend after a misunderstanding (even has him in his underwear).
  • Punny Name: Judge Santiépi which means "sans pitié" (no pity) in verlan slang.
  • Reckless Gun Usage: Zoran manages to shoot himself in the foot during a tantrum.
  • Unlucky Everydude: Tony Merguez doesn't have chance with girls, even when he has a girlfriend.